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  1. my guess is that the stock rear springs are far too soft for the pathfinder even when new. I bought the moog springs (advertised as oem replacement) thinking the original springs were sagging on my 2003, and it was the same thing, bottomed out whenever there was 4 people + luggage in the car. I have also noticed that almost every r50 I see on the road sags a little or a lot on the rear in the end I bought the ARB 2922 Old Man Emu Coil Spring, and KYB gas a just shocks, and my pathfinder rides a lot better, no more bottoming out and no noticeable change in ride comfort. just changing shocks won't fix your problem, the job of the shock is not to carry the load of the car, using spacers will only level the car when loaded, but the spring will still bottom out.
  2. thanks to everyone that post these helpful answers here. my pathfinder had the IACV and ECM failures, but it didn't start after replacing/repairing them. It was stuck in 2 different shops for months without them finding the problem, until I came across this and other forum threads that lead me to the ECCS 2 fuse that was the problem with my car not starting. my mechanic checked all the fuses with a tester, but the eccs 2 fuse does not get current before starting the engine, so it was never actually tested by the other people that worked on my pathfinder. I was even thinking about selling it as a parts car since no one was able to find the problem and it was not worth it to spend more money. So thanks again! I hope to keep my pathfinder at least a couple more years.
  3. My rear stabilizer bar also broke a couple of weeks ago. Replying here just to add to the statistics. Mine is a 2003 4x4 LE. I think that it was bent or about to break for some time now, since I didn't notice any difference in the handling on my pathfinder after it broke. I just found out because it was clunking when passing over bumps and looked around to find the reason.
  4. you only need to buy the hubs. no spacers or new studs
  5. check this thread: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/33354-manual-locking-hubs-with-stock-03-04-wheels/ you need the rugged ridge hubs
  6. or you can use a child seat that can be installed with the seat belt. the LATCH system is easier to use, but it's not safer than a seat properly secured with the seat belt. also, if your child + seat weighs 65 lbs or more, you MUST use the seat belt and not the LATCH anchors
  7. rugged ridge fits SE and LE wheels. you might need spacers for the SE wheels tough. check this thread: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/33354-manual-locking-hubs-with-stock-03-04-wheels/
  8. just wanted to confirm that the rugged ridge hubs fit perfectly on the 17 inch LE wheels (mine is a 2003 pathfinder) there's no need to use spacers if you have these: http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x208/totriz/unnamed_zps961537b6.jpg~original

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