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  1. Craig1902

    high rev problem

    Hi aussieterrano, I've found that that's normal for the TD27/auto combo, easing off the gas usually makes it slip into next gear and gives a bit more acceleration but dont expect much out of a 23 year old engine with under 100hp
  2. Cant wait to see the new rig buildup
  3. Craig1902

    cheap spring lift ?

    http://www.4x4design.com/Home_Page.php is fleurys web shop or you could probably just message him on here like you do for his stickers
  4. Craig1902

    cheap spring lift ?

    And I can say from personal experience your great to deal with mate
  5. Craig1902

    Torsion bars

    Agreed, if it's just a bit of surface rust and they aren't sagging then it's a waste of money replacing them when a sand and re-coat will do the job
  6. Craig1902

    Death Wobble!

    I'd suggest checking ball joints, tie rods, centerlink first, one (or more of them) is probably responsible for the slack,I had similar play before replacing all of them, once there right then my next bet would be a wheel alignment
  7. Aside from the tranny cooler the only other thing I'd suggest is spend $50 and get yourself an idler arm brace
  8. Craig1902

    Htown WD21 owner

    First up, welcome and nice paint scheme (same as mine ) Forget the lift until you fix any problems it has and the WD21 is worth holding on to
  9. Craig1902

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Put my NPORA stickers on
  10. Craig1902

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Front wheel bearings replaced and steering damper installed
  11. Craig1902

    How cold is it?

    30c and wet today
  12. Craig1902

    diesel tachometer wiring

    I've got the diesel supplement for the FSM floating around here somewhere, PM me your email and I'll send you a copy
  13. Craig1902

    How cold is it?

    31c here, nice and warm
  14. My Rancho stabilizer arrived today so now just got to get around to installing it
  15. Craig1902

    Zombie outbreak response vehicle

    I need that permit but for Australia

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