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  1. Its a 3.4L I used a 3.3 block from a supercharged xterra and pistons from an infiniti q45. I saw a project pathfinder article that did this but they did it wrong... I had my friend duplicate the 3.0 vavle reliefs because he said duplicating the huge 3.3 reliefs like the the guys in that article would leave roughly .040" of solid materal under the lowest part of the relief. NOT SAFE, especially for a boosted engine. Besides, its higher compression this way. Between the headwork and piston work I knocked the compression down from 10.3 to about 9.8 but the margin of safety with boost is much greater.Then I put a .125" radius every edge of every valve relief to elminate any chance of any hot spots. After polishing the combustion chamber and unshorouding the valves I had the heads and pistons Thermal barier coated for added safety (just incase I want more than stock boost) I also did lots of work to the ouside of the heads since the castings seem to be good at retaining dirt and mud in the spark plug wells. The whole thing went together with Jim Wolf Stage 1 Cams and thorley headers to complete the package. I got 254RWHP at the dyno which if you figure drive train loss is probably about 300HP at the crank. The the boost response is near instant at any RPM as soon as I put my foot to about 1/2 throttle. It is scary fast because if your foot is into it the torque feels like full power at any RPM, I have bypass switch just to shut the boost off sometimes for safety. Play along? Oh its all real, it just hasn't happened yet!
  2. Stock ecu but you can scale the air/fuel by swapping injectors and MAF together. This is also a good idea because the stock MAF is a flow restriction and any of the upgrades below will flow more than this setup is capable of. So stock is 180cc with a stock MAF from there you can go up to z32 270cc with an N60 MAF commonly found on other nissan infiniti cars like the M30 etc vg33er 380cc? or other similar rannge with the N62 MAF common to the Z32 turbo The way it works is the MAF reports air flow on a voltage scale. The higher resolution MAF will show a lower voltage for the same ammount of air as a lower resolution MAF and thus the ecu will deliver less fuel. So if the MAF is upgraded poportially with the injectors it gets you close without any ECU tunnig aids. I would not run the supercharger on a 3.0 crank I think its too much extra load and its the farthest pulley from the engien. The snout is 1/4" smaller than the 3.3 crank so start with a 3.3 at the very least if you are going to do this swap. The throttle body has been modifed to run the 3.0 throttle position sensor. and the 3.0 igniton system is retained as well.
  3. The hood is off. Nissan Pickup hoods look like they have more room but I don't think it will be enough, maybe if a body lift and a pickup hood combined would work. stock airbox is in the perfect location and everything pretty much lines up. Still need a VG33ER A/C compressor to get my A/C running again and complete my collection of 3.3 accssories and run all vg33er belts & pulleys. Camera broke sorry guys.

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