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  1. Thanks, Mr. Reverse The update is the door ajar light went off on its own after 3 days as I was driving on a smooth patch of highway. Maybe the sensor couldn’t handle being on smooth asphalt for once and said, I’m out! Had to take it for a drive each day on highway to keep battery charged. Still need to chase down the issue and fix it one way or the other since no doubt just a matter of time before it says, I’m back. Sorry you are having to let your rig sit. We’re getting to be rare breed on the road, these 1st-generation Pathfinders.
  2. As always, much appreciated. Just replaced lift gate struts and what was an occasionally flickering door ajar light became a steady light, so it's a strong suspect. It's either that or the driver's door, since that door has taken to engaging the locks for the entire car every time you close it. Let the process of elimination begin!
  3. Question for the Wise Ones about our old rigs. So this light keeps coming on regularly and my high-tech method for switching it back off has been to drive around hitting as many potholes as I can (not hard where I live) which makes the light flicker and eventually turn off. But it came on today and my old reliable method ain't working. Rather than chase this down the rabbit hole trying to find which door or doors (or back hatch) is causing the issue and perhaps finding a junkyard part to fix, I'm wondering if there is a way to just disable the light or at least disable the interior driver's footwell light so it no longer drains the battery? Nobody's going to be falling out of my truck and I don't care if the door ajar light stays on forever. Just don't want it to be a battery killer. Ideas?
  4. Nice! Replacement part arrived and I'm riding with AC again like some sort of rich dude or something.
  5. OK, thanks. Trying to read another person's handwriting on the part number - always dangerous.
  6. Hello all, Wondering if anyone can recommend good site for sourcing discontinued parts. AC not working and I need line from receiver dryer to evaporator core, part # 92440-83600. Did some preliminary looking around and only saw references to similar parts rather than that actual number.
  7. Wondered about booster. Just confused as to how that would have any effect on idle.
  8. So the other day I went to drive my '94 SE and noticed that brake pedal was suddenly very stiff. Had to just about stand on it to bring vehicle to stop. And then when I pulled over and put it in park if I then applied pressure to the brake pedal the engine idle would increase. If I then released pressure on the brake pedal the idle would drop back down below normal and the vehicle would nearly die before returning to normal idle. Repeated this several times to verify and it happened every time. Thoughts about what I've got going on?
  9. I went from Minnesota to Florida to get a member's old ride. Or am I the guy you were thinking of, Precise? Anyway, Minnesota/Canada, all the same. Buying from a board member is probably the best bet for most people, if timing is right for everyone. At least you know they gave a crap and took at least decent car of it, or better.
  10. Got the 21-year-old gummed up windshield washer nozzles replaced. Suddenly the world is no longer behind a regular film. And - bonus - got the original saggy driver's side seat belt replaced with shiny new, taut one for free under lifetime warranty. Only downside was dealer said they could only get one of the seat belts right now, so the rest will have to wait their (saggy) turn.
  11. It's not dead! It's just resting! Good luck on your swap. Looks like you'll end up in a better place at the end of it all.
  12. I don't see many WD21s in Minnesota, especially ones still in good shape. Most were sacrificed to the road salt god. So it's notable when there is a sighting. The few, the proud ....
  13. Yep, I tool around Twin Cities each week in ahardbody's old '94 SE. Looks much like that, but wasn't me. Guess black first-gen Pathys are still a thing around these parts.
  14. So I had no idea when I bought my '94 that apparently the most valuable part of it is the sunroof shade!
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