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  1. I'm dreading this too. Of course it had to be the driver side manifold gasket that disappeared . I'm planning an engine rebuild over thanksgiving anyway so I'll deal with the broken studs then. They aren't broke yet, but I know they will be.
  2. After trying to sell my Pathy for the past 3 months, no takers even when I lowered it to 1100, I guess I am forced to keep it. So, since that is my only option, that or the scrap yard, I need to rebuild the engine. It is at 300k miles and is drinking oil like crazy. Anyone have a link for a good priced kit? I just want the basic seals/rings/bearings, nothing fancy. Thnx
  3. Go to crutchfield.com they have a thing on their home page, you plug in the vehicle and they size up everything for the audio of the car. I have used them for about 20 years now.
  4. Mine was skipping and having a good time pissing me off for a long time. I went in yesterday to a lot that sold....let's just say Wranglers......and started the credit app to get one this week. On the way to work it ran smooth, skip was gone, etc.. lol Of course today it still runs like crap.
  5. This is how I fixed my fuel gauge. For a long time it never read correctly. When I filled it up it would read 3/4 . And when fully empty I would have to wait for the light to come on to know. When I pulled the sending unit from the tank to rewire it last week I cleaned the electronic slide that is attached to the float. Simple. I wrapped a small bolt with wet sandpaper and lightly cleaned the slide area. Now it makes full contact and today was the first time I have seen it read full in a long time. Sorry for the blurry pic., I was a little hammered that night.It looked focused to me then. Sandpaper is pointing to the silver slide area to sand clean. It was black before I cleaned it. Years of bouncing around in there. Hope this helps someone.
  6. !st time I had to leave it bottomed out in a mud hole, I checked this very thing. I know some trucks only have a small tube but my pathy had a long one, so it was safe. I was worried being in the water overnight I was sure water had got in. But all was good.
  7. Just so you know, you will NEVER be done buying parts. Same thing happened with me. Car shopping, got mine for $900. It was ugly, has so many holes in the underbelly my wife puked on the drive home. I have spent every spare minute since buying mine patching, fixing, and cursing. It still isn't 100% or even close. I get one thing fixed and immediately there is another issue. It will never end I am afraid.
  8. I've been fighting this thing all year. I have replaced the ECM, fuel injectors, etc, nothing was cheap or easy. Fuel tank is clean, lines clean. Still runs like crap and now it is skipping. It is done. I'm too wore out to mess with it anymore. I had my fun with it, now it is getting to be a money pit and none of the problems are being fixed. I'm going to let someone else tackle it now. I don't have the time to waste on it anymore, chasing down the gremlins in it.
  9. I'm going to put it on craigslist Saturday. I can't keep up with the problems with it, and I need something that I can hit the trails with again. It is July already and I have missed a lot of trail time already this year. Anyway, the cons to the truck is now it has a skip. Maybe it needs new wires. I don't know, and at this point don't care. I am done completely. Next step is drive it to scrap yard. Specs are; 1988 xe 4x4, v6 31x10.50 15 2 tires are brand new, other 2 have 60% tread. 3 inch susp. lift. Brush guard, step rails. Bad is rust on body, frame is clean. No AC, no blower motor so no heat atm either. Rear tires in pic has been replaced, I have newer ones.
  10. The day after I replaced the injector I took it to work, it went into limp mode on the first stretch. At lunch I drove it and I let it rev up tp 5k rpm. I am thinking the ECM needed a restart or something. Then I ran out of gas, lol. Now it is still sitting in timeout, I should be done repairing the fuel sending unit tonight. Thank you JB Weld!!!!! That stuff is awesome. But after I got it back to work I took it in the woods and turned it loose and it was running good. Not confirmed 100% yet, but it was doing good at the time.
  11. Thanks for that link. I'm liking the tint options.
  12. Thanks for the feed back . Mine was a little soft, maybe it was the brand I used. It was an off brand. I'm at the office now, I will look at the can tonight.
  13. While my Pathy is yet again waiting on parts, I am going to do some Mods, like finally getting to the removeable doors. I coated my air cleaner in spray on bed liner. Rattle can. It came out great but if I press on it a little it leaves a dent in it, so it is slightly soft. What I am planning on doing is when I do the removeable doors I want to rip out the carpet and bed line the floor of the cab. Several reasons, one being running doorless will bring in tons of mud and elements. On carpet? No thanks. But I don't want to use the rattle can if it is soft like that, my feet beating on it running the trails it will look like scraped up crap. I seen a video of someone using the roll on kit from rustoleum. It comes with an added hardener. If anyone has used this kit does it come out like plastic, as in harder than the rattlecan stuff? I watched a video of a Jeeper doing his cab but I don't know if it was actually solid like a real bed liner. Sorry if I can't explain better. I know a real pro spray on is the way to go but I'm not going to dpend more on the liner than I did the truck. Just looking for a good DIY way to go.
  14. I will. I'm probably going to shoot a short quick video. After I replace my cv axle on the car in the morning then I will move to the Pathy. So maybe in a couple of days. And it is usually my DD. Half doors are out of the question. Especially being in the middle of our rainy season in FLA.

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