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    2001 SE 4x4, AC MD coils, KYB GR2's, 255/70/16 General Grabber AT2's on OEM 5-spokes, SFC front skid, custom front receiver, MM manual hubs & 1996 SE 4x4, SFC 1" lift and front skid plate, 31x10.50 Treadwright GuardDog MT's on ugly OEM 6-spokes (my $400 find)SOLD
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  1. 01Pathmaker

    Free Lift Kit for your R51 - SFCreation

    Not that I'd ever doubt any of Steve's products, but any update @k9sar
  2. 01Pathmaker

    Oil mileage?

    I'm the original owner of my 01, always use 5w30 full synthetic (whatever's on sale) & a good filter (purolator, Bosch, wix), change @ 5-6k, she's got ~185k miles and still runs super smooth.
  3. 01Pathmaker

    Rock Creek Edition R52

    Hey, but it's available on the front wheel drive too! LMAO! I will say that it makes the godawful ugly R52 look halfway decent, but the fact that a Subaru Forester possesses more capabilities than a Pathfinder is just pitiful. Thanks for killing another name, Nissan...
  4. 01Pathmaker

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Yes, JDM Astars & yeah, the packaging of the LUYED kinda scared me, I expected to open those and see either some crappy looking led's or diamonds! Lol. I'm curious to see how long they last. I'll keep you posted.
  5. 01Pathmaker

    2018 Truck of the Year Voting!

    There's a poll up at the top of the thread, above all the pictures. Btw, I think since I'm the first to answer, your vote should be for me! Lol jk
  6. 01Pathmaker

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Finally had one of my led brake lights die (lasted 11 years!), an own dome light & a few bulbs in the HMS light. Replaced dome, cargo, map, STT, HMS, & reverse lights with a combo of JDM & LUYED(sp?) led's. Interior is very well lit now and all the others seem to be of good quality and are substantially brighter than their predecessors. As a note, the led STT bulbs I had for 11 years were from superbrightleds.com. I did consider buying from them again, but their pricing on the newest/brightest versions are substantially more than other highly rated units. Figured I'd take a gamble on the cheaper ones, so hopefully they last a while.
  7. 01Pathmaker

    2018 Truck of the Year Voting!

    Only a few days left! C'mon people, get your votes in!
  8. 01Pathmaker

    Not a pathy but soliciting ideas

    If you pull the vacuum line & check valve from the booster, do you get a "whoosh"? And yes, whoosh is a technical term...
  9. 01Pathmaker

    04 Build Thread (R50)

    Definitely some clean looking rides over there, but the one in this link incorrectly lists it as having the 3.5. The 3.5 didn't come into play until 2001.
  10. 01Pathmaker

    My 2002 R50 SE

    Welcome! Nice ride!
  11. 01Pathmaker

    Random picture of your R50

    Looks incredible! Really makes me wish I had gone up another inch & went with 32's. Oh well, I am loving my new AT3W's though!
  12. 01Pathmaker

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Had an inch or 2 of snow last night, roads were pretty slick this morning, the new Falkens handled great! Very grippy! Plenty more weather coming this weekend, but so far so good!
  13. 01Pathmaker

    2018 Truck of the Year Voting!

    Like all the others have said, your presence and insight is valued and appreciated. And I'm still working on getting 2 more "proper" pics to add.
  14. 01Pathmaker

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Today mama got some new shoes! Replaced the almost worn out General AT2's with Falken Wildpeak AT3W's. Oddly enough had to step down to 255/70's, as the 265/70 Falkens hit the coil bucket, whereas the Generals were a tight fit when new, but never touched. The new 255's have just slightly more clearance than the 265 Generals had when they were new. Luckily the shop was cool about it. Certainly demonstrates the differences between manufacturers. I'll get some pics in the daylight and should be able to give a full review within a week, as we're expecting everything, sun, heavy rain, sleet, snow & ice, over the next 5 days.
  15. 01Pathmaker

    Strong feelings about aftermarket front axles?

    As for the replacement CV axles, I've used cardone select (these are new not reman) on many different vehicles over the years and have had great results. As for the hubs, I've had both warn & mile marker. Yes, the warn's are stronger, but unless you're rock crawling with 35's on a daily basis, I think you're fine with the mile markers.

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