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  1. I bought my 2.5 diesel 171 hp Pathfinder a little cheap so i was expecting problems and here they are: -my turbine is whistling , i asked around and looked on the internet and some say the bearings are done and if is true i can find them anywhere to buy them? dose a turbine from a 2010 pathfinder fit mine ? i found 1 for 250e -my Ac compressor got blocked (don't know why) and damaged the electromagnetic clutch , any chance to fix the compressor or i have to replace it. - my fog lights don't work , i measured the voltage and i have no voltage in the + wire , i have only 1 command on the fog switch and only the back fog works , fuses are ok the relay is ok but not working , maybe it's not the relay that should be there ( i will put some pictures) -another thing i noticed , when i am in very low speed10-20km/hr i pres the clutch and put in second gear or 20-30km/hr and put in third gear , i put my foot down on the acceleration to 4000+ rpm and release the clutch , the car enters lets say safe mode and runs like a tractor , i have to stop the engine and wait for 10-20 sec to start (if i don't wait the engine starts and dies) and everything comes back to normal. Is this a safety system to protect the clutch ?
  2. Hi , i just got a 2008 Pathfinder 2.5 diesel 171 hp and i am curious if i can get more power out of this motor and what to do . If any of you tunned/upgraded/modified your Pathy can please share the info?

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