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    1995 four door 4x4 Burgundy color XE with a V6. 3 inch body lift and maxxis big horn 32's
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    Lebanon, Oregon
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    Standalone Tool Chest Mechanic
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    Rarely Go Off-Road
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    United States
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    Motorcycles and Sports Cars, Just getting into the 4x4 sport. My sister had the pathfinder just sitting next to her house. I asked her if I could have it so she gave it to me for a project.

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  1. Hey guys I'm looking to install a CB and I would like to see where you have mounted yours. Post up a picture or two of your mounting locations. Radio and antenna. Thanks.
  2. Hung a new alternator today. It's been a nightmare. First off the front bolt broke off so I had to drill it to use a reverser. After an eternity of drilling I stuck the reverser in and tried to extract the bolt. The reverser broke inside the pilot hole. Grrrrrr. Had to grind that smooth and drill that out to get the hole back that I stared with. Lol. Managed to drill out the front bolt hole and then drilled the tread out of the rear bolt hole so I could use one long through bolt like it should be. Now I can't find my fan pully. Been a crazy evening.
  3. I trimmed the front of the front plastic trim around the fenders so it won't rub the 32's. Looks like I'll need to trim some metal at the bottom back side of front wheel well next. Made appointment to replace water pump ,timing belt,and thermostat on Tuesday due to leaky water pump. Can't wait to take it out on the trails.
  4. I hear you man. Figure I'll use this bumper until a friend fabs up a proper bumper for me.
  5. . So this is what my pathfinder is looking like.
  6. Got my body lift done, got new wheels and tires. The four black bumper relocate bars that came in the kit has my bumper on all wonky. Anyone have example pictures of how you put yours on?
  7. I always wanted to make a video like that with my buddies but never had a good camera set up. Now I'm married and have kids and responsibilities so I've had to tone it down a bit. Go-pro's are cheaper now so maybe next summer I can make one. Been on GSX-R's since they came to the states in 86.
  8. I got all the nylon spacers in place but can't line up the two rear bolts yet. The picture of the bracket that holds the bumper/signal light holder is upside down. That's why I was confused , because I had seen that same image online before asking you guys. Lol. Anyway, that's what I did with my weekend. Hopefully I'll get everything reconnected within the next couple of days as work and family life allows and then its off to the tire shop. Thinking of getting the black steelies or maybe just painting the aluminum wheels black to save some bucks. What do you guys think?
  9. Ok thanks . I didn't see the lower bolt when taking off the top one. I'll take a look fom underneath the bracket tomorrow. Thanks for the info. Trying to get the 3 inch lift on this weekend so I can go get some 32's on it. Thanks again.
  10. Ok I'm trying to take the bumper off the 95 pathy but I can only find one 12mm bolt per side and one small 10mm per side that appeares to be holding on to the lower shroud.. Is this right or please clue me in as to where to find the second 12mm bolt. About to take a sledge hammer to it. Lol.
  11. Ok cool. Then, so much for saving money. Just gonna have to bite the bullet and spend the money to gear both axles. If I'm gonna do it, might as well go all out and do it right. Thanks to all for the info.
  12. Ok I was looking at this white Pathfinder on youtube going on the Clegorn trail. Then I notice the guy posting the video was names SteeeveO. That video was great and got me to thinking that I could get away with only running a Dana 44 in front and leaving the rear axle stock. Is that what you did ? Did you just match the Dana's gears to your stock gear ratio in the rear ? Or did you change both ? Remember I only want to run 33 inch tires.
  13. Ok ill check it out. Thanks for all the info. I have to go brush up on algebra now Thanks.
  14. Ok great. So I was thinking I would have to change the ring and pinions but its the axles that turn the wheels that have to change right ?
  15. OIC ,, So the 3:55 = three revolutions of the driveshaft equals a little more than half a turn of the axle gear on the pinion ? If this is so how will I find out what " gear ratio " is in the differential before I buy them ? Am I even understanding this the right way ? Man someone needs to post up a lessons on understanding gear ratios and axle ratios. Formulas and variances in calculations. Maybe ill just keep to hauling ass instead of crawling. LOL.
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