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  1. 01Pathmaker

    Auto transmissions all bad?

    You may be confusing the R50 (96-04) & R51 (05-12), as the early production R51 (05-08) had a ton of transmission failures due to bad radiators. The trans cooler inside the radiator would fail, causing engine coolant to mix with trans fluid, commonly referred to as the strawberry milkshake of death (SMOD), which would then quickly kill the transmission. If the radiator was replaced with an upgraded unit, or if the radiator was bypassed with a quality external trans cooler, prior to this happening, those transmissions are going a minimum of 200k miles as well. As far as the durability of the transmission in the R50, I've seen several well maintained units still fulfilling daily driver duties with over 250k miles, original drivetrain components still intact. My 96 had almost 200k when I sold it 3 years ago, it's still going strong, and my 01 currently has 180k, no issues.
  2. 01Pathmaker

    June 2018 TotM Voting

    Love the other 2 rigs, but I'd just like to point out that mine is the only one that stuck true to the sand theme for June.
  3. 01Pathmaker

    Issues but no codes.

    Hmm, this is an interesting one. Timing jump would be unlikely as the 3.5 has a chain, not a belt. Have you checked the basics, like fuel filter, condition of the spark plugs, plug boots, etc? I've seen 2 temperamental R50's, with over 150k, with the original plugs, which were worn to death. After a thorough tune-up (plugs, boots, air & fuel filter, MAF & throttle body cleaning) they both ran great and were no longer hard to start.
  4. 01Pathmaker

    July 2018 TotM Nominations

    I know you're focusing your attention on your new ride, but are we going to get a June voting thread? I know I'm a bit biased on this one, but... Lol
  5. 01Pathmaker

    Single lift/jack points

    Front crossmember & rear axle, no wood, rubber or foam required, been doing it that way since the beginning of time with no ill effects.
  6. 01Pathmaker

    Help sudden crank no start!

    Welcome! It's not uncommon for aftermarket remanufactured distributors to fail fairly quickly. The most common issue that fries the ECM is a bad IAC motor, but from the info you provided, it doesn't sound like that's your issue. Easiest way to check for the IAC issue is to apply a little pressure to the gas pedal while cranking, if it starts, but dies as soon as you take your foot off the gas, the IAC is the likely culprit. P.S. - Excellent use of the search function, btw!
  7. 01Pathmaker

    June 2018 TotM Nominations

    Thanks! Life has changed a lot since they came along, they're 3 & 5 now. My 5yo showed interest in gymnastics at a very early age, she just completed her 3rd season and was just selected to begin training with a level 1 team! (Yes, I've become a "gym-dad") So proud! She loves it and is amazing! My 3yo just likes to have fun with everything she does, which is totally fine also. The best part is they're total "Daddy's girls". They are my entire world.
  8. 01Pathmaker

    unusual 'tapping'

    Have you checked the u-joints in the front driveshaft? Could have a worn joint that is making noise while "free spinning" in 2wd, but would go away under load while in 4hi.
  9. 01Pathmaker

    Free Lift Kit for your R51 - SFCreation

    If you're an R51 owner thinking about doing this, but are unsure of the quality, workmanship or reputation of Steve or his SFC products, do not hesitate! Steve is a great guy, who has produced very high quality products, paired with even higher quality customer service, for a very niche market. I can personally vouch for his R50 spacer kits and skid plates. I'm probably underestimating if I suggest that probably at least half of the lifted R50's on NPORA either are running or have run SFC products. Seeing this offer makes me wish I had an R51, as I'd be all over this! I'm very glad to see you looking to expand the line a bit, Steve!
  10. 01Pathmaker

    mjotrainbrain's Build Thread

    Sad to see this awesome rig go, but hopefully it finds a good home. I kinda felt the same way about my 96, but when offered almost twice what I had into it (including purchase price), I couldn't justify turning that down! I'm sure I'll still "see you around"! Enjoy your new adventure! P.S. - if possible, can you snap a pic of your CV angle? I'm possibly going a very similar route on my 01 soon.
  11. 01Pathmaker

    June 2018 TotM Nominations

    I nominate mine (and my girls)! Hopefully this works, it's been a while since I posted pics!
  12. 01Pathmaker

    Thank You!

    I couldn't agree more! Even as life gets hectic and I disappear for months, every time I come back to check in, or research an issue, most of the same familiar guys are here and new guys with true interest show up from time to time. #NPORA4LIFE
  13. 01Pathmaker

    Rumble and Shake in 4WD?

    I'd be very surprised if the slight difference in tire wear is making that much of an issue.
  14. 01Pathmaker

    Rumble and Shake in 4WD?

    Although that method might sound like a good idea, there are 2 issues I'd like to point out that may not help in your quest. 1) your front suspension will be completely unloaded (at full droop in fact), as apposed to having the normal "road force" load, therefore it may not replicate the problem as well, or at all. 2) even at idle speeds this could prove to be EXTREMELY dangerous, especially if it does start to replicate any heavy vibration or wobble. I've personally seen the aftermath of several failed attempts, similar to this scenario, once at a home garage (where the unfortunate guy got pinned under his running car while trying to diagnose a "strange noise", and 3 incidents at 3 different repair shops (2x's cars fell off a lift during "drivetrain diagnostic" and once the tech was using a floor jack, the car torqued when he tapped the gas pedal, came off the jack and crashed into the building). Luckily, in these particular instances, there were no life threatening injuries, but it does happen. There's a reason dyno shops use a 4 point tiedown system. Just food for thought.

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