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    93 Pathfinder, 3.0 5 speed, stock motor and transmission at 280,000 miles. Sits on on deep set amercan racing rims currently has a 3 inch suspension lift from 4x4parts.com. running 34x10.5r15 Flowmaster 40 series Add ons: -3" suspension lifts from 4x4parts.com -round dash conversion from a 94 pathfinder -xterra roofrack -custom center bezel made to fit my radio and cb. Soon to come: -dana 44 hp solud axle swap -a custom bumper (if I cant find an arb) - A 3.3 liter swap when I kill this motor (doesnt look like anytime soon) [URL=http://s1022.photobucket.com/user/joncoreytherrien/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20140812_130828_zps8p4izpsl.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1022.photobucket.com/albums/af350/joncoreytherrien/Mobile%20Uploads/20140812_130828_zps8p4izpsl.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
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    New Hampshire
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    Weekend Warrior
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    Fixing, wheeling, breaking, repeat.

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  1. I know me and David are in new England (NH and he's in northern mass) join the Facebook npora and we'll see if I have my rig running by then Sent from my SCH-I435 using Tapatalk
  2. The real question is.... did you make it through?^ looks like a damn good wheelin trip
  3. well ive been using the push to start for about 8-9 months. not a single problem so far AND.... No one can steal it lol. they cant figure out how to start it. =)
  4. Thinking about it now I actually saw his pathy on craigslist a few years back lol. O well ill be going out to sherkin soon enough
  5. Haha nobody showed up!! It was actually awesome wheeling. Good water crossings, mud pits and a lil rock crawling! I sadly didnt get any action photos because I was in my truck haha but still planning my nect trip!
  6. What state are you from? Up here in new hampshire, if I had someone give me a pathfinder with no rust on it I'd be in heaven lol
  7. just want my solid axle swap finished.... whats so hard about that?

    1. CO_pathfinder


      I'm going to say blame it on the rear license plate holder

    2. 93_ditchfindah


      Or the dog. Hahaha

  8. Are you going to be free on october 11th or 12th? Theres a pretty big ride going on that my buddy is throwing to benefit for his mother in Allenstown NH. 484 deerfield road allenstown nh its $15 and its basically a big offroading event. You shud make it up
  9. Well found a 5 speed center shift bezel. Came out AWESOME! Any idea where I can get the auxiliary switches that fit in the console?
  10. How much did it cost to from tactical armor group ive been looking at thier bumpers
  11. New hampshire has a few that a ARE legal. You could always try to get permission from a utility company to ride on the powerlines lol
  12. After many months of reading I found 3 peole off o infamousnissan.com . THIS ONLY PERTAINS TO THE 93 SQUARE DASH. While asking question I had learnt that the swap was the easiest from a 93 to a round dash. Pre 93 you have to worry about pin locations AND wiring colors. With a 93 it is PLUG AND PLAY!!Strip all the wires from the new cluster(94+) and all the existing wires from your old square cluster. Match the colors up... and BANG. every gauge works EXCEPT the speedometer. Going from a 93 with a speedo cable, the 94 cluster is an electric driven speedometer. You need to buy a vehicle speed sensor out of a pathfinder. 94 or 95.(ex. You have a 93 5 speed, buy a speed sensor for a 95 5 speed) if you need any help with this swap feel free to post on here or private message me. IT DOES NOT TAKE A BRAIN SURGEON.If you jave time and patience you can do this mod and it makes your interior look 100% better
  13. This is awesome I live in deerfield nh and freemonts like 10 minutes away. Still have your pathfinder?

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