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  1. 01Pathmaker

    Free Lift Kit for your R51 - SFCreation

    This is more awesome work from Steve! This is especially awesome because I may end up in a R51 soon! I am curious if there were any alignment issues (any camber bolts needed)? How are the CV angles at full droop? What tire sizes are we looking at for the respective lifts? Any wheel offset issues, like we have on our R50's? I'd love to slap some 285's on factory wheels, without wheel spacers. I think that'd be a perfectly balanced look, increase beach/soft sand flotation, while being a reasonable compromise of beach, trail & daily duties.
  2. 01Pathmaker

    Paint Restoration on 1998 QX4

    When do we get to see before & after pics?
  3. 01Pathmaker

    New springs for 1.5 inch lift?

    AC is the only 2" spring lift available
  4. 01Pathmaker

    Random picture of your R50

    Looks like a older one. Not many left, but here's a the page on Steve's site that lists what's left https://sfcreation.com/t/stickers---inventory-liquidation
  5. 01Pathmaker

    Land Rover rear lift spring install

    IIRC, both OME springs (HD & MD) are listed as a .75 gain, however if you read the "fine print", they do note that greater height will be had on vehicles without extra weight of bumpers, winches, etc. The 1.75 OME lift is done with MD rear springs, HD front springs & "trim packer", which is fancy terminology for a lift spacer.
  6. 01Pathmaker

    Land Rover rear lift spring install

    When I got my MD springs for all 4 corners, way back when, from AC, they arrived in plain brown boxes with 4x4parts.com (AC's site) tape on them. I was confused at first, after opening the boxes and finding all the springs had OME tags on them! Apparently they just took the springs out of the original packaging, put them in there own boxes and shipped them out. Seems like a waste to me, especially since they left the OME tags on! Just a durability note on the OME/AC medium duty springs, I've got roughly 120k miles on mine and have begun to notice a slight bit of sagging. Not terrible, but noticable, more so in the front. The rears definitely don't hold weight like they used to either. Still far better than stock springs, and I certainly don't baby this "truck" either. Overall, I've been pleased with them, but if I didn't already have another set of OME MD rear springs in the garage, that I inherited from a former member several years ago, I'd be going with some LR flavor in the rear. P.S. - when I do my suspension overhaul, I'll finally be installing your old, I mean gently used, OME shocks too! Lol
  7. 01Pathmaker

    Which Light Bar to Choose and How to Install it?

    Have you thought about doubling up the adapter plates (hinges)? That would make them more rigid and possibly reduce or eliminate the vibration.
  8. 01Pathmaker

    October 2018 TotM Voting

    I'm torn! Love @hawairish's ride (and the amazing work he does to benefit this community & our rigs), but I'm in love with how clean and well put-together @02_Pathy
  9. 01Pathmaker

    Brush Guard or Damage Multiplier

    I had one years ago on an s-10 blazer. I had what would've been a minor accident, I rear-ended a Ford pickup at very low speed. The guard folded back, creased the hood, both front fenders and broke the mounts on both headlights. Without that "guard" I'm sure the damage would've been minimal. We joked afterwards that the grille guard actually did it's job, as the grille wasn't damaged at all! Lol Needless to say, unless it's a strong fabricated unit, I'll never have one again. I love what@KiwiTerrano has, any info on that? (But I'm sure it's not available here)
  10. 01Pathmaker

    2003 8 inch lift

    A lift of that height would sure be quite a project. I'll sum up by listing the absolute necessities. Front suspension parts: Custom fabbed 6" SFD (will need to include blocks to drop the front subframe, engine mounts, steering shaft joint, strut tower spacers) 2" coils (available from AC Custom lengthened front driveshaft (probably to include double CV joints due to the much greater angles) Longer brake lines Rear suspension: Appropriate combination of either Grand Cherokee or Land Rover springs & spacers (the right springs could probably net you 6" then 2"spacers) Longer shocks (gonna have to do your homework to find what would work best) Custom fabbed panhard drop bracket Custom lengthened upper & lower trailing arms (panhard bracket & trailing arms would be to keep proper rear axle geometry & alignment) Custom lengthened rear driveshaft Longer brake lines Can it and has it been done? Yes. Is it a ton of fabrication, figuring, work and money? Yes. Is it worth all of this to be able to get 35's or maybe 37's under a vehicle that can't be regeared to compensate for the much larger tires? Depends on your wants and intended use. If all you're looking to build is a show queen, mall crawler or boulevard bruiser, than as long as all the work is done properly, with safety and driveability in mind, and dropping close to 10-grand to build a unique ride isn't an issue, go for it! Don't expect it to be a good commuter or daily driver (not saying you couldn't, just wouldn't be very practical), or an amazingly powerful mud bogger or rock crawler (unless yyou take the project even further, adding a transfer case doubler and/or doing a solid axle swap, which would make almost all on the above list null & void). Keep us posted on your decision
  11. Ok, thanks for clearing that up, I was about to get a little crazy...
  12. Sold what?! Don't tell me you sold that pathy!
  13. Hmmm, I have a very similar set of lights sitting on a shelf in the garage that I've been planning to use as rear facing, just couldn't decide where to mount them...
  14. 01Pathmaker

    Are these Factory Recovery Points?

    Yes, the tow hitch utilizes some of the holes that the rear tow point would. Had to remove mine when installed my hitch. Just kind of an odd shaped flat-ish plate with an oval cit into it, held on by 2 or 3 bolts. Not something I'd want to use as a recovery point unless there was no other option.
  15. 01Pathmaker

    October 2018 TotM Nominations

    Although that's an amazing shot, I think the one you posted in the "random pic" thread showed enough of the twilight sky to qualify and it shows off your great looking ride MUCH better. Just my $0.02...

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