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    Stock suspension but upgraded to an Atlas 5.0:1 low range transfer case, Detroit 506 truetrac differential spider gearing and axels. Trying to get ready for 35 inch tires and 6 and a half sfd. Have replaced a lot of of parts all over truck has well over 335,000 miles and still runs amazing
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  1. Here's a little demo not thread jack but here you go (fuel gripper) (toyo o/c mt) Last and least Michelin OTR tires from late 80s to now military spec too
  2. I don't know I mean with the copying of tread patterns between smaller company's such as fuel gripper tires copying todos open county mt it's hard to tell but you may be right it has been awhile since I have seen the michy's OTR tread it may have changed in time
  3. I have rancho snow specifily the RSX line of struts which I ordered from napa and they sent me a rs5000 and RSX. I couldn't wait any longer as it took six months and 9 try's to get them right so I settled for what I got, and to be honest I wish I spent the money on kybs instead I wouldn't buy these and they top out to much and they blow out to easy waste of money......
  4. Pathfinders lead the charge

  5. I work with tire all day and I have had bot I had kms on my Cherokee now I have km2s on my r50 and honestly other than the fact the km2s have a softer tire shell and carcass which Is why there quieter on the street but don't let the lack of sound fool you there atleast one and a half time better off road traction and even with out bead locks, at 10 psi there grip is outstanding. As stated the kms are being phased out cause after 10,000+ k miles they chop to the point where it's better to throw them away than ride on them (personally experienced) so they took Baja t/a tread tech and mixed it with km tech to come up with a super soft km2 tire which I think is well worth 200+ for a 33 inch tire
  6. Funny thing is that tread pattern looks like a Michelin mt recap of there OTR 4x4 euro tire
  7. Good thing I checked didn't even know I had a busted boot and this is Steve's 1.5 with ac springs fron and 3 inch rear stock springs Sits perfect
  8. Narrow way better much lighter on wheel bearing than the heavier 12.5s and my bfg mt km2s with 15 dollars cheaper super quiet and when aired down.......OH BOY!!!!!
  9. I hate when your our ac works when you shut the truck off and doesn't the next morning

  10. Working with gearing is like tattoos you start and then you can't stop just go big or go home
  11. Hey pa question off topic if you don't mind did you trim your rear quarters
  12. Plastics fade and fog over to that nasty yellow tint glass don't and they stay clear as glass lol...
  13. I think the stock gearing in 97 se pathys were 4.63 factory with vg33s I don't know what the stock gearing on vqs mainly cause I like the old school iron block over the aluminum block because of strength reasons but I have 33s on Detroit 5.03 s and it's nothing for it but as far as fuelly um NOT SO MUCH! And speed--- great leaving a light and cruisin but maxes out at about 73 mph so if you got a heavy foot then don't re-gear and also it's very expensive to re-gear I got about 3 grand in re-gearing mods and such .
  14. I actually run Steve's 1.5 and ac springs and havnt had and issue accept for busted an old cv boot but replaced it and no issue yet off road tested( not saying there won't be issues it's a nissan lol) but I have a total of 3.5 front and 3 rear no issues will post pics if it helps
  15. I have also been looking at a pair of RCV performance cv axles but man there expensive

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