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  1. Well, I tested the charging with a multimeter. From the battery it shows 14.2V, which means the alternator charges very well. After a bit driving on Saturday, the voltmeter has started to rise and now shows almost 14V, only slightly different. Maybe it just takes some time to recover and start reading correctly again. Hope for the best! Need to think through and start checking something else now that might cause the static. At least I know that the genuine alternator is still in good shape
  2. I have a Blaupunkt antenna and a Blaupunkt radio, Toronto 420BT. Both new. Well, the alternator change didn't help, everything is still the same. I changed back to the old genuine 60 amp alternator. Now the voltmeter in the instrument panel doesn't read the same as it used to. When I start the truck it stays below 14V mark (or somewhere in the middle between 12-14V marks). Before changing the alternator, I remember it was a little bit over the 14V mark. Did the change of the alternators mess something up? Or will it take some time to start reading correct again?
  3. So the condenser only removes static on the radio. Maybe the old alternator is working properly and the condenser has gone bad and not working anymore? Can the condenser be checked somehow?
  4. Hi, I was planning to change my original 60amp alternator for a 90amp Maxima alternator. When I took off the old one, I saw that it has a small condenser on the back. It looks like this: http://www.courtesyparts.com/27983m-condenser-alternator-pathfinder-wd21-1987-1995-p-546823.html The new Maxima alternator doesn't have it. What does the condenser do? Do I need to add it on the 90amp Maxima alt or not? If I remove it from the genuine alternator, what happens? Could I use the old alternator without the condenser too? My problem is that I have a Blaupunkt internal antenna and something is causing static into the radio channels. If the truck is not running, there is no static, only when the engine is running. I thought that maybe the alternator causes it, so I decided to try and change it. Best regards, Sten
  5. Well, it was only a simple fix this time. There really was some air left in the cooling system. I took off the air cleaner and started the truck. The thermo unit even didn't get hot and nothing moved. (it meant that no coolant is flowing into it). Stopped the truck and opened the clamp on the hose next to the unit a little bit and started to move the hose. Then air bubbles and some coolant started to leak. Soon only coolant leaked and the thermo unit got instantly hot! Tightened the clamp back and started the truck. The idle instantly fell down back! Only thing I noticed is that the thermo thing doesn't move as much as it supposed to. Maybe one day should get a new one. But at the moment I adjusted the screw a little and now everything works brilliantly! Thanks Kingman for your advice, you were right!
  6. I'll try to check it once more and see what happens. Also I will take the air cleaner off and check the thermo unit, maybe it doesn't move anymore. If it won't move, then I believe that there is the problem why the idle is so high and wont come down. But when should I turn the heater on? While adding coolant into the radiator and the bleeding screw open? What fan speed should I use? The car engine has to be working? I am away from home at the moment so I can start working with the car on Saturday. Let's hope that it's an easy fix!
  7. Well, I hope so but I am not 100% sure. When I added coolant, the white plastic screw was removed from the upper radiator hose and air bubbles came out there. I filled the radiator to the max and at the same time coolant started to come out from the screw hole. Then I put the radiator cap and the screw back. Then I let it idle for some time (the engine seemed warm enough). Later when the engine had cooled down, I filled the reservoir tank back to max, the radiator was already full. Did I miss something? Maybe there is some air in the system left but how can I get it all out then?
  8. Hello there, I changed coolant on my 88 Pathfinder VG30i this weekend. I flushed it 3 times with a distilled water before I filled it with new coolant. After that my truck idles high, rpms stay between 1.5k-2k. And they won't come down anymore. Sometimes when I very gently push the gas pedal and then let it go, the revs come down to normal level (approx. 800rpm)for a sec and then go back again. Like something is stopping it to idle normal and pushes the revs high. I took it for a drive and nothing changed. Everything else works, drives great and blows normal heat to the cabin. No ECU codes at the moment, everything is ok. What happened? Has anyone experienced something like this? Maybe the engine was too hot before I added new water into it and the sudden temperature change made something crazy. Hope you can help me. Sten
  9. Hey Do you guys know where can I get such tires? I would love to put them in the rear. I have seen them on pictures but can't find anyone who sells them. Hope you can help me. Best regards, Sten
  10. Hi, After repainting the frame I cannot remember where it was and can't find it. Could anyone tell me where can I find the frame number? Thanks, Sten
  11. Does anyone got good pictures how the Xterra genuine floor mats fit into Pathfinder? Both, front and rear ones. I am thinking of buying a set but I would like to be sure. Only bad thing is that they are textile, rubber ones would be better though. I had some universal rubber mats in my car before the rebuild but they fit horribly and I would want to find better ones. Since there are no genuine ones for Pathfinder anymore, Xterra mats seems to be best option. Haven't found any rubber mats with good fitting so far.
  12. Nunya, I checked your topic at member's rides. You have some rubber mats there in the front, are they the Xterra ones? Also does anyone have or know something about floor mats from Weathertech? They look quite nice, but how do they fit?
  13. There are some floor mat options on stockinteriors.com. Has anyone bought from there? How they fit in the car and how they look in real? Any signs or letters on them (like oem has NISSAN?) or are they just blank? If anyone has some other ideas where to get great floor mats, please let me know Sten
  14. Hi, I am writing again to ask, if anyone can suggest me good floor mats for 2 door Pathfinder. Which ones on the market fit and look the best? Usually the aftermarket ones don't want to fit well, especially in the front. It would be great if someone can also post a picture of their mats fitted in the car, that would help me to choose. I guess that there are no genuine ones for sale anymore, those would be the best ones ofcourse. Maybe someone knows the part numbers of them? Hope you can help me, Sten
  15. Thank you for your help and so fast answers, guys! Now I know that I can replace them with no problems.

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