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  1. So I had this problem not too long ago where I get into the rig and try to crank it over. The relay and the starter click, but not enough to actually crank. It just makes a constant clicking noise as I try to start the rig. I put a new starter in and same problem, I'm at a loss currently.

  2. So after my little snow run on Sunday, my 4x4 light has been flashing when in two wheel drive. It's not in 4x4 but the light is just flickering, only when driving. Leads me to beleive a loose wire, or sensor? Anyone concur?

  3. You can't a mod will pip on here soon enough and snip them away. Just keep in mind that tap talk will say an error,but you yourself should refresh the page to check if it indeed posted. You are not the first and won't be the last.

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