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  1. Im wantong to do an engine swap on my 93 SE but im sure what o want to put in it. Can someone give me suggestions on what i can swam inand how much work will I have to do?
  2. A hose from the transmission to the radiator.
  3. No it actually drives fairly smooth. About 300,000 miles was highways and interstate. Im about to completely redo the whole truck. Im just not completely sure what I want to do to it yet.
  4. Ive replaced the brake calipers, tires and alternator. Clutch, shocks, and everything else is factory.
  5. Ir has just a lil bit too much. Should I drain a lil bit out?
  6. I had a transmission leak and leaked nearly all the fluids out and then I fixed the leak and now I dont have second gear, overdrive, or reverse. When I parked it with the leak everything ran fine. What could possibly fix my problem?
  7. Can some body give me a link to find offorad parts?
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