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    90 Pathfinder XE. Light Turd Brown. 32" Tires. Glasspack. 5sp. 275000 miles all original everything besides routine maintenance. Beautiful, classy dings all over. Perfect shade of rust on the hood. Drives, crawls, & climbs where I need it to go.
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  1. Sounds good, I'll give it a shot & hope for good results. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Ok I may be a little confused. It sounds like krmiller07 is instructing to put a couple bottles in the tank when you only have about 1/4 tank of gas left, then run it to almost empty, & then fill up with regular gas (no Techron) & run that through And it sounds like you (Towncivilian) are instructing to add a couple bottles into a full tank & just run that through on short trips until almost empty. Sorry to sound like a complete fool, I just want to make sure I am understanding correctly. If I did mess that up, just let me know. Thanks guys.
  3. ripadam16

    1st Time Nissan Owner, I Love it!

    Thanks everyone for the kind welcome. I wanted to snap a couple pics to attach but it was already dark once I was threw with all of the registration so planned on doing in the morning & attach. "The Rolling Turd" was the 1st thing that came to mind when I seen it for the 1st time & it just seemed to stick. Even got everyone else calling it by name now. Not downing it by no means, it just fits it. I live about 10 mins from the Lex. Pit. Been there several times in the past with my old Ford & Jeep. But I'm not a mud guy as much though. I prefer trails & hills. Uwharrie National Forrest is great for trails, hills, & rock crawling. Haven't taken Turd there yet but can't wait once it warms up a little. Took it through a few trails around here & was very impressed. Definitely underestimated it. But yes I do refer to it as a truck all the time. Doesn't feel right calling it an SUV, just wasn't sure if I would've been corrected or not. But I took it on the highway for the 1st lengthy time (15-20 miles) on day 3 & when I got off on my exit & attempted to downshift, it was stuck in gear. So just sat on the side for 10 mins or so to let the tranny cool & went to my buddy's shop. Turns out had almost no fluid in it so I let him fill it since I wasn't sure exactly how much it held & didn't want to overfill. Can't recall right off what type he used. Since then, haven't had any problems getting stuck / overheated. The shifting feels better but only lessened the grinding by a little. But doesn't bother me much, I'm not as tempted to run out the gears as much because then the grinding is way loud & hard, so a little embarrassing cause most people just assume someone can't drive a stick when they hear that. But I may give the Redline MT-90 a try & see if it helps, if not oh well, I'll go pull one cheap if it worsens down the road. But will definitely check out the sections recommended. No car payment is great. Forgot how awesome it feels to fully own a vehicle, no strings attached. Trying to explain it all to my gf too as well as break her from this "luxurious" state she's been in since I started buying new, shiny things. It's all fun & great to have those things until people start turning into snobs & become dependent on those things to keep them looking good/fancy. So I thought by showing her if I could break away from it & act no different, then hopefully she could too. But sorry to babble on & on. I'm bad for that, get caught up & then wander to other subjects. Adult A.D.H.D., at least it's better than my childhood A.D.H.D. was. But thanks again to all! Will get some pics up soon!
  4. Mine's been getting bad mileage as well, I'd like to try this & see how it will do. Like to try the cheap stuff first & see if it works before digging higher. Do you remember how many ounces were in each bottle? Advance around the corner has a 12oz & a 20oz bottle. Don't want to under/over do it. Once you fill your tank back, do you drive it hard until that tank is empty or just until the improvement starts to show? Thanks!
  5. Hello all Nissan Vets & Newbies alike. I'm Shane from Lexington, NC. I am a proud 1st owner of a '90 Pathfinder XE 4dr. After several years of owning different new cars & SUV's, I suddenly decided one day to give it all up & go out & purchase a used vehicle for cheap. After several weeks searching online & keeping my eyes peeled in people's yards every time I was out, I came across the Pathfinder I now own. It's a 1990 XE 4dr w/ 5sp tranny. Roughly 275000 miles. 32" all terrain tires on stock suspension. Glasspack. Gorgeous light turd brown with the perfect accent of light rust on the hood. Just a touch of dents / dings all around for that perfect Southern charm. Picked it up for $1000. According to the older gentleman I picked it up from, all mechanical/powertrain parts are original except routine maintenance (tune up, oil, timing belt, water pump, etc), which has been performed at the proper miles by the owner's manual specs. Also original owner stated only reason the tires & glasspack was on because his son acquired ownership for about 8 months until recent purchase of newer vehicle. At first I was skeptical until he brought out a box of receipts. I didn't want to be a smart-alec & read every single one over a older used vehicle but did look at quite a bit & seemed to be pretty legit. I was also skeptical about buying it because I wasn't sure how much longer it had left with those miles. But I came to my senses & remembered that I wasn't out looking for a new vehicle any longer & decided to take the chance. What's the worst that could happen right? Worse case, it lasts half a year, dies, I scrap it & get 1/2 of my $ back. I've owned & have driven it daily for a little over a month now & still can't get over how tough this thing is. Now granted the syncronizers grind a little going into 2nd & pretty moderate going in 3rd & 4th (owner claimed it's been doing it for about 75000 miles & still drove it everyday), but other than that, this thing runs like a champ. 4wd is still nice & smooth, slightly audible tick upon start up for about 15 seconds (from reading on here, sounds like broken manifold bolts), mostly smooth ride on the road, not all bumpy like I thought it was going to be with the tires on stock suspension, pulls my trailer with no hassle, has climbed every hill I have put it in front of so far, just overall very impressed & satisfied. The only issue I have run into with it so far was the sputtering / misfire / starving for fuel type hesitation upon take off which I have seen on here & other sites as well. I replaced the wires (which were free b/c previous owner bought some with lifetime warranty, took distributor cap off & scraped away the rust on the metal points, replaced a hose above the back plug, near the firewall that was missing (vacuum hose maybe? about 8" or so length), & cleaned the air filter & filter housing. Been running fine since. Doesn't get the fuel mileage that I'm used to & my gf hates it but I like my rolling turd & am glad to no longer have a car payment & a new car/SUV that I have to worry about every little ding/scratch/scuff that appears on it. I enjoy this vehicle very much & it feels great to bring out my southern roots again riding around in this. I am curious to see how it holds up over time under my ownership & hope it has plenty of life left in it. Sorry for such a long post everyone. Didn't mean to ramble on about it. Just wanted to share the whole story of my 1st Nissan with all of you guys, and for the ones whom will actually take the time to read it (not just hit the back button once you see that it's more than 4 or 5 lines) I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have sharing it. Take care!

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