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    Just got my 98 Pathfinder SE 5 or 6 months ago, it has 126k original miles. So far I've changed the battery, alternator, spark plugs, fuel filter and fixed a bad fuel leak. It needs A LOT of work, but it's running strong!
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  1. Thanks for the reply! I also tried taking the fuel filter off with pliers messing it up, ended up having to cut it etc.. lol. But yeah, it's either the charcoal canister causing the smell, or this recall thing I saw on motortrend. Also I think it could be the fuel pump because of my really crappy acceleration and P0180 code but idk? I'll definitely keep this post updated, I'll also try to put some pictures of the work and stuff. Thanks, and take care!
  2. Sorry, I should of added this to my post. I just changed my fuel filter about 2 weeks ago (well over 2 years old lol), and not too long before that I fixed a visible gas leak. Since then I still smell the gas, maybe not as strong, but there are no visible leaks that I can see. I was reading something about the charcoal canister causing the smell too, but I know nothing about that. My problem is that when I give it throttle it boggs down unless I release it a little, then at around 3k rpm's it takes off like I hit nitrous or something lol. Thanks for the replies everyone!
  3. Will a broken fuel temperature sensor cause performance issues? I took my 98 Pathfinder Se to Autozone and had them do the OBD scan and it came back P0180. It has no power at low rpm's and picks up at around three thousand. Also I can smell gas a lot (not during driving) so I'm wondering if the fuel pump is gone too?

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