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    2001 Pathfinder...SE. roof rack,,,several 100 watt baja lights custom front armored bumper 31" Kelly Safari TSR tires all designed and fabbed by ME
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  1. Hello,,, i am new of course and a total novice to this ,,,i can fix anything but i cant upload photos at all!!! i have photo bucket ,,,, i want to share pics with everyone too!!! lol... how in the world do i upload pics? when i try ,i either get a message that it is too large or cannot connect to the server,,,, HELP !!!! I am building this '01 pathfinder and have really liked reading the posts about the things that i have already wanted to do to mine,.... so help me upload photos as this project grows!! Thanks a bunch\\\\ CARL
  2. thanks everyone for the warm welcome,,,i am in the process of altering my pathfinder and into building these custom heavy duty bumpers too,,, i fell in love with this pathfinder when i was able to buy it for $700 from a customer that could not get it to run and no other repair shop could either....i bought it and fixed it the same day and have loved it since...this is an awesome forum with amazing experience and great information that i have enjoyed greatly!!! i have been trying to upload photos of my pathfinder too but have not been able ,,,keep getting messages saying too large etc... haha...i will get it figured out i hope,,, i want to post the process of this pathfinders metamorphosis...i have posted a few photos on you tube on two of the bumpers that i have made ,,,but need to update it....here is the link if interested,,,, youtu.be/zzR4sByGWCK Carl
  3. r50 in the works

  4. Just saying hello to everyone,,,this is my first time ever being part of a forum like this...so >>>HELLO

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