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  1. I'm having a similar problem, if you find anything out please share!!
  2. I'm gonna do exactly what you did there, capping them off. Thanks for all the help!
  3. just replaced both injectors, still not running right so we took a look and the injectors seem to be stuck open, but theyre both new. could this be a wiring problem? and i cant rev over about 2300rpm also does the temp gauge hook up below the right manifold? saw a plug just laying there not hooked up..
  4. where the wires com e off the injector and go into the clip thing the back of it should pop off and you pull the injector wires out from that end of the deal (im a little late on getting here) but i just replaced a injector on my 88 a week or so ago, did you get a refurbished one or new one?
  5. Today I put new wheel cylinders in and new calipers on and the light went out. Something was just pestering it I suppose, another question, brake related After we got done bleeding the brakes we went for a spin around the yard, pedal brake pedal froze up and hit the floor, took off the vacuum line off the booster and it became free, I suppose this means I need a new booster? She started to idle today after we took apart the throttle body because one injector isn't working. After having replaced the other one so we tried to use the old one again and it doesn't work. So both injectors went out and are giving me troubles, could the one not working cause a bad idle rpm? (Sounds like it's turning 5,000 rpm with the pesky exhaust leak)
  6. Can you post a link to the lift you got? Thanks! Playing hell to find one for an 88
  7. Brake light on the dash, and the air cleaner is on good except the wing nuts ontop have been miss placed and the the plastic "tube" that runs to the air filter housing is off, it kept getting in the way.
  8. 88 pathy 2 door v6 throttle body, Rebuilt the throttle body, got a new injector, put it back together. She runs and won't idle cold or warm.. Replaced all the dry rotted vaccum line, Right now I'm having to do the brakes. The background on the pathy: It was my fathers and it needed new tires and shocks so instead of spending the money on it he let it sit. Till I got bored one day and decided to make her ride again. So far we have had to get new slave cylinder, master cylinder, vaccum lines, gas tank and fuel pump, oil change and soon brakes Any tips, tricks? Also the brake light stays on for some reason.
  9. so much great info on suspension lift, workin on a pathy that sat for 10 years and got it going again today,, soon will be getting all kinds of goodies..
  10. Good luck at a junk yard, nothing there is old enough, haven't found anything with a throttle body on it, which i need
  11. So after a few try's to get them clean they still keep spraying, is it time for new injectors?
  12. Unplugged them and they kept spraying now gonna pull them out and try to clean them up, thanks for the help
  13. My tbi injectors are stuck wide ass open and pissing all over the place...we turn the key to ON and it just straight starts spraying fuel and when i mean fuel like holy @!*% stand back. i flooded the motor please help us out and if you of reasons to why it would be doing this please respond.
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