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  1. Any idea where I can get the hose? I'm hoping Autozone carries it. Not overfilling the tank won't be too much of a problem, since I use my Pathy as a second vehicle. I've only been putting about $10 worth in since I use my 2014 Cruze as new my daily driver. But I still would like to fix the few things wrong with her lol. Its just been too good of a vehicle. Being here in PA, winters really suck. And I don't have alot of faith in the Cruze for in snow.
  2. I'm thinking thats the thing to do. I just have to find where the other end of the hose will connect to.
  3. I've looked up the part number, and Tasca Parts seem to be the only ones who carry it. I haven't been able to find it at Rock Auto. Only the vapor cannister and solenoid.
  4. I recently got a trouble code for my Evap system. The code was for a possible clog or leak in my Evap system. While under my Pathy today, I found this hose looking like its sheered off of something. The only trouble is, I can't find anything that it may connect to. I'm stumped since I can't find any pics on Google for how the system should be connected.
  5. Is it possible to use a Y adapter to make the exhaust pipes fit to a single inlet muffler? I've found a slew of them on Amazon.
  6. Well, I meant would it be ultimate cheaper to have a Flowmaster welded in, or just get another stock muffler. Because the reason I ask, is that back in December I had just bought myself a 2004 Mustang 40th Anniversary. I've been driving that for over the summer, and will likely only use the Pathy all the time for in the winter. I love both cars, and want them both to be properly up to specs. As far as the body work goes, I don't have any issue buying a new factory rear bumper fascia, but to order a new fender panel from Nissan directly is close to $900. This one salvage years that has the 99 would cost me $38 for the panel. Though thats because I have to come and pull it off myself. But I hate to spend it and it not fits my Pathy properly. Another yard has a black 03, and the panel would cost about $250.
  7. Ok, I have an 03 R50 that has some issues now. My exhaust system is rusted out where the muffler meets the tail pipe. The pipe has rusted cleanly off. I was curious what everyone thinks would be the best and above all cheapest way to repair it. I've been researching on the web, and the stock muffler as called for by Nissan are $20-$40 MORE than an equivalent Flowmaster or AP Xlerator muffler. But I know the FM and AP will require custom fabrication to fit. Also back in February, during a storm I lost control (out of my own stupidity) and banged up the side of my Pathy. I need a new rear fascia, and passenger side rear fender panel. And thats not considering any damage to the bumper mounts under the rear facia. Its kind of **** eyed on one side. Plus she's going to need repainted her Burnt Copper color. I've found a 99 R50 at a local salvage yard. I'm certain the rear fascia won't match but is there any chance the fender panel will fit my 03?
  8. Well, I just got back from the garage for an estimate on the work needed. They said the same thing as you did about the tailpipe. Its attached to the resonator and the cheapest way to fix it, was to eliminate it and replace it with straight pipe. About $91 ballpark to fix it. The belts they told me have started to dry rot. The insides are starting to crack pretty bad. They tried the old bar of soap method and it quieted down a bit. Then tried the lubricant and it quieted down completely..........for about 30 seconds. I managed to get my wind diverter, rood rack centerpiece off......now it REALLY needs washed on the roof lol. Out the door I was quoted for about $250 to have the tailpipe fixed and new belts installed.
  9. Ok, It's been a good while since I've posted here. But I'm in some need of some suggestions. Just driving my 03 R50 today, and my tailpipe just fell off. It rotted away over the last winter it seems. It broke off at the muffler itself. Would I be correct to say that I'm going to need to replace the muffler as well? Because if I am, I plan on getting an aftermarket Magnaflow muffler to replace it. Also at least one of my belts on the engine are noisy. It whistles as it runs now, but when its cold and damp out (like every morning in winter the last 4 years lol), it squeals like crazy until it warms up. I've dealt with it for 4 years now, its more of an annoyance than anything else. (both to me and my neighbors lol) Also last fall my centerpiece on my roof rack had broke due to a direct hit from a walnut the size of a baseball. Needless to say it has a big crack down the passenger side of it. I'm more concerned over my tailpipe most of all lol.
  10. The guys who run the local kayak shop in my town, always tell me just to use the factory roof rack and some quality cam straps. So thats what I always have used on mine. They say you can put up to 4 10 foot kayaks on top of a mid size SUV. Though I've never actually tried it. I've only gone as far as 2 boats. Tie the first boat to the roof rack with the cockpit facing down. Make sure its as far over as you can push it. Then tie the other boats with the cockpits facing the first boat. Tie each boat to the next boat. It has worked for me so far.
  11. Just got my stereo installed last night. Took about 3 hours of soldering, and drilling to get everything installed. The hard part was getting the brackets off from the Bose head unit. Who ever installed the unit must have used an impact wrench to mount it. BUT everything works really well. I'm loving the Bluetooth function on it, and it thumps ALOT more than the Bose unit. Although I am just kind of missing the CD changer a bit.
  12. Well I have the stereo ordered and should arrive sometime mid next week. Christmas is coming early this year lol.
  13. Sounds good, I hope to have everything ordered by the end of the week. Gotta love payday!
  14. Agreed, I know how you feel. About 2 years ago I was rear ended, and almost totalled. As far as the parts, I was interested in the cargo nets. Mine never had any when I bought it. Maybe the mats too.
  15. Sounds good, I think Crutchfield is my best and cheapest route. I can't wait to upgrade. I plan on using my old Droid Incredible as an MP3 player with the Bluetooth function. I don't want to waste the battery of my iPhone 5 when my Incredible is just gathering dust. I have a use for it again!

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