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  1. I guess the trick would be fitting in coilovers inside the UCA's which are pretty small... hrm
  2. Yea I'm not sure if the Toyota coilovers I have are too long but it would be worth a try... I'd really love to get rid of those harsh torsion bars up front! Can anyone link me to the frame buckets? I'm trying to source them.... thx!
  3. Anyone? C'maaaaannnn im bored with my pathy! haha
  4. Would it be a matter of just welding up the buckets to the frame to mount some coilovers in the front? i have some brand new ones laying around off my 4runner... wondering if I could put them to good use since I replaced those with ICONs
  5. I ended up ripping the tube that connects to the MAF on the back side... where can I find one? Thanks!
  6. haha no I still have the pathy... it wasn't worth trading in after all the $ i've dumped into it... but convincing the wife to enjoy the new SUV is another story hah
  7. Drove it to the delaership to pick up this: :D 2015 T4R Trail Premium
  8. When you're invisible to cops in traffic....
  9. My brake pedal is mushy too even after overhauling the whole system... how do u adjust the pedal?
  10. Replace your ignition switch... had this happen to mine and it ended up being the switch although it was an intermittent problem.
  11. Nice what components did you use in the front?
  12. subscribed! Any updates? Love your pathy! This is probably my next mod as long as I can confirm the engine I'm about to buy will work... its non-CA compliant though so I'm hoping I'd be able to re-use the EGR stuff from the VG30? What else would need to be done?
  13. Ok so I made a special trip to the beach just for you guys lol last one i swear! Feel free to delete my other posts!
  14. hah I live in the city so unless I drive to the beach there aren't many places to snap pics of the sunset. Maybe I'll grab one tomorrow!
  15. It was using the same grade 10w30 but it wasn't synthetic. I've never seen a motor do that when switching to Royal Purple though... motor has 162K miles on it. Might be time for a rebuild anyways.
  16. Yea that first one was basically the bulldozer... didn't seem to have much clearance... damn but that looks like fun!
  17. Found this video pretty amazing! The first one is more like a bulldozer haha
  18. Ordered new trailing arm and pan hard rod bushings to hopefully get rid of that death wobble once and for all...
  19. um what? Not sure what you're referring to. Nefarious didn't say anything....
  20. Anyway so at least we understand why these smog rules are there..... doesn't have much to do with "tree huggers" unless people think that breathing clean air is over rated.
  21. Well I do like breathing and all that stuff... This is what it was like back in the 70's (much like what China looks like now) that's what happens when there are not that many trees....
  22. Yea its on my to do list for the next time the truck is getting some TLC.... may throw in an air locker front / rear to boot so its more than capable off road! cant be slipping tires and getting all embarrassed on the trail! haha
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