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  1. okay, thats better than lifting the engine, can anyone give me any pointers as to how i might go about doing this
  2. Bigpoppa

    time for a new FORUM GAME

  3. Hey guys im failing at replacing the leaking gasket that is currently on my pathfinder. Ive taken all the bolts off and its free to hang but what ive found is that there is not enough room to get the oil sump out. Unfortunately the only way i can create more room to remove it is if i hoist the engine up a bit, i was wondering if anyone has done this before and can share their experience on how they have done it. cheers XD
  4. Bigpoppa

    Welcome New Members !

    Whats Up whats up peeps, im from new zealand and my first car is a 1994 nissan pathfinder, its a turbo diesel but i dont know what model it is. Ive got a few problems with it but thats part of the fun with having a car ae . The problem im working on now though is that there is alot of oil coing out of the seal between the oil pan, the guy i bought it off said that it was just a new gasket to fix it so ive undone all the bolts holding it on. i noticed this little tube coming down into the hop of the sump from the engine and ive tryed taking it off but its so stuck i have no clue how to remove it. also what is it haha cheers
  5. Bigpoppa

    Gidday from New Zealand

    Im in New Zealand too!

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