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    4" sub frame drop. Jeep springs,f350 shocks. Plasti dipped nissan titan rims, custom built bumper and what not.
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  1. dustinp

    Dual battery setup

    They are isolated I have them triggered when the car is on to open up. I also added a switch just in case the main went dead. They are supported by a metal plate on the bottom. I don't want to talk about how they are secured at the moment haha. It's on the todo list to secure it properly, but it's been on that list for a couple years.
  2. dustinp

    Bumper Kit

    I can't believe that price. You can't beat that. What plasma cutter and software did you go with? Does it run on G-code?
  3. dustinp

    Bumper Kit

    No kidding?! Is it a PlasmaCAM? I am very jealous.
  4. dustinp

    Bumper Kit

    Isn't that the truth. I don't think I would ever make a living off anything like this. It is just enjoyable to me. Eventually I would love to own a CNC Plasma Table or Water Jet.
  5. dustinp

    Bumper Kit

    Thanks, I was unsure how much room to leave. Selling the dxf file would save everyone a little bit of dough but having no way to protect the file after it is sold is a concern of mine. As of right now I'm leaning towards selling the kits.
  6. dustinp

    Bumper Kit

    Hello, a lot of you may have already seen this but I designed a fold and weld bumper kit. There are still some little adjustments that need to be addressed and I won't be able to test it with a winch for quite some time. Anyway, I wanted to see if there was any interest in the kit being sold, the price would likely be near the $500 mark. Side Note: It has been quite some time since I have been on here. The new layout is much more user-friendly, so props to those of you that worked to make that happen.
  7. I've been slacking on those. I knew if I didn't finish them in the summer this would happen too lol. I'm 90% there though so hopefully soon.
  8. dustinp

    R50 half door build

    it is indeed a 57. My brother built a frame to house corvette suspension and slapped a supercharged LS engine in it.
  9. Thank you. It was very easy but I did beat up the front a bit to fit both of them. The isolator is very easy to hook up as well and ensures you don't kill your main battery when the car is off
  10. And my favorite! The body work is done and the primer is on. Just need some final sanding and I already have the paint ready.
  11. Hello friends, I have a lot of info on some of the modifications Iv'e done lately listed in my members ride if anyone is interested. Hopefully this link works http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/37622-dustins-2001-pantyfinder-college-budget/page-1 List of some of the mods and if you would like more in depth details on how I did some of the stuff let me know and I'll update it. Half doors - By far my favorite modification mostly finished Remote start for $60 - a bugger but I gained a lot of knowledge Halo Headlights - again more for the knowledge aspect. Rock Sliders built from scratch Prerunner bumper thing Dual batteries with separate voltage gauges on the way Subwoofer box build Inverter install - details soon Blue dash lights - stupid easy 6" lift all around CB radio and PA install Dukes of Hazzard Horn Aftermarket Fuse Box Titan Wheel and wheel spacer info Some other junk

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