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    92 5 speed xe, completely stock for the time being. New to off road and the pathfinder had a R50 4x2. my 92 is a one owner pathfinder kept up very well.
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    Standalone Tool Chest Mechanic
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    Shooting building custom Glocks and AR15,off road, breakfast, reloading, looking to learn some welding skills

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  1. *Azbuilt* On a monsoon day in Arizona, taken at Table Mesa.
  2. True, going to do mine at 400 square-foot,with a loft. Off grid but done very well.
  3. Sweet, i look it too that, i mainly got it cause... Well really hate the city. Country boy and enjoy physical labor. I'll post pics of my progress. My pathy won't get neglected at all. WD21 FOR LIFE!!!!
  4. Plus my daughter at age 6 sees what my truck means to me, asked me today if i could teach her how to drive it, when she gets older. " i will be the girl with a Pathfinder" she said. Proud dad
  5. That's what am saying @ Precise1, doing wind turbines and solar. Will never get rid of my Pathfinder, ever. I'll restore it as it get older. 30 acres for $6500, just the wrong state your in. my ranch gun haha
  6. Haha donkeys, Pathfinder has enough done at the moment. I need a diesel truck!
  7. My love for working on the Pathfinder will be slowing done for a good while but not just for any reason. i bought 30 acres of land in Show low, Az not bad for being 26! So my new deal is a off grid ranch.
  8. Nope not yet, been super busy with work, getting done along with fender trimming.
  9. Got mine from $178 + tax from RC.

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