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  1. front driver side brake hose leaking, replaced both sides, had to weld nut on banjo bolts' head since it is already rounded off perhaps during removal (previous owner).
  2. with my new coil able to gain around 25-30mm of lift
  3. replaced my coil spring, able to gain at least 25-30mm of lift.. how she's with the new spring and a cranked TBs...
  4. RCWD21 thanks for the feedback sir, think ill go with the ironman or king brand as thats the only available on my place, been reading some reviews on those but not much info i could have.
  5. RCWD21..nice, am also planning of having my coil replaced with Ironman brand, got any feedback on this brand. finding JGC springs here is impossible.
  6. just used rattle can type paint so i just can retouch it whenever it needs to. rim is pro comp 97-5884 rock crawler..heres what happened to my knock-off rim. 3 pcs of it had crack..
  7. also replaced upper bumpstop, had to cut some mm to have more clearance
  8. replaced my cracked wheel (knock-off) with pro comp steelies
  9. new rad, new water pump, after couple of days head gasket leaks....had to take off head and replaced.
  10. I believe that's a radar mt r5..32/11.5/15..just Installed on mine but I had to trim the fenders about 2" to avoid any rubbing when cornering...havent tested it yet on Offroad..

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