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  1. That was completely city driving. Bet i get better mileage on long cruises.
  2. And so i calculated the gas mileage i'm getting. Running all these mods & 33's. 60.87 Liters got me 306KM. That translates to: 14.2 MPG @ 5KM/L Roy.
  3. Will get the figures over the weekend ya!
  4. You got that right. Its simplicity at its best. Room for tweaking. Even enough room to run a turbo at the right boost pressure. Petrol consumption is good too. Especially considering i'm running 33's. No figures yet. But i can do it over this weekend. But i know for sure the consumption is far better before the mods & power tweaks.
  5. The power of the Z24 is nothing to shout about in terms of top speed. But its a very torquey engine. You can climb the steepest hill with just a little bit of throttle without the need of ramming/flooring it. The carburetor has never given me any problems thus far. I guess its about proper servicing & how you handle your right foot on the gas. Many of the Malaysian Pathfinders (Terrano) have been converted to Nissan's SR engine variant. SR20 DET as an example. While these will fly high on the freeways, it will be useless during offroad as u have to rev it very high to get the torque produced by the Z24. But the Z24, if tweaked & tuned well, is more than sufficient.
  6. Thanks! Project took about 7 months. Uses torsion bars upfront. & yes, the coils are on the rears. Those bighorns are amazingly quiet with superior qrip on dry & moderate conditions but on wet surface, i surely take it easy. But in mud, it performs well. The studs allow the mud to somewhat self clean so u have thread, not mud stuck in it.
  7. As you can see in the photos, many different wheels with various offset were tried to achieve the right setup & look. & The DBA rotors didnt work as they were too large.

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