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  1. So... I went outside to pull the distributor cap and clean the points... open the hood and seen this... Don't think this is right....
  2. I couldn't find the gapping specs. And the owners manual doesn't any specs and just says not to regap them. But I haven't checked for a vacuum leak
  3. I have been having a weird engine problem. If I am sitting at a red light or stop sign some times the engine seems to have a miss to it, but its only does it when its in Drive or reverse, but not in neutral. I have new spark plugs, new spark plug wires, ran cleaner in my gas and changed the fuel filter, had someone tell me it might be a clogged injector but if it isn't doing it in neutral i don't think that is what it is.... I do have codes, O2 sensor and a knock sensor, I plan on doing the 02 around the 1st and the knock when I can get it into a shop. but I am at a lost. and when it does it you can feel it in the cab. I will try and get a video of it later.
  4. That was the first oil change on it since ive own it. But I try to do it around 3000 miles Thats good to hear. Ill go pick up a quart tomorrow or so.
  5. My O-Rings for my Oil cooler will be here in the next day or so. I was just wondering how much oil i will end up loosing when I pull the bolt and what not to replace them. I am only asking since I just need a oil change maybe 400-500 miles ago and royal purple isn't cheap lol. Thank ya
  6. I was just wondering if anyone who is running WJ springs in the rear might have a set of Air Lift 1000 installed in them for when they are hauling stuff?
  7. would 2.5" of BS be too much? I don't want them to stick way out.
  8. I am looking at running a set of 305/70R16LT, Irok ND and was wondering what backspacing i would need on a rim so they wouldn't rub on the strut. I know Rich13 is running 3.75 but I can't find 16x8 with that bs. Thanks.
  9. I plan on lifting it with the 2" spacers, but i just want that little extra so i know i won't run and from what i read they help with the ride.
  10. Hey, I had a quick question, I am in the trying to plan out how I want to lift my pathfinder and I found some coils I might like to get. If im reading it right, it will give me .5" of lift ( 1/2" ) I just want to make sure I am reading this right before I pull the trigger on buying them. https://ruggedrocksoffroad.com/medium-load-50-100-lbs-534-lift-front-springs-pair-nissan-pathfinder-1996-2004-by-old-man-emu-p-3856.html https://ruggedrocksoffroad.com/medium-load-stock-weight-to-gvw-534-rear-lift-springs-pair-nissan-pathfinder-1996-2004-by-old-man-emu-p-3858.html Thanks
  11. Hey y'all just picked up a 2001 Pathfinder and figure I would join to learn some stuff about it and get y'all input when I start to build it.

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