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  1. Oh man, i've been plagued by this for 2 years now. I was hoping for a solution but at least i can find solace in that it's due to my tires and not something major. Toggling the OD button works about half the time for me, the rest of the time I'm playing with the throttle. I also find that it shifts hard into second and kinda lags into third. It makes a lot of sense that the extra weight and resistance of the tires would alter the shift points though.
  2. What's the consensus on jamming HID's in the factory fogs? I'm leaving this way but is it worth the extra work? Awesome tent jhvaron! I've been looking at the Tepui Autana which looks similar to yours. Who makes that one?
  3. New end link and bushings and no more clunk! Thanks for the help guys!
  4. Bouncing on the fender found the problem. The stabilizer bar bushings are shot. I also noticed that the link on the driver side can be swivelled, I'm not sure but I'm thinking that's a sign it should be replaced. Here is a picture of the control arm bushing. Both sides look the same, not so hot but I don't think they are a problem quite yet.
  5. Small stuff, wheels, mirrors, grills, etc. do it! However I would not recommend spraying your entire truck. I dipped my truck and although it looked awesome. It was a pain in the ass to clean, especially bugs. Then I got clay mud on it from a camping trip and the adhesion of the mud to the dip separated the dip from the paint with the force of the pressure washer. I could have fixed this, it's actually quite easy stuff to repair, i decided to peel it. Anywhere I didn't get a thick coat ie. under rockers, under bumpers, between gaps, it does not peel off. It also stained some of my pain as well as etched and stained my headlights, and any decals. It also stained the rubber between the flares and the fenders. $400 to replace them, WTF! Anyways, if you really want to do the whole vehicle, some advice. Clean your nozzle between each coat, make sure to get heavy coverage EVERYWHERE, and cover your headlights. http://i1344.photobucket.com/albums/p657/pattersin/null_zps244b8608.jpg http://i1344.photobucket.com/albums/p657/pattersin/null_zps9dcf0c02.jpg http://i1344.photobucket.com/albums/p657/pattersin/null_zpsa512ce6a.jpg
  6. I crawled under the truck last night and the only thing I could get to make noise is the cv shafts. There is a bit of play when I twist them and when I shake them (in/out). This makes a bit of noise. When I drive the truck the steering is tight and there's no clunk in the steering only over bumps. Could this be my problem?
  7. Hey guys, I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on a clunk in my front end. There was some slop and a clunk in the steering, so I took it to a shop and they told me my wheel bearings needed to be tightened. Turns out they we're pretty dirty so they cleaned them up and repacked them. $500 later, I still have a clunk. I should mention that the steering does feel much tighter now. Anyways, I took a video to show the noise when I shake the wheels. I get the same noise on the passenger side as well. When driving, I only seem to notice it on the driver side. http://youtu.be/ec5-Tne6udg
  8. I second that. This truck looks awesome. Nice work!
  9. Thanks man! This is the first vehicle I've owned that I'm proud to drive.
  10. I was planning on waiting until fall to replace my tires but after having 2 slow leaks I figured now was the time. I went with the 265/65/r17 and they fit pretty good. There isn't much space between the tire and the struts and at full lock the tire just barely rubs on the plastic in the front. 10 minutes and a heat gun will solve that. I have a set of 1/2" wheel spacers I'd like to throw on but it looks like I'll have some hunting to do to find wheel lugs that will fit properly. The truck goes in next week for wheel bearings and an alignment but even without there's a big different over the burnt out tires that came on this truck. Clearance:
  11. Get a photobucket account and get some pics up when you have those mounted. I'm looking at 265/65/17 Grabbers or BFG ATs for my LE once winter gets a bit closer.
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