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  1. FWIW, I have a set of pacesetter headers that I bought off a guy from Craigslist. He had a 2wd hardbody & he sold them to me because he said they wouldn't bolt on to his truck due to the torsion bars. That being said, I have a body lift on my pathfinder & I think it would be dang near impossible to install the headers on a pathy without a body lift. Even with the extra room, it was still a PITA.

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  2. A friend of mine has a 95 pathfinder. As with my 95, he wanted to wire around his factory amps. His front channels were occasionally cutting out as the amp was failing. Using the instructions from crutchfield, we rewired it. The result was no sound at all through the speakers, but the aftermarket head unit still powers up. I checked our wiring against my pathfinder, everything looks identical. I checked all audio fuses, including the one on the back of the head unit & all seem fine, I also found a better ground for the head unit. I have a similar head unit in one of my Dodge Ram, so I pulled the dash & installed the head unit out of the pathfinder to the Dodge's wiring harness and it played as it should. I didn't have a multimeter, so it's all trial & error.

  3. I had a starter go out on my '95. I replaced it with a Beck Arney starter after sitting for a couple weeks. When I went to start it, the battery barely had the power to turn the engine. While in mid crank, the gear stopped turning the flywheel & began to free spin. When I turned the key off the starter was still spinning. I had to pull the negative battery cable to stop it. The battery tested bad & I replaced it, thinking the low voltage wasn't allowing the relay to open. After putting the new battery on, it cranked perfectly. I've started it a couple dozen times since with no problems, but last night it did the exact same thing again. After I pulled the negative, when I went to put the negative terminal back on, it arced repeatedly. After about 2 minutes of waiting, I placed the cable on the terminal with no spark & then it started normally once again. The igition wire dosent seem to be in contact with the hot at the starter. Anybody got any ideas or should I assume there is an issue internally in the starter?

  4. The brakes are surprisingly in good condition, truck just never met soap or a garden hose. I ended up giving this to a guy I work with thats a little down on his luck & one day he'll pay me back. He forgot to top off antifreeze(just water) in his Grand Cherokee after it overheated. When it hit 6°, well, now it needs a new engine. Not all is lost, I've already scavanged his JGC front springs & I'm going to teach him how to change the timing belt & add a trans coooler.

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  5. I guess all add one more to my fleet. This poor unappreciated guy was the cheapest thing to sell at the auction today. $350 and he came home with me. Did fine on the 50 mile drive back, running 80 down the interstate. Not a spot of rust on the frame/undercarriage. 148,000 miles. Only needs a power steering pump & a little TLC. 20160202_144053_zpsqdfem0ll.jpg

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  6. I'Be been driving my *new* '92 some lately. The other day when I started it, the "anti-lock" light came on the dash. I turned the ignition off & then back on.....no more warning light. Tonight, several days & starts later, the same warning light came home. I drove it with the with the light on for about 20 min. After I got home, when I shut the car off, turned off headlights, etc., I stepped out to notice the brake lights still on. I pulled fuses to find its the stop lights, not tail lights. Is it safe to assume its a pressure sensor going bad/gummed up at the petal or are there any other common electrical gremlins that are common to do things such as that?

  7. The stock cooler runs through the bottom of the radiator. If you replace the trans, first thing you want to do is put a auxiliary cooler & disconnect completely from the stock radiator cooler as they are prone to clog. I used a Hayden 30k hybrid oil cooler which fit perfectly in front of my passenger side a/c coil. I had the exact same problem as you & replaced with a auto trans from a 01 xterra & haven't had a problem since. Its a big job to remove the old though, to remove & replace took me a good 40 hours as you have to pull torsion bars, starter, etc. I hate to hear the bad news, but goodluck; some people just always park to make sure they are on a hill or can always pull forward for years after their reverse goes out, but I can't ever think that far ahead.

  8. My trans came from an ,02 xterra/frontier. Look on www.car-parts.com I found mine through there for $300. If you get one from a supercharged truck(even stronger), be sure to get the flex plate as well. Don't forget to install a remote oil cooler on the trans lines & remove it from the stock radiator cooler.

  9. Yep craigslist find....it took a lot....a lot of cleaning supplies. Minor pathfinder-rust® on the frame & lower rocker panel rust. The guy seemed amazed that I or anyone would want it, I was excited to see a 5 speed 4wd & air conditioning.

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