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  1. hawairish

    R200A vs R200A...what's the diff?

    Nice. Which locker are you going with?
  2. hawairish

    R200A vs R200A...what's the diff?

    Looks like an R200A to me.
  3. hawairish

    DIY winch bumper 'builder' brackets

    Yep, KYBs front and rear (Gas-a-just). They’re ok. Rears are an improvement over the F-150 Monroes for sure, fronts aren’t as smooth as the OMEs were, but aren’t bad. But then again, the comparison includes different springs, too.
  4. hawairish

    New Thread Test

    Things are looking good.
  5. hawairish

    DIY winch bumper 'builder' brackets

    The brackets will fit a QX4; same chassis. There were variances in the bumpers and bumper covers, but mounting was largely unchanged. Do you mean the bumper cover, for a hidden winch setup? If so, I've lightly explored the idea. If utilizing the same universal winch channel, it could probably be made to work by mounting the channel and winch upside down, but the OE bumper (hidden by the cover) would need to be cut or notched. The bracket sizes would also be in close contact with the bumper cover, but there's probably an easy workaround.
  6. hawairish

    DIY winch bumper 'builder' brackets

    You might be right! Come on by and we'll get that taken care of!
  7. hawairish

    Eaton ELockers do exist...

    I think that's the argument they're trying to make. I'm certain there are still scenarios where disengagement can be problematic, evidenced here (fast-forwarded to 1:07, but the entire video is also very informative): https://youtu.be/1nYZo--7Xh4?t=67 After watching the 2nd video again, it looks like the engineer describing the functionality is also counter-rotating each side axle to minimize the disengagement period. Obviously, you wouldn't be in a scenario where the tires are rotating in opposite direction. But like the other guy explained, the side gear should fit into the same dog gear, even if it rolls back, and I think that would be a very likely scenario during wheeling. It's also worth noting that the diffs being shown in the 1st video are the Patrol H233B, which uses the collar-type engagement style shown in the Harrop videos. I think I'd prefer that over the pin-type. All things considered, I'm still a huge fan of the TJM locker...but if it meant avoiding all the pneumatics, I'd still chance Harrop.
  8. hawairish

    DIY winch bumper 'builder' brackets

    Sorry, what I meant to say was that I was considering supporting separate brackets, one for higher channel and receiver (for which I would also provide a kit), another for a lower channel without. Other ideas have also crossed my mind. Main takeaway at this point is that there will be options, including custom ones. Since TownDawg plans to use part of his XJ bumper for his build, I've got an offer out to him to customize the brackets to his liking. Fact is, he's already a fabrication pro at that stuff (whether he admits it or not). Since we have the same CNC routing equipment, we'll be able to collaborate on the design pretty easily I think. As long as he can wait a couple more months for a finished piece! But generally speaking, I'm hoping this project opens doors for other projects...you know, like a bolt-on SAS kit or something...
  9. hawairish

    DIY winch bumper 'builder' brackets

    Here's a daylight shot: One day, I'll actually start that rear bumper, giving me a better excuse to pull everything down and get it coated! We finally got some rain the other day...prior to that, it was fairly rust free. On the plus side, I finally started v2 redesigns this week on the bracket. I'm at a minor blockage rethinking where to put the shackle mounts due to other modifications, though. I'm currently planning to move them closer to the OE tow loops, about where the lowest bolt is in the pic. That would provide the necessary space for mounting a crossbar/receiver under the winch channel. I'm also playing with the idea of lowering the channel altogether, for those not wanting to find an alternate control box mounting position like I did...but it would lose the option for a receiver. I know this build has slow going, but we will get there... Not yet. The original plan was to have a batch done by my local steel shop, but we're fast approaching the time when I'll be able to cut these in my garage for less. Equipment arrives late July, hoping to be on my feet early August. That gives me time to make my design changes, set up shop, get material costs, get a new head-count on interest, and start cutting stuff. Exciting days to come!
  10. hawairish

    Rear sway bar removal

    Fronts are tougher. I'll sell you my rears if you're interested, though RainGoat has first dibs (didn't see his last post on the thread until now): http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/40111-4x4-parts-rear-swaybar-disconnects/?p=778320
  11. hawairish

    Eaton ELockers do exist...

    Odd. The links in my original post seem to work fine for me, but are bad in your quote of my reply. Anyway, try these instead:
  12. hawairish

    Rear sway bar removal

    Not hard to remove at all. Personally, I didn't like the feel without it, but that really only pertains to cornering. Can you drive on the freeway? Sure, just avoid quick maneuvers...that's a pucker moment I had that got me wanting to put it back on. However, firmer springs and shocks or the addition of air bags can help with stabilization, too. What's warranting its removal? I don't think it's thick enough to really restrict articulation...hasn't been an issue for me, anyway.
  13. Can't say I've had that issue, but I can say this much... If there is grease on the face of the differential side shaft (what the CV bolts to), it's likely from the backside of the CV. The boot keeps grease on one side of the CV joint, but there's a cap (kind of like a paint can lid) that does the same on the reverse. If that cap is damaged, it might warrant a new CV since I don't think the cap is a replacement item. If it's not grease, it would have to be gear oil. While there is an oil seal behind the differential side shaft, it wouldn't produce oil on the face. However, there is an o-ring on the long bolt in the center of the side shaft that, if compromised, would allow oil out over time. Are you saying some of the CV shaft bolts went missing, and the one(s) that remained ended up shearing off? Is it possible the CVs were rebuilt, the caps were damaged during the process, and the bolts not torqued down?
  14. hawairish

    Eaton ELockers do exist...

    Couldn't resist digging this old topic up after seeing some Harrop videos that address my original concerns tonight. Take-away: presuming they're all the 4-pin collar-type, the engagement/disengagement that occurs between forward and reverse would not be an issue. I'm obviously not in the market for lockers now (my how much my truck has changed in two years!), but if I had to do it all over again, this is likely the direction I'd go. Air fittings suck...inconsistent sizes, expensive parts, too many parts. I accidentally snapped a brass fitting on my rear locker...a $30 mistake because I couldn't find a suitable replacement piece and had buy a complete kit. My setup is a mashup of 5mm, 6mm, and 1/4" tubing with 1/8' and 1/4" BSPT and NPT fittings using parts from ARB, TJM, and now Yukon. It works, but what a mess, and much of it unavoidable.
  15. Good call. Forgot about that lower seal; for some reason, I thought it was inclusive on the RMS assembly. I see now it's a separate part. But either way...if you've gone so far as to pull the transmission down, my money says you'll just change out both while you're in there.

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