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  1. Hey gang. I need to swap out the engine in my '95 WD21Pathfinder. I always wanted to swap out the engine with a TD27T. I've been prepping instead for a VG33E swap since the Nissan Diesel engines are very rare here in the US. Just as I'm about to pull the trigger on a VG33E, I suddenly found an importer who has both a TD27T and a QD32ETI. Both come with a 5-speed gearbox and I could have my choice for $2700. Steep but ultimately worth the cost over long term fuel savings. Just theoretically which of the two would be the easiest swap? The TD27T is a bit under powered but it seems like it would be the easiest Diesel swap. What says the community? I'm mostly worried about the wiring. Presumably I'd need a matching ECU for either? Cheers.
  2. Right. I swapped out my motor mounts about six months ago. Well, my friend Danny did it. We had to modify the mounts to make them fit. No idea why they didn't fit out of the box but the parts guy warned us about it in advance. Ugh. I gave one last look around for a TD27T engine and found a couple. But at $3K and without easy access to parts it's a gamble. And an expensive one give the lack of ancillaries, ECU, etc. I lick my chops at the thought of 23+ mpg and I always fancied a Diesel swap, but I think it's just too far afield. So a VG33E it shall be. JDM importers have them in abundance. The two I have my search narrowed to each want about a grand for a low mileage, "tested" engine. That's agreeable. Big thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread. It really cleared up everything for me. Going ahead with the project will be so much less baffling. Thanks a million.
  3. Fan-TAS-tic. I have a much better idea of what I need to do. I work super slow and winter is coming, so I might do this next Spring. Maybe over the winter. Not sure yet, but it needs to get done. I might also pull the trigger on a 5-speed. The automatic is just fine, I just prefer a manual. Plus, you know, while I'm in there... Amended list: 1. VG30E camshafts if possible 2. A/C hoses remade with correct fittings 3. Xterra oil pickup from '99-'04 4. Frontier / Xterra VG33E accessories, from '99-'04 5. Nissan Quest / Villager alternator, from '99-'03 (V41 Quest / Villager, 120 amp) 6. Nissan Quest / Villager alternator needs pulley swapped to VG30E pulley, via nissannut 7. VG30 original oil pan 8. Check for 10mm exhaust holes in the manifolds, enlarge to 10mm if necessary 9. VG30E intake manifold 10. VG30E intake manifold gasket, quoted from other thread, "The VG30 gaskets are a piece of steel sheet about 1/16" thick with neoprene seals snapped into them. [...] If you've got a VG30 intake run thick gaskets!" 11. VG30E distributor, coil 12. Change fuel injector connectors to fit VG30E harness, adapt as needed 13. Gaskets, hoses, etc.
  4. My guess for Xterra parts is the early one, 1999-2001? Or is that wrong?
  5. Slarti, Mr. Reverse, Aegis, you guys rock. Your contributions provide excellent information. It gets very confusing about what to disregard and what to seek. I'm putting together a plan that starts with what I hope are a complete list of changes. My plan will be to get an engine (I'm actually about the pull the trigger on one), dig all the way to the timing belt and change it, replace any pumps/accessories that look worn. My usual luck is that I do a job like this and then something like the water pumps leaks everywhere. I just want to get it prepped and secure before installation. Running list of changes: 1. VG30E camshafts (anyone know where to buy new ones? The Nissan dealer says I'm SOL) 2. A/C hoses, check. I know a good hose guy locally. 3. Xterra oil pickup (which years?) 4. Frontier / Xterra VG33E accessories, check. (also which years?) 5. Nissan Quest / Villager alternator (years?) 6. VG30 original oil pan 7. Check for 10mm exhaust holes in the manifolds, enlarge to 10mm if necessary ... good list. Am I missing anything? What about wiring? ECU? Distributor? Intake? I'm just trying to be as complete as possible for both me and future readers. You guys are great. I wouldn't even attempt this without all the great info you all have provided. Cheers!
  6. Indeed. I read the whole thread today and tried to keep above the conflicting morass. I could be dead wrong, but it looks like the easiest method is: 1. Get a VG33E engine and strip it down to the block and heads, no ancillaries. 2. Install a VG30 crank and that's it for the bottom end. 3. Install VG30 camshafts into the VG33E heads using the matching style of cam gear 4. Install the original VG30 bits. From what I infer that leaves it so everything else - pump, intake, exhaust, wiring, belts, alternator is all bolt-on stuff from the original VG30. Does that sound correct? Seems like I'm missing something with regards to oil filter and pump.
  7. Yeah, looking around car-part.com there's a ton of engines to choose from. If I go with a VG33E, should I get an early one like a '96 or '97? I think I read, but now can't remember, that accessories were easier to deal with.
  8. Gentlemen, Thank you all for the valuable replies. It's great information to consider. My first thought is to drive to Montreal to visit SpecialWarr, but that is two long drives from Portland, Oregon and back. I've done it before (Toronto) but it's a bit unlikely. His offer is true chivalry. The key in this is that my health isn't great, and I need to keep it easy. I'll ask my engine builder friend about rebuilding the bottom end of my engine and then pricing out the heads. I'd prefer to do a whole VG33E swap but my thought is that it might be a lot of work to get all the ancillaries. I'll have to do some price comparisons and find out. Thank you for the link to car-part.com. That's good information also. At this point my Pathfinder isn't my daily driver like it once was, so I'm in no hurry to take care of it. The danger is that on previous engine swap projects the scope creep can get out of control and take a looooong time to finish. Thank you, everyone. I have to ask some questions and crunch some numbers. Can anyone point me to a complete VG33E swap thread or site? I've read through a few, but are from too long ago or don't finish the swap. Cheers, Red
  9. Hey gang. I've owned my '95 Pathfinder for a long time and it's a great buddy. It's in very good shape - no rust, runs well, and it's a fully equipped model with rear discs and all. But it has 350,000 miles and it's really burning oil now. It's just time to do something about it. Instead of selling it I'd like to replace the engine. An engine builder friend of mine says it's too expensive to rebuild, and maybe I should "just" swap it for a VG33E instead. So my question is what is the least resistance path to take? I'm a gearhead with the ability to crane engines around, but lack wiring knowledge with ECUs and harnesses. A TD27 swap sounds cool but unrealistic. Where can I get a decent VG33E if that's the correct thing to do? I'm sort of at a crossroads and not sure how to proceed. Thanks for listening to me think out loud.
  10. Okay, thanks. I'll look into it. "JDM Import" seems to be a variation for hundred websites. More of a generic term. Can you remember exactly where? I'll look around. Thank you, peeps.
  11. Thank you. I don't want to spend more than $2K-2.5k, but I don't know what's reasonable. I found a couple of "rebuilds" on eBay, but with crappy user ratings and no idea how the work was really done. I'm used to rebuilding air cooled engines, but I've never built anything like the VG30E. I've built both Corvair and Porsche engines, and each cost about $5k. But my engine rebuilder friend rebuilt the 360 V8 from my Barracuda for $1500. So in my mind prices are all over the place. What sort of extras and bolt-ons did you use?
  12. Hi. So overall my '95 Pathfinder is in great shape. No rust, everything works, just some aging. But the engine is pushing 375,000 miles and it's starting to go. It leaks oil from everywhere, oil consumption is high, and compression is starting to fade. But I love the vehicle and I don't want to get rid of it. I talked to my engine builder friend about rebuilding the engine and he said it costs a fortune. To be clear, he isn't just a friend - he builds engines for a living. Okay. So I looked into doing a VG33 swap, but that looks like a bunch of odd work with hard to get parts at this stage in the game. No quite plug-and-play as I thought. A Diesel TD27ti or QD32e would be cool, but it's basically impossible to import a low-mileage Diesel engine along with everything I would need for a swap. Plus, whenever a part fails it's expensive and time consuming to replace. So in terms of ease, cost, and longevity what would be the best strategy to do a swap / rebuild / do-over? If it makes any difference I'd like to get rid of the automatic gearbox and swap it with a 5-speed. Thanks for opining.
  13. Fantastic. These links are good resources. Also, thank you for the heads up on the plenum headache. Oy. One day I'll transplant in a Diesel with simplified wiring.
  14. Hi. While swapping out my spark plug wires I found that some of my injector wires (under the manifold of course) have been stripped of the shielding and a lot of bare wire is showing. So I need another injector harness. Does anyone know where to find one? I'm not seeing them in the usual online parts fiche. I figure if I'm in there I might as well pop out the injectors and either replace them with new or rebuild them. Is there any conventional wisdom on which way to go? Cheers!

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