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  1. I had same problem with my 95. I just pulled out starter and replaced brush assembly on original starter. Fixed!
  2. 1995 SE 239,000 kms (give or take a gafinity). Well sort of, just replaced tranny and mechanic decided to plug in odometer. Engine runs great but could use a tune up ( plugs, injectors etc) Bought a 2012 Jeep Wrangler brand new and never really loved it like my Pathy (Pathy tranny issues).
  3. All done! Very easy install...(thanks to the people on here) Thanks all!
  4. OK thanks, I'll put snap ring in and give it a go when we get time. Thanks. By "play allowance" I was wondering if CV axle is supposed to have movement (be able to wiggle) a little bit after guts of auto hub are out or should it be stiff?
  5. I recently purchased WARN premium hubs and have read statikuz install thread. His write up is great but i was wondering if we need to use ANY of those parts shown in pics (snap ring etc.), or remove all up to lock washer with holes and install Warn as is? Warn instructions dont show squat. Also, should there be any play allowance in cv axle inside hub? I have some movement. Thanks in advance
  6. i recently had the same thing happen to me. I took out starter and cleaned her up, replaced brush assembly. Everything is good now. Taking out starter and putting back in isnt that bad. If all else fails try this. New/Reman. starter around $200, brush assembly $45. Beergarage.com i think it is has good write up with pics on starter rebuild. Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks, i always forget about usable used. A good friend of mine lives in Shaughnessy.
  8. Starter brushes finally showed up, and i installed them. Installed starter this morning to a happy Pathfinder. She was cranked right up! Thanks all who gave their 2 cents.....hopefully the next topic is about something non-electrical. Cheers all!
  9. I guess its the Interlock relay i have. Why would i not have a starter relay, or where would it be located? I have jumpered the relay and it seems ok (clicks), and still waiting for Starter brush assembly from Nissan.
  10. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e207/troutpath1/August2014099_zps68d966a5.jpg this is the relay i have. i will try to find the one nissan ordered.
  11. It is a manual transmission. The relay Nissan ordered is quite large compared to all other relays under hood and in fuse boxes.
  12. Ive done some more reading and realized the relay i ordered does go on my truck #2523089981. Its the large one by the battery....i actually dont have one originally, i have a small one in its place. Is there another place the starter relay would be?
  13. I had/have the exact same issue. My truck was up on stands while i worked on back brakes etc. So far everything leading to my starter has checked ok, so now im just waiting for a new starter brush assembly.... Same year of truck, maybe take out your starter, clean it up, and have it looked at and bench tested/diagnosed professionally. Good luck
  14. Fuses all look good. Cleaned up Ground from Battery to Block. De-greased and cleaned Main power, ign. to starter. What is wire that plugs into block by oil filter (has red rubber boot over it)?

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