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  1. Good point. How'd you do the motor mounts, and was there any additional crossmember added in place of the subframe? Looks like the panhard tower adds some cross support.
  2. It’s also been a while since I bought those Autoacer bushings, but I think I got them ~$70 on eBay. Can’t find them there now apparently.
  3. Maybe we can get a discount if we buy a couple.
  4. I run generic poly bushings in the rear, installed around the same time as the SuperPros. They’ve done well as far as I can tell, though I did see one with a split on it, but seemingly induced by some rock contact on the forward perch. I also have a box of those Autoacers that I’ve been meaning to put in a spare set of links, just haven’t gotten to it. And yeah, being a little liberal on the lubrication during assembly helps with not only the install but also the noise after install.
  5. Late response, but 4x4parts (AC, Automotive Customizers) sells the front LCA bushings (each end of the LCA sold separately). The brand is SuperPro and they’re reputable. I’ve been running them on my truck for a few years, too. I usually refrain from buying from AC due to shipping costs, but they were surprisingly the cheapest option at the time for those exact ones. https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18981476-pathfinder-front-lower-control-arm-front-bushings.html https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18981483-pathfinder-front-lower-control-arm-rear-bushings.html
  6. No you're not. But if you do, you should have it shipped to my place instead. @02_Pathy Looks amazing!
  7. Haha, you might be waiting a while! The Frontier needs engine work, and I won't make a decision on which truck to SAS until it's running. The previous owner acquired most of the parts needed to do a simple leaf-under swap on it, so it's tempting to just continue that project. But, doing the Pathfinder just seems far more appealing. Not sure I'd go to 37" tires. Have any tips, lessons learned, pros, or cons about your setup?
  8. Thank you @Ermak! I acquired an SAS project (axle + Nissan Frontier truck still with IFS) the other week but haven't committed yet to completing that project. I've been exploring a very similar setup on my Pathfinder using Land Cruiser or Mitsubishi Montero Sport (Pajero?) arms instead. I needed this inspiration!
  9. Probably wouldn't hurt to drill/cut some drip holes where water might trap before Rhino lining it.
  10. Well, the holes are just one part of the equation. I think there are also plastic female clips that go into those holes, and male clips on the flares that snap into them. At least, that's how I recall it when I pulled my flares a few years ago to redo the weatherstripping. So you'd have to snap all those clips out, and they're pretty big clips IIRC. Otherwise, yeah, it might look goofy with holes, and unless you do spray on the backside of those holes, I'd expect water to just rust out the holes further. As for the door panels, I think they're just on with adhesive. I don't know if it was a different door skin underneath like any other door. I swear there was a pic of one sans door trim somewhere on the forum.
  11. Awesome. Inverted/flipped is understood, I have seen it done on other axles.
  12. It's the suspension setup used on that front Patrol axle. I presume those are OE arms, but was the axle modified, or was it already LH drop? Either way, would love to see more pictures of the suspension and axle setup!
  13. Haha…I think I was one of those 37. Presuming you’re keeping fender flares, you want panels that had them because they had the holes for the clips that the flares snap into.
  14. @Ermak Can you provide some info on that radius arm setup? Looks great!
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