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  1. I did all that like 5000 miles ago. Maybe the fuel filter?
  2. My 91 runs good 95% of the time, BUT at times, it surges at a stop and the tac jumps up and down a little and stalling at times at idle, But then it goes away for a while. then come back?? I just cleaned the PVC Valve, was a little blockage. but still have the problem. My son seen a youtuber saying it was his Idle air control Valve under the intake on the one he was working on. ???
  3. I troubled shooted it to the switch. But, still don't know what's up with the high beams, Bulbs test good.
  4. Issue Now today om my 91 Pathfinder. High beams never worked since i bought it 3 months ago, Now the driver side dont work at all, I tested the bulb, it's good, I check for power at the bulb connection, There's power there, What's next, look for a ground issue?
  5. Ok, Thanks, I just fixed all the exhaust leaks a month ago.
  6. How do you go about fixing that issue?, My repair books don't really explain.
  7. I listen to it the other day, There's 4 there.
  8. I'm about to buy a filter kit for my 1991 pathy, with auto trans, why does the part store web site say it's a 4 speed auto, But It only shows 3 speed on the shifter. I haven't had a chance to listen to the shifting to notice if it's 4.
  9. I just tossed on my last used master cylinder since i had one more. That what it was. Darn crap, LOL. I'll go with new one next time. Ebay starting at around $32.00 and local auto parts store $70. Thanks guys for the help. So you think the rubber seals are just sliding back and forth in the master, not building pressure? because i had no leaks. kinda weird.
  10. I just pulled off the check valve, it released pressure. I can blow through it one way only, I'm thinking it's still good. I ran water into it to see if it needed cleaning, I test drive in a bit.
  11. I didn't think I had this dilly-o in my Vac line, Today at the farmers Market I looked under the hood and then later was thinking I had just a straight Vacuum line. But after seeing your picture I went out to take a quick look, at 12:30 am, LOL, Sure enough, it's there. I'll look into this and let ya'll know,. THANKS ALOT. I have 3 Nissan/ Datsun books that mention Check Valves but only show it on the early model master cylinders under side.
  12. The fluid stays full. It was a used cylinder i installed, It lasted about a month?

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