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  1. Yes!!! Definitely post more info on the front suspension.
  2. Will a 3/87 ecu work in a 89 pathy? Both VG30i manual trucks. The 87 is a hardbody if that makes a difference.
  3. The ECU isnt coming on. I am not getting power to pins 27 and 35 as indicated by the service manual.
  4. Alright tracked down the low power issue to a bad fuel pump, replaced that and the truck ran great for a minute then died. No spark. No power from the ecu to the main relay and no light on the ecu. Fuse is good. Any ideas?
  5. Figured I would start a thread about my 89 4x4 Pathy. I wanted to add a 4x4 to my stable and really like my 92 hardbody so I thought I would keep it in the Nissan family. Enter this Pathy, found it on craigslist for $500, came with an extra set of wheels and most of the rust taken care of. Got it home and did a full tune up added some fresh gas and it drove fine for a few days. Then developed a pretty bad hesitation and stumbling with any throttle input and absolutely zero power. Isolated it down to a bad fuel pump, it was only pumping out 8 PSI independent of the FPR. So that’s on its way from Rockauto (has been vital so far) The only real plans I have after I get it driving is a minor lift and get it DDable. Still needs a radio, really clean up the interior and it should be good to go. Oh also the A/C works! Pictures coming soon!!
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