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  1. Alright like I said in my earlier thread, I'm starting my build thread of my 93 pathy. I'm mostly doing this so I can keep track of what I've done to my rig as I go along. This is how the truck looked when I acquired it in December of 2012. Didn't do much to it till my wife bought me my basket for Valentines day.
  2. yeah its too bad but the thief does wear sketchers. I have two muddy foot prints on my new carpet to prove it. I'll get a picture posted as soon as I get a new charger for our camera, it was stolen too...
  3. Well got the pathy back this afternoon. The truck itself is in decent shape. Some how they bent one of my wheels. Few new dents on my hood, my cross bars, basket, bike rack and kc lights are gone. The radio is gone along with my Dumb and Dumber sound track CD. Those bastards even took my bottle jack! Going to start the rebuild/replacing process as soon as we move in a few weeks. Coming soon...DIY Fiberglass cutout fender flares, DIY Snorkel, 2.5" suspension lift, 2" body lift, 31" tires, and new wheels!
  4. 4wheel drive hardware just might have what you are looking for. product number h/ltm-700 comes in 1"- 2" mount or a 2"- 3" mount.
  5. Well after being ran around in circles by the police, the tow yard and the DMV. I have came up empty handed. I wont be able to get my truck back till Monday. Hopefully the truck will run so I can get her home.
  6. Hey guys good news! My pathy has been recovered . I wont know the condition till I can go pick it up from the impound lot in the morning.
  7. ok here are the pictures. They are before I bought the winch guard
  8. Hey friends, I am not to pleased to make this my my first topic I've started but I am asking for help. My blue 93 pathy has been stolen in the west valley area between 10:40 pm on the 12th and 04:45pm on the 13th. The plates are Idaho 1A 6K946. This is my only mode of transportation and being a college student I cant afford to buy another vehicle. The pathy has a yakama basket with 2 KC lights, thule cross bars. Also it has a thule mountain bike rack on the driver side. The front end has a factory Nissan winch guard with Nissan winch. If you are in salt lake please keep your eyes open for it. Or if you are online please look out for my winch guard. Please cal or text with information. (801)631 0524.
  9. Hey new guy here. Im in salt lake area, I would be willing to play as soon as I get her dependable.

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