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  1. I'm sorry, but I think you just did a band-aid. You fixed the leak at the low point, and the water was coming from somewhere up above. So now that its sealed, that water is going to pool up and/or go *somewhere* for you to find later.
  2. Exactly... no, don't do the 3 mile up hill both ways in the snow trip. Mine went kaput winter before last, and I waited probably a good 2+ months to replace it. No biggie, but as has been said above, if you plan on keeping AC working good, its best to replace that belt and run it every once in a while to get things moving. Its not like we're worrying about power loss in a drag car.
  3. '96 Jeep GC front springs - rear XX year Land Rover Discovery bull bar chrome thingy up front 90's Chevy diamond plate bed rails flipped upside down and trimmed for rocker panels Now if you asked how many Pathy parts from *different* Pathys mine contains, that's a list right there...
  4. Glad to hear you got it back, if minus a few things. Unfortunately all I can suggest is to start again and let us all know if there are things you might need. So sorry man! I had the misfortune of having a car stolen about 5 - 10 miles at most from him a while back. The police here don't have the manpower/resources/ability/knowledge/CARE/any of the above to do anything about it here in the south Sound of W. WA. Investigation, prints, etc. is a non-issue as far as I know, they don't bother. There are too many meth junkies, et al and too few and indifferent cops to deal with the problem. Like was said above, thankfully it wasn't burned or tossed off a hill up in the mountains. Its a sad and sick feeling to deal with for sure, mine was stolen from a well lit park and ride next to I-5 at 56th in Tacoma, and the car was found in a field over off of Steilacoom Dr. by the cemetary. You pick up the pieces and carry on. As far as the key comments, that's not just a Nissan issue. Older Toyota and Honda too AFAIK, and once a key is worn, its a toss-up. I've had both worn Mitsubishi and GM keys that could open or start other vehicles.
  5. I bought my Pathy in June of 2002, after a terrible experience in RICE, i.e. rice'd up and tricked out Honda Prelude. But I'll use a mulligan and blame it all on my previous Nissan rig to that, a 1985 Kingcab 4x4 with the Z24 4 banger that I finally sold at 255K miles after me, my brother, and my grandfather (who bought it brand new in '85) drove the wheels off of. I had stuffed 31's under it with no lift but a sawzall to the front fenders. It still ran great, started every time, and even turned a couple heads thanks to much polish and wax and pimp American Racing chrome rims .
  6. Sorry, I had jumped in with Packie talking about a trip out to Tahuya, sorry I should have read the whole thing. Looks like you had a good times
  7. Aw man, that sucks. I'll keep a look out, I work in Puyallup 10 min from there down in the valley. Sh!t. Probably some joyriders or meth junkies. I'm sooo sorry to hear this man!!! Keep your chin up.
  8. How much SL are you running? That seems pretty bad for wear if they're going every year. How long have you owned the truck, and/or how many have been replaced? Do you run with them engaged all winter? I'd doubt so in Spokane, though I bet you use them regularly. Hmmm I'm on the other side of the mountains, though I use my rig either on the trails or skiing. I had a boot tear and just repaired it (split boot band-aid kit), which failed then I replaced that one 2 years ago and then the other side this last winter, but my truck has 173,000 miles so that's no biggie. Both were around $60-65 from Napa. IMO looking at the factory service manual, for the time and effort involved to change out the boot, you might as well just change the whole shaft.
  9. That's pretty badass. If he's talking rally racing like I'm envisioning (read: WRX, Evo, Focus, et al), I'm picturing a Pathy rolling into the weeds a couple of turns in...
  10. From Tacoma, its only about 30-45 min. You go across the Narrows Bridge, then just past Port Orchard you take a left onto Hwy 3, and go to Belfair about 10miles I think west. You can also cut across the Purdy Bridge just past Gig Harbor, but while its a little shorter you're doing like 35mph on a winding road for miles and miles. People tend to meet at Safeway right on the highway as you enter town on Hwy3, then head to the trail about another 10-15min up the road. I made it from my house in Bonney Lake (20 min to Tacoma) to that Safeway in 1 hour flat a couple weekends ago. The trail is not too hard if you don't want it to be. You can take a stock rig through just fine, then its up to you to take more interesting trails if you choose. Have fun this weekend guys, I'm out due to prior plans. Packie, I may still be up for the 7th though, I'll know for sure the closer it gets.
  11. Wish I could join but I'll be wrenching on my truck and watching my niece and nephew. Have a good one!
  12. Hey Jim, remember when I rode along with you, I was commenting on the stiffness of the rear ride in your truck. I've done the Jeep Grand Cherokee swap year ago as well over the Ford coils, and my result is the opposite - I can flex to the point that I'll rub my 32's with those springs in back plus a 3" body lift. I actually ripped out a mounting bolt for my fender flairs at Tahuya, it was that much. I'd 2nd the thought of looking into front lift springs for a Jeep for your rear, since you'd need to cut them down and/or heat and bend the pigtail to fit them anyways and you mentioned you liked the ability to tow. I'd bet that would get you a happy medium of flex and still have some stiffness. Mine is fairly sloppy unloaded on the street, mostly because of the action of the locker on pavement. I might actually do the same at some point for my springs.
  13. I'd bet the bored cop also. We have similar laws apparently here in WA. I drove my truck for a year+ with 4 exposed lights on the roof, plus 2 PIAA driving lights on the brush guard along with the headlights, and never heard a peep, and I live 3 blocks from the police station. On the other hand, I was pulled over years back in my lowered Prelude with stock headlights and fogs (really just big marker lights as they put off 0 light beyond 10' or so) and a cheap pair of aftermarket fogs on a very rural road with no traffic. Its all about the cop-to-action (or donut) quota.
  14. I am seriously drooling in the general direction of your truck. Me likey! Pro-4X is the replacement of the Nismo off-road package, correct?
  15. Sounds like fun. I ran into similar but milder fun with my idler arm. I just left pitman the hell alone at that point. Ditto on the ES swaybar bushing kit when I swapped them plus most of the front suspension. I also ended up doing the crowbar and pull method, but they eventually lined up and have been good for several years now. Ever the precision guy, I just have to imagine you cringing at some of the redneck ingenuity the rest of us come up with.
  16. That looks about like the beast. BTW I found the easiest way to do it (I also did a single filter relo) was to mount up the hoses, adapters, etc. to the mounting filter plate thing, but leave them loose on the other end and tied/taped together, then thread on the mounting plate to the block and twist all the lines along as you go. Granted, I have a body lift so I could easily stick all the stuff out the wheel well. Then go back pull up and and tie in the lines where they go. The rough instructions I got were to the effect of put the plate on by itself way up there under the exhaust where you can't see, then reach up and hook up the lines with hose clamps and such one by one, then move on. F that for sure.
  17. Disturbing... #2 on the $ list 2.sneezefetishforum.org
  18. LOL What do you get from that vid, besides the guy nutting himself right off the bat on the Jeep? Some mediocre bs and then On clearance "The Nissan... was the highest of the bunch" in the mud: "Traction was good in all trucks, though the Nissan did hold and edge" On the Explorer: "Novices will appreciate its intelligent push to touch 4wd" - LOL LOL LOL just ask anybody that owned an older Explorer. That "intelligent" push-button 4wd motor almost guaranteed took a s___ on them, and often when they really needed it, i.e. winter, mud, etc. My bro had to have his towed because of that trash. Good on ya Ford.
  19. That wire was toast on mine too, and it wasn't clear where it hooked up. I wouldn't just ignore it though, as you can buy a good ground cable for $10 or less and reconnect that wire to a good ground. I've done this type of thing on both my Pathy and my wife's Acura, making a new ground from the block or frame to the battery terminal. A solid extra ground to the engine and body should not hurt, and can only help AFIK.
  20. This is the beginning of my adventure, and it went downhill from there. My first time meeting Jim back in '02 was my first time wheeling my truck, and my first time being pulled out.... by Jim. I got in deep, chickened out due to my fresh K&N install, and got a bit tipsy trying to back out with an open diff and auto hubs. Its fitting that only my 2nd time ever getting recovered was on this last run via Shane. Sheesh So Jim, I recall you mentioning a Reiter's Pit run.........
  21. No real damage to mine! The truck was tilted far enough over that the tree hit right at the top of the door where the metal turns, so it took the impact surprisingly. Now that I cleaned it up, there's a slight scuff and I think I've *bent* the top of the door back enough for no worries. Thanks again Shane for the little tug out of that. Note to self: don't do that. I took a different line farther over on the hill in 2wd trusting the locker to get me through, but I lost momentum at the top of the hill. I got it into 4low at that point, but the front end just slid out from under me and into that tree she went. Good times
  22. Classic stuff Keep on tree killin' Jim!
  23. Wasn't sure how you wanted to handle pics, but Scott said to open a new thread, so here ya go. http://npora.ipbhost.com//index.php?showto...t=0#entry440194 A great day for sure. I've heard good (and tough) things about Naches, but it'll be buried in snow shortly regardless. Jim of course has a bunch of pics and vids, but his will probably be delayed due to computer issues. We'll see. P.S. Damn that tree
  24. Me, nice and dirty And yes folks, proof a caR50 can wheel All in all, a great run.

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