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  1. I dig the CCs, too, and had been wanting one more and more if for nothing more than a) keeping a pickup, and b) having space for my kids. Though, knowing what I knew about this CC, it'd was going to need a lot of TLC. The KC is a super hard sell, though. Too much sentimental value. Fixing it up and selling it up would be a total loss, mentally and financially. I'd still love to have it in another decade, maybe ready for one of my kids to fart around in it (maybe by then converting it to electric won't be so outrageous). So, it's a keeper. The CC is all but gone at this point. My buddy had it torn down to this within a day of getting into his garage: Pretty sure the engine and transmission are getting pulled this weekend. As far as I know, it's the only locker to offer the combo. They've been around a while, but there's not much info about them, though. I was eyeballing them about a decade ago for my 2008 JK Wrangler when they were called "ECTED" units, but it never happened. And totally agree about getting rid of the project! In the week that has gone by since driving it away, my buddy has reported more and more worms as he's torn it down. Things I would have discovered and addressed eventually, but there's a ton more peace of mind not dealing with it.
  2. Over the past 3+ months I'd been mostly been gutting the entire interior to rid it of dog hair and dirt funk, accumulating parts, tackling other minor repairs when convenient, and otherwise delaying looking into the engine problem. However, my decision on which truck to SAS has gotten clearer... When I say I gutted the CC, I mean I gutted it. Everything out from headliner and sunroof to floor, every piece of plastic, entire dash, leaving only the main harnesses, control modules, and steering column in place. The truck was absolutely filthy, everywhere. I couldn't stand it. I even had to detail the scissor jack. Everything got disassembled, cleaned, and reinstalled. Also gave me a chance to clean out the entire vent system, since the previous owner had also busted one of the heater core tubes...which you can't repair unless you pull the entire dash out. Literally had to hose out the inside of the doors and the cab floor. Somewhere in between had the windshield replaced...twice, because the 1st one had the wrong mirror button installed and the installer overheated the button, causing the windshield to delaminate in the spot...replaced under warranty, lol. Eventually I put the interior back together, but still needed replacement front seats (they were too nasty, and the driver's seat in shreds) and to detail the steering wheel (also nasty). Had a few parts scores for it along the way, too. Picked up an unwelded Coastal Offroad bumper at a discount, had all the options like pod LEDs, tube uppers, etc. @gloer graciously donated some OEM wheels from his R50, which were OEM on 98-99 Frontier 4WDs...I thought they'd go great with the 00 since I was starting to lean towards a stockish mild-lift look for the truck. Also acquired some unused OEM ignition parts, and even a Calmini slip-yoke eliminator for the TX10 that came with a tapped output shaft...though that was more for the R50. Fast forward to last week....I was entertaining a supercharger swap because some dude on the other side of town posted up parts from his wrecked Xterra on FB. In the convo, a local buddy discovered that I had the CC. He's got a 99 Frontier V6 KC 5MT 4WD that he recently s/c'd (I've done a few LSD rebuilds on his truck...he just goes through them), but had been looking for CC and was interested in it. Eventually, he came by to take a look, and then we spent a few hours last weekend trying to diagnose the engine problem. Confirmed blown head gasket but also a no-fire on #5. Despite all issues, he still wanted it. We buttoned things up and drove it a few miles to his place. Truck ran well enough...except when a quick replacement hose for the idle air had started to pinch off and caused the truck to stall at stops. We got it there, though. He's already pulled much of the truck apart, including all the dash. His plan is to...well, he's swapping everything over. Lift, tires...engine+s/c, transmission (yes, AT to MT!). It's already begun. And here we are. I have one less truck to deal with, and honestly, I'm super relieved. Sold it at a buddy discount for $2K, including the CO bumper and whatever else, which is all I had invested in it less sweat equity. No profit, but no loss, and I'm cool with that. The more I worked on it, the more I realized I didn't really need this project...and also the more I wanted to SAS the R50 since I've already put so much effort into it. I've been doing as much research as I can, and I'm really liking the idea of a spring-under setup. Unless I chicken out, I'd say it's happening. Dare I say something stupid like, "this will be a budget build," but yeah, that is the goal like everyone else. But let's be honest...at $1K for a what I've got, that's a great start, even if not some more-ideal high-pinion D44 or D60 setup. I will not be running the 5.89s that came with everything, but instead 5.13s. That'll net out 35" tires, which is about the max I think I would go, and the max the truck would likely support as SUA. I ordered an Auburn Select-a-Loc locker last night (great deal at Jegs for <$850 shipped), which is an LSD+eLocker unit (i.e., LSD when unlocked)...what a great combo, especially for a front application. For now, it's just a matter of parts collecting and selling stuff off the current axle to recoup funds. I've also set a new focus on my KC to get it repainted so I can clear out all the new parts that are dependent on that and are killing garage space. Oh, and I also scored a set of unused Fabtech 3" lift UCAs for $150 the other month...same ones I used to run on the truck a long time ago. Not sure I'm ready to tear apart the truck and lift it, but I may order a set of Sway-a-Way torsion bars and sit on them until I'm ready. The best part is that I can easily swap in 4.3s now that is has an H233B on it and they'd be perfect for 31" tires. (Wait...I don't need more projects...)
  3. Good point. How'd you do the motor mounts, and was there any additional crossmember added in place of the subframe? Looks like the panhard tower adds some cross support.
  4. It’s also been a while since I bought those Autoacer bushings, but I think I got them ~$70 on eBay. Can’t find them there now apparently.
  5. Maybe we can get a discount if we buy a couple.
  6. I run generic poly bushings in the rear, installed around the same time as the SuperPros. They’ve done well as far as I can tell, though I did see one with a split on it, but seemingly induced by some rock contact on the forward perch. I also have a box of those Autoacers that I’ve been meaning to put in a spare set of links, just haven’t gotten to it. And yeah, being a little liberal on the lubrication during assembly helps with not only the install but also the noise after install.
  7. Late response, but 4x4parts (AC, Automotive Customizers) sells the front LCA bushings (each end of the LCA sold separately). The brand is SuperPro and they’re reputable. I’ve been running them on my truck for a few years, too. I usually refrain from buying from AC due to shipping costs, but they were surprisingly the cheapest option at the time for those exact ones. https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18981476-pathfinder-front-lower-control-arm-front-bushings.html https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18981483-pathfinder-front-lower-control-arm-rear-bushings.html
  8. No you're not. But if you do, you should have it shipped to my place instead. @02_Pathy Looks amazing!
  9. Haha, you might be waiting a while! The Frontier needs engine work, and I won't make a decision on which truck to SAS until it's running. The previous owner acquired most of the parts needed to do a simple leaf-under swap on it, so it's tempting to just continue that project. But, doing the Pathfinder just seems far more appealing. Not sure I'd go to 37" tires. Have any tips, lessons learned, pros, or cons about your setup?
  10. Thank you @Ermak! I acquired an SAS project (axle + Nissan Frontier truck still with IFS) the other week but haven't committed yet to completing that project. I've been exploring a very similar setup on my Pathfinder using Land Cruiser or Mitsubishi Montero Sport (Pajero?) arms instead. I needed this inspiration!
  11. Probably wouldn't hurt to drill/cut some drip holes where water might trap before Rhino lining it.
  12. Well, the holes are just one part of the equation. I think there are also plastic female clips that go into those holes, and male clips on the flares that snap into them. At least, that's how I recall it when I pulled my flares a few years ago to redo the weatherstripping. So you'd have to snap all those clips out, and they're pretty big clips IIRC. Otherwise, yeah, it might look goofy with holes, and unless you do spray on the backside of those holes, I'd expect water to just rust out the holes further. As for the door panels, I think they're just on with adhesive. I don't know if it was a different door skin underneath like any other door. I swear there was a pic of one sans door trim somewhere on the forum.
  13. Awesome. Inverted/flipped is understood, I have seen it done on other axles.
  14. It's the suspension setup used on that front Patrol axle. I presume those are OE arms, but was the axle modified, or was it already LH drop? Either way, would love to see more pictures of the suspension and axle setup!
  15. Haha…I think I was one of those 37. Presuming you’re keeping fender flares, you want panels that had them because they had the holes for the clips that the flares snap into.
  16. @Ermak Can you provide some info on that radius arm setup? Looks great!
  17. Ha, I wish I had extra time. Hour here, hour there. Things just needed to get done, that's for sure. Just glad the PF is running smoothly again. Now I need to return focus to my Frontiers...both of them. Nice job there. Weather here is nice, too. You should come by and clean the decades worth of AZ dirt, dog hair, and fishing trips embedded in the carpet and seats of the beater Frontier for me. I'll install that LSD while you're at it, lol.
  18. Finally wrapped up a small collection of maintenance items that had been neglected long enough and got the truck out of the garage. Been dealing with all sorts of noises all around the truck for months. Took about a week of pecking at things between the PF and my beater Frontier CC. Items addressed: Figured out a metal rattle that had been bugging the isht outta me for months. Simply couldn't figure it out, but sounded like either an axle shaft or the entire axle was going to rattle off the truck. Was the parking brake cable bracket being loose and tapping the control arm. Pulled the rear springs to grease up the rubber insulators that were squeaking like crazy against my spacers and chassis at the slightest flex. Finally installed nice, shiny, new Bilsteins thanks to @R50JR. Bought some new 1/2" hardware long ago, but figured I'd need a right-angle drill to open up the 12mm holes in the upper mount brackets. I had enough clearance with my drill the whole time. Ride quality was a notable improvement. Wished I had done sooner. Passenger CV boots worsened earlier in the year and had been slinging grease when locked. Finally rebuilt it. Hate that ufcking job so much. While I had everything apart, I also took apart a D22 CV I had. As suspected, they're practically identical. Only difference is a 1.75" longer shaft, the outer splining being a hair larger, the ball-bearing thingy that is splined for that end, and the compression clip on that side. Aside from those three pieces, everything else is identical. Put poly sway bar bushings on. Only had been sitting on them for probably 2 years. Greased the sway bar links and balljoints. When I was putting everything back together, I sheared 3 hub studs. That sucked, and I failed to extract them. Spot trip to the JY, pulled a hub (making sure I could get those studs out there first), cleaned it up, swapped all my longer wheel studs over, degrease everything (bearings were still good). Wasted weekend dealing with that. Pulled all those crappy studs from both hubs and ordered some M8x1.25 x 45mm class 12.9 socket bolts. Received and installed them tonight. Totally happy to report that after a drive around and even some 4wd time in some gravel, there's not a single pop, creak, squeak, rattle on the truck and it drives smoothly.
  19. Without know what "GCC spec base" is/has, if the truck fully lacks ABS it would be extremely complex to add it. You'd basically need to tear down the entire truck to get things installed, depending on what components are, or are not, there. The system consists of a pump, controller, and sensors...plus the hard lines, plus any wiring (couldn't say if it's pre-wired), PLUS components that actually can support the ABS sensors (i.e. front spindles and rear axle housing/differential with sensor ports; tone rings on rotating components like CVs and axle shafts, etc.). As far as I know, all US-spec R50s had at least rear/2-wheel ABS. I don't know if that holds true for ME-spec truck. If ABS is a must, you're far better off moving your equipment to another truck, in my opinion.
  20. No aftermarket parts for these LSDs, and most of the parts are no longer available through dealers, too. What are you looking to do? I have a stash of new and used pieces, and probably even a ready-to-go rebuilt unit. Feel free to PM me.
  21. @mjotrainbrain The box camper would be pretty awesome. Can't say I've seen offerings like that here. The KC definitely has personal importance, but it's not the end of the world. My dad and I have changed ownership a few times ever since he bought it new, but it quickly became my daily college ride in 98. It's been lifted, it's been lowered, it's been neglected (it was replaced by a 2017 Frontier). I had considered selling it previously just to avoid having a 3rd vehicle around, but I'd rather it just sit on the side house and see occasional use than go to some stranger who'll just trash and scrap it. Instead...and I'll implicate @TowndawgR50 here, but he and I have been chatting about the project and his interest in becoming the next owner, which I'm thrilled about. I think no matter how this pans out, Old Blue will see a bit more restoration before it changes hands to anyone (just went to Maaco today to get an estimate for body work and respray, actually). That deal would be awesome because I'd know it'd be in good hands. I found myself looking for a variety of parts the CC last night. I'm quickly warming up to the idea of completing the SAS project for it and otherwise building it up.
  22. Funny you should mention the trailer...I had actually been on the lookout for a 1st gen CC bed for the last several months with the intention of making a trailer from it. Me being me, I have both a full spare pre-facelift R50 H233B axle with all brake and suspension parts, and now also an H190A axle from the KC to use. Such a trailer would be perfect for my needs, but I hadn't been able to find a donor that wasn't thrashed or missing parts (the search was limited to D22 CC beds, and not D40 CC or non-Nissan beds which are more readily available, wider and more expensive). Now that I have a truck with a suitable bed, it provided a few options: Pull the bed, make trailer (build frame from scratch), sell the rest of the truck as-is as parts/chassis. Pull the bed, make flat bed for SAS'd D22; if this, I'd bob the frame. Use frame and axle for trailer build, part out, chop up. At $700, the truck is no-loss component of this deal. The going rate on complete beds has already been in the $500-$700 range, anyway. I have the same inclination to keep the R50 streetable (or leave as-is) and go harder on the D22. That's where my head is at right now. It may evolve into putting the R50 on a diet and redoing some rear traction items (moving my TJM to the CC, putting a Blokka in the CC, putting a repacked LSD into the R50, etc.). I'd be cool with having two truck options for trail runs, with the R50 being more of the camp vehicle and the trailer (lift, of course) providing much-needed cargo/gear handling...there's just not enough cargo space in the truck for a family of 4. Thanks for the info on the t-cases! I've not yet taken a good look at anything, going only so far as to bust off the pound of dirt that had caked onto it. I'm not sure what year Xterra this one came from, but if the double chain is present here, that would be a great. The crawler gears fit either setup, and as long as the case bolts up to the AT and the outputs are the same (I did see different yokes on the driveshafts for AT and MT, but they may be the same sizes), I think that would work for me. You're probably right about the linking length/position as well.
  23. Couple more pics from where I picked them up (not my mess, lol): If completing the SAS, I'd still need several more items like u-bolts, shock tabs, driveshaft solution, and such. The PO's intention was to do a leaf-under setup and reasonable lift height, but still run 33" on the 5.89s. The gears would probably be too low for my liking for everyday use...superb on the trails, but probably horrible just getting there. The leaf spring approach seems simple for the CC, and having so much of the project parts in-hand, it's hard to justify going a different route than the PO intended without blowing the budget. Given the deal, this could be a very budget-friendly project! However, there are bolt-on kits, like Calmini's that would make a radius arm setup possible and relatively easy. There are also ready-made leaf hangers, which is something I'd still need to acquire/fab. The R50 is obviously something else. Being unibody seems to have its advantages in some ways (at least in ease of removing all other systems), but would still need to devise custom hangers if sticking with leaf springs. And then, the mental clash of having "primitive" front leaf springs and linked rear (gasp!). Personally, that wouldn't bother me, though. If making a new subframe is possible for provisions, I'd absolutely explore that route. I still have a LOT of homework do to about what would be required for either truck, though. A good chunk of my time has spent just learning what's available for the axle and the Frontier.
  24. Saw a FB classified ad Thursday night: a complete and rebuilt Wagoneer Dana 44 with new 5.89 gears, new carrier, new PowerTrax locker, new bearings and seals, new calipers and rotors, used Warn hubs, and other goodies. Goodies included new shock tower brackets, some new steering dampers, beefy 1.5" x .25" DOM tube adjustable steering links on heims, and even new matching gears for the H233B. $1000. For that ask, I couldn't pass it up even without any intention of ever SAS'ing my truck. The axle alone is getting harder to find, as they're coveted for Nissan and Toyota SAS for the width, driver's drop, and 6x5.5 pattern. I had to have it. On Friday morning, I reached out to the seller and he tells me the intended vehicle, a 2000 Frontier SE V6 CC, blew a head gasket months ago, and he was bailing on the project. Then he offered the truck for another $700. What happened between then and Sunday morning is a blur, but around noon I picked up a buddy, rented a truck and trailer, and drove an hour into the desert boonies to buy a Frontier and SAS project for $1700. Behold! Loaded up, ready to roll. Had to air it down a lot just to get the straps secured. Heavy metal! Took three guys to get it in...and only my wife helped me unload once home. Given how impulsive this purchase was—and then me asking her for help lifting this—I'm surprised she didn't drop it on my head. She's a keeper. The deal also included an extra t-case from an Xterra and a pile of leaf springs he was going to make a custom pack from. I've been sitting on crawler gears for the R50 for months and was planning to pick up a spare t-case unit anyway to bench-install things, so this was too great of a deal. It's from an MT Xterra though, so I'll need to confirm this TX10 bolts up the same as the AT. Easy risk when it's free! The look on my neighbor's face seeing another Nissan truck in my possession was priceless. His initial shock was seeing this beater and not seeing my PF (it was still at the U-Haul place). He sees plenty of them between my own trucks and the few others that swing by my garage. Xterra, Wagoneer, and mystery springs (there's a another layer of them underneath). Intended goal is spring-under axle. Beef. Practically ready to go! Axle came from a 1981 Wagoneer. 5.89s and locker. The truck is in somewhat rough shape, though. It's a beater, but the body and frame are in overall good shape and it has potential for sure. For $700...I couldn't pass up. The head gasket appears to be the most pressing issue at the moment, but it runs and I was able to get it up and down the ramps. Interior needs a deep cleaning, but is otherwise intact; driver's seat needs replacing (rest of the seats are in good shape, just dirty), windshield is cracked, fender flares gone, and I'm sure I'll find other things wrong. Power windows/doors and pop-up sunroof. It's already on 33" tires, and the rears are in really good shape—Cooper Discoverer MTs w/ Kevlar sidewalls—lifted with blocks, new shocks. Factory LSD and 4.636. The front tires and suspension parts are toast and purposefully neglected due to pending SAS. Does have Calmini torsion bars, though. I've yet to really list out everything it has and needs. Title is clear, but I won't be able to register it until the engine is fixed. It's been a small fantasy to SAS the R50 and, given my familiarity with the entire subframe setup, I've previously given significant thought on how I would do it (and having seen another similar project, how not to do it). I was not expecting to get another truck. I already have a 1998 Frontier KC 2WD that's been a side project (in case you missed it, my most recent project was swapping out the H190 3.7:1 axle for an H233B with 3.9's, repacked LSD, and WD21 disc brakes...it was a "while I was in there" project because I needed to change the fuel pump). So now, I've got three Nissan trucks and few decisions to make. A few months ago, I had grumbled to a few R50 friends about wanting a 1st Gen Frontier CC. The reason was twofold: I don't need both my PF and KC. I don't have a commute, but the PF is as "daily" of a truck that I have, and the KC is just for Home Depot and steel runs. A CC solves both passenger and hauling needs. If it was time to move on from PF ownership, a CC would be the optimal choice to transfer over my lockers, rear discs, and wheels/tires to. However, the PF is my knowledge wheelhouse, but I have much more history with the KC, a.k.a. "Old Blue". Either would be really hard to part with. In the meantime, with the KC being in a restorative state, I can justify buying new stuff for it, and putting the take-offs onto the CC (such as the windshield, which has a couple small chips and pits). There's probably too much work required to get the CC to a pristine state, but a few hand-me-downs will help greatly. In the end, I'm certain I'll be keeping the R50, but one Frontier will need to go. Then will need to figure out what, if anything, gets SAS'd. Anyway...I've got a ton of ideas and options, and I'm stoked to have stumbled across this deal and thought I'd share. I'd love to hear some ideas...I'd list out all the options I'm considering, but it's a pretty exhaustive. What would you do?
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