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    1990 VG30E, 4 door 4X4, MANUAL locking hubs, automatic ... new owner, new truck, new tools..... Power pack, LSD and 31-10.5-15 GY Wrangler Territory tires.... where is the mud!! PACESETTER HEADERS NGK Wires, Bosch Plugs Fuel Pressure Regulator installed! Intake plenum gasket and throttle body gaskets installed Maxima SOHC 90 amp Alternator installed Starter installed Main Engine Sub-Harness installed 31 x 10.5 x 15 Good Year Wrangler TERRITORY....4... on sale installed FENDERS: installed! Master Power Window switch installed ( 3 out of 4 windows currently operate....) Rear Frame rebuild done! Upper ball joints and tie-rods are on the list this week! TO-DO LIST: Alignment A bit of body welding Sunroof seal and weatherstrip replacement Spot Weld Plugs from PO "roof rack install" Radio head unit that works Figure out why only 3 out of 4 windows operate.... or nevermind... I'll just add a DPDT switch for the drivers' door.
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    career suspension tuner and racer of bicycles, wrencher of broken things and maker of tools.... if it's broken I will mend it, if it needs welding I'll weld it...assuming I'll have the time!

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  1. Full ladder and 4x4?? Conversation with wife: Baby? ummm, we have to make some changes to our vacation ot Cape Cod this year. Oh, are we not going there? Oh no no... we just have to make a small detour before we get there so I can pick up some Pathfinder parts! Alright, as long as it isn't a big detour I guess that's okay. Oh no... quite a small detour for a good frame.... we just need to swing by Utah after New Hampshire to go and get it and we'll be on the Cape in a few days!! [enter new character: annoyance] Ah.......no.
  2. In that case: excess air is getting in and not being burnt if your HC is up, it's possible that the NOx is your intake air leak / pirate air. But knowing how easy it is to tear the bottom of the intake boot AND have a leaking injector I'm going to suggest that you have both problems until you can rule out positively that you have no air leak.
  3. That wire is part of the motor grounding circuit and not really of concern. I suspect that there is pirate air getting in around the intake somewhere (yes.. very helpful, I know) but without a can of propane / something else that catches fire I can't help ya much. The only other thing I can think of is a blockage in the fuel delivery system (back to your "stumbling" problem) but since it runs super lean at revs it could be one of the hoses or the fuel pressure regulator that's going out. I would think you would smell fuel in the cab if there was a fuel rail/ injector problem sooooo... it must be either before fuel gets to the fuel rails or air getting into the intake after the MAF That's how I would attack the problem.
  4. Did you get your hubs? I have a set on my 90 which are used, look terrible but still work. ( The chrome peels off something awful!)
  5. I have a Pathfinder... it needs help, I need time to help it.

    1. adamzan


      so are you keeping it?

  6. I'm out of ideas at this point! Maybe a bad ground (god knows that I did a lot of re-grounding of ground wires on my weekends)??
  7. Torsion bars are a style of spring. The other types are : LEAF and COIL which most people are more familiar with. The Pathfinder uses torsion bars up front and coils out back. The Torsion bars are a long steel bar with a specific thickness and length that use the inherent "rebound" and "spring" of the steel itself to act as a supporting spring by preloading the bar with one end anchored to the frame and the other (adjustable) anchored to the suspension. The preload sets the ride height and spring force. Easy, simple system that can take a beating. To get to the wobble: I would think that would be a rear suspension bushing problem or possibly a broken frame. I never got mine to wobble but it was doing that on the way back after I broke the frame in the mud pit. I just never got up to 65... because I killed the alternator in the mud lake and borrowed a battery from a friend who charged my battery on the way home. There are a lot of bushings in the rear suspension so I think an hour or so with a pry-bar under there poking around and you might find the loose bushing. It could also be a panhard rod (keeps the rear axle centered under the frame of the Pathfinder) bushings that have rotted out or a rusted out DeDion tube (located over the axle). Really, you need to get a mechanic under there to take a look around!
  8. Over on www.rockauto.com: PATHFINDER 3.0L V6 Electrical-Switch & Relay Door Lock Relay BECK/ARNLEY 2030109 {#25230C9961, 25230C9971 They're like $12 +tax and shipping.
  9. I didn't have any relays on the drivers' side kick panel, but I do recall the power window relay. I was under the impression that the PW relay and the power door locks were both over there. I remember a round thing and that was for the power locks (two big wires?) and there was a square box (6 small multicolor wires with a split ground) which was for the power windows. Both should be hiding under the carpet, behind the kick panel and held on with a big 'ole Phillips screw through the inner steel body panel.
  10. Being that it is a high power-demand circuit I suspect that there is a bad relay causing your issue. Not that I have a circuit diagram anymore, but I recall there being a crap-ton of relays in the engine bay on both the left and right sides. IF anyone has more specific directions for this fine gentlemen please chime in!
  11. I'm thinking that the u-joints in the driveshaft might be shot. That's mostly because my Xterra is doing the something similar. Mine u-joints are so bad that it's like I'm driving down a rutted dirt road at speeds between 80-100 km/hr. I gave my driveshaft a wiggle while I was under there to replace the front wheel bearings and the thing shakes up and down almost 6mm and you can get it to make "kilcky-klincky" noises just like that.... clearly the u-joints are done on mine! The other thing that occurs to me is that there might be a loose mount or something, but I would think you would feel that in both loaded directions (accel. and decel) with a stab at the gas pedal. And last but not least: front suspension bushings?? But I'm throwing that out there as a wild one just trying to keep ideas coming!!
  12. If you live anywhere near the northeastern end of the country, I have a whole Pathfinder with a mint and tight engine and drivetrain. IF you want to hop the border and pick it up!
  13. Yea DD has a lot of good stuff! I'm going to plug my phone in and slide over to my laptop to do some more reading this afternoon. Sent from my SM-G386W using Tapatalk
  14. That's probably the linkage behind the transmission on the left side. There is a ball and spring arrangement that "indexes" inside the transfer case that never seems to get serviced. I would give a shot of some spray grease or other lube on the linkage joints, that should be a big help.
  15. That lower control arm was a gnarly thing to get off on mine, but then no one had done it before. I should have just broken all of the bolts off to begin with, that would have saved me at least 2 hours of sweating and swearing! Water under the bridge at this point. But that's living in the rust belt for you.

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