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  1. so all it needs to work is getting a custom thrust blocks for the drum brakes set up in order for the e lock work?
  2. bump up back. i found this on terraintamer website. it says that theres a front e locker available for R50 models now. also i dont understand for the rear says that its not suitable for drum brakes? heres the link https://www.terraintamer.com/en/4wd-products/elocker
  3. looks good!. yea get the rock sliders man. before you trash the sides.
  4. yea i only have 1 inch nx aluminum spacer and 4 inches sfd. my cv axle is close to oem angle wise. i havent had any problems breaking my cv axle for the last 4 yrs of me wheeling it hard.
  5. isnt the sway bar doing the same job?
  6. yup. whenever i buy something in ebay. i go for the middle price. not the cheapest. some of the things there are overpriced. then some are too cheap that you know the quality is @!*%. heres the rain guard i got on my 01
  7. my wife's pathfinder. used to be my main rig. lol
  8. just another re branded wheels like cragars and pro comps. they all the same. i have the unique D window street lock ones.
  9. i have both AVS rainguards i bought from ebay. i have been rocking these both trucks of mine for almost 4 yrs now and i havent had any problems with the paint. they are a bit pricey for $55 but all worked for me.
  10. yea hollister was full with jeeps that day. haha
  11. i have been lifted with sfd and wheeling for almost 3-5 yrs owning my pathfinder. ive had this growling ever since and until now i havent had any issues with my rear end. just reporting back.
  12. do a leakdown test. itll tell you more than a compression test. have to push compressed air to each sparkplug holes. make sure the cylinder have all the valves closed when doing the testing so you can tell which one is leaking. hissing sound from intake manifold or air filter = bent intake valves hissing sound from exhaust manifold or exhaust = bent exhaust valves open radiator cap. bubbles coming out from radiator filler = leaking headgasket from cylinder #? hissing sound coming from oil dipstick = piston rings are leaking or have blow by
  13. clean qx4! it was random but it was nice meeting another npora member local here in hollister hills! nice meeting you MLML! im no longer alone sf bay area lol .

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