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  1. I say if you want a 4wd pathfinder just buy one. I bought my 92 4wd pathfinder in great shape for 2k and it had 270k miles on it with a new transmission.
  2. Thanks for the answers. I am going to try to get another 500 miles out of it and if it does snap I will update this thread. And I just discovered that my lower ball joints are bad. Fun.
  3. I have a 92 SE and the timing belt has 95k miles on it. Some things have come up and I can't afford to get it replaced. How long could the belt go before it breaks? How long have any of you let the timing belt go. I am starting to get nervous but I simply can not afford to get it changed for another 2 months (1000 miles give or take) Thanks a lot
  4. I have a 92 pathfinder with an LSD is the rear. Which Diff would that be. Thanks in advance
  5. I have a 92 pathfinder and I have concluded that the idle air control valve is either clogged or the motor is not working properly. Is there any way I can clean the valve without removing it. It is in a recessed part of the engine and It seems hard to remove. Thank you
  6. Hello, The Air duct that goes from my Air cleaner to the throttle body has a nice sized rip in that runs parallel to the ribs on the hose. I haven't been able to find this hose and I am not sure what to do. Is there any kind of sealant I could use? This tear is after the MAF sensor so it is throwing the engine off at lower rpms. Thanks for the help
  7. I like this explanation. I was wondering this myself. Why does the pot on the ECU say idle speed adjustment? Does it actually adjust the idle speed? If not, what does it do?
  8. Sorry it took so long to respond. I got tired of messing with the truck and when I went to start it up, everything was great. The truck was running nice and smooth. If this problem comes back, would this indicate a clogged IACV?
  9. Okay thanks I found it! But there is a problem I have turned the screw, and revved the engine around 2000 rpm and then let it settle and I have done this quite a few times but with no change. What could be the problem?
  10. I can not find the Idle adjustment screw and I was wondering if anybody can tell me where it is. Thanks in advance.
  11. Okay so I think it was all a coincidence. Like silverton said, could sea foam really clean enough dirt and deposits to clog a fuel filter? I doubt it. Anyways I changed the filter and it is running fine now. Im sure this problem would of come up seafoam or not. I still plan on cleaning the throttle plate. Thanks all.
  12. I will do that once I get home from work today and let you know what happens after that I didn't use any sea foam through the intake because I didn't want any loose crap to get stuck in the throttle body. The only reason why I put the sea foam in the tank is to see if it could fix my faulty fuel gauge readings. It worked once before and I thought I would try again. Yeah I am sticking to techron. I heard it is a much better product. It happens after about 20 minutes of driving but I will still look into the O2 sensor. I plan on replacing/cleaning parts in this order. Fuel Filter, Throttle, engine temp sensor and maybe the O2 sensor. Those can be pricy. Thank you all for your help.
  13. Hello all, I have a 1992 pathfinder with everything original expects belts brakes filters and starter. I put some sea foam in the gas tank because after 310,000 miles, I felt the injectors must be a little dirty. A few days after that my engine idles a little rough and pretty low once the engine is warmed up. So low that even the headlights dim and the volt meter falls to zero once i get to a red light. When the engine is cold, it is all okay. I haven't changed my fuel filter in years. Could it be a little clogged now after the sea foam? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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