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  1. Thanks guys so i went to 2 body shops and they basically said the same thing. To fix the door it would be about a grand and they both recommended looking in junk yards. So i called up a few junk yards and the general price i got was $250 but nobody had the color now (its the brown/grey stone color). and i am a bit worried about swapping the doors if i ever get it. Im not great with electronics and ive heard getting all the gaps even is a nightmare. The body shop said it would be $150-$200 after i get them the door. So when I save up enough i guess its going to be somewhere around $500 hopefully unless i attempt to get the door on there myself. but one quick question. since mine is an SE with the black side mirrors, so i have to get another SE door or can the LE color matched mirror be taken off and switched with my black one?
  2. Hey guys, so I got hit and just wanted some suggestions to see what you guys think I should do. The backstory, I parked it right in front of the house on the street for about 36 hrs and i come out to see the driver's door is bent in. At first it was difficult to open but now it opens and closes fine (i guess it popped out a bit). But didn't get a note or anything so I have no idea who did it. Never had to do body work before so Im new to all this. From where i stand i see 3 options: 1 I get a body shop to get it looking new again but for probably a pretty penny 2 I try to find a color match door from a junk yard (how hard to replace doors?) 3 I leave it money is pretty tight right now but Im really frustrated. here are some pictures. let me know what you guys think I also have the stock decal across the whole side. So if i get a door from the junk yard then ill have one panel without the decal and the rest with, or is that all removable anyway? And yes the paint is chipping in the spot where the metal "pinched"
  3. So this is the closes post to my situation. This past weekend we had snow and i had to break quick and ABS went off. It worked great and i drove away but the ABS light stayed on for the rest of the trip. When i started it up later the light was gone so im not sure what happened but should i be good now or is something going on?
  4. you might want to put manual hubs on it with any lift so you dont have problems with the cv joints and I dont think the trailing arms are necessary especially since you are trying to save money
  5. i just put on the warn hubs this summer. you think they had something to do with it?
  6. So i have been really busy lately with engineering classes so i couldnt do anything about the code but yesterday i noticed that it was gone! im not sure if the cold had anything to do with it but now i will pass inspection so im happy Thanks for all the help guys! ill probably do the canister and valve in the near future when i get some money.
  7. thanks guys so im going to look for a place that can road force balance my tires
  8. So I tried searching this but couldnt get the answer. So a few months ago i started getting a slight vibration in my steering wheel at bout 70-80 mph. I didnt think much of it because i was going to get my tires rotated soon and thought it would go away. Now the vibration has intensified. Now it starts at 60mph and gets really bad at about 65mph. at 70 its not as bad but i still feel it till 80. When it is really bad the steering wheel moves side to side about 1/2 inch really quick. almost feels like i am constantly going over potholes at those speeds. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? i heard it might be the metal strip in the tire got moved and is on top of another metal strip? i also heard the bearing might be bad. But any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
  9. i have the post face lift pathy, vq35de. are the part numbers the same for the canister and valve?
  10. so ill smoke the system but if i do have to replace them can i just get a yes or no if this is the right part? it is a little cheaper but i have no idea what it looks like so just making sure. and i cant seem to find the canister for vq35de or is it the same as the 33? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dorman-Vapor-Canister-Vent-Valve-Replaces-OE-14935-54U00-14935-54U05-/231152561220?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item35d1c42c44

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