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  1. just the dimensions of the first muffler i know its a dual in single out thats all im after what size the inlets and outs are and how long
  2. Hey just wondered if anyone had these my muffler broke in half from rust and im just trying to order a new one jst wondering if anyone knew the factory dimension on them for a 2001 vq engine thanks for the help guys.
  3. wait the fronts of all r50s are the same i put my stock suspension off my 01 and it bolted onto my 96 that had blown struts the rear is different but mostly just the shock location but all fronts are the same 96-04
  4. lol this is becoming a growing trend around here congrats on the baby though
  5. when your offraoad and peole say awesome 4runner and u give them a deathstare
  6. the spots that you had that were dull and then glossy are usually spots where u stop spraying and then restarted and with black its usually alot more noticeable than most the only advice i can give is sweep start at the nooks and crannies that are hardly visible and make sure there all painted then sweep over the entire grille left to right might make it a lil more level this is only a suggestion based on how i did it though.
  7. i found a bubble cut it open with a razor and just peeled it off its like a giant sticker its a pita but it will come off also if u can get underneath it a lil u can spay aircraft stripper on it and it will start coming off like butter oh and heres a pick of how mine chipped all those lil dots are where the chrome came through primer and adhesion promoter applied
  8. i think i have done this and it didnt last long same process your doing what did wok for me was actually peeling the chrome foil off and painting the plastic underneath it lasted permanetly on my old hardbody but to answer your question if u peel the chrome i would say just a primer but the duplicolor adhesion promoter wont benefit u on this because its not real chrome its like a tin chrome film so it wont stick right i have pictures of how mine would just chip the paint away hard to see the grille but my hardbody originally came with a full chrome front and after painting i use engine enamel because that stuff is tough and will survive the road sald rocks and everything that will get kicked up at it.
  9. nissan is the only one with 6x114 that i know of thats a stupid pattern
  10. sounds like u maybe having the same problem i had look under the truck and look at the control arm check the bushing more specifically the one in the back if u take a picture i can confirm with how mine looked and cause mine clunked over every bump till i changed it.
  11. his is a vq so i dont think oil would not get on his bushings when he changes it so i would maybe try the tie rods inside and out but thats just from the video get under there and shake the S*** outta them and see if u have any play
  12. http://myworld.ebay.com/thecvman/&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2754 here u go man
  13. search the cvman on ebay i have them on mine and there alot cheaper than 4x4parts hope this helps
  14. i dont really think u have been posting on here long enough to warrant what u just said about me. That seems like a blatant over statement if i do say so myself as a person who trys new things myself i get it. But what i was simply saying is your adding alot of work to yourself linkin park confirmed this worked already and since i have the daystars myself sitting in my garage visually they look right now the front is always the hard part and if this guy can do that go for it but to keep this thread on topic ill just remove myself from your topic and wont post on it anymore okay
  15. never mind i re read and got the answer but why do u have to custom make them if your using 4runner parts anyway i mean they have so much aftermarket support its ridiculous i mean daystar themselves only make one but in a five min search i found lots of other people who made kits as well in taller sizes than 1.5in i see what your going for just dont understand why its all really necessary i guess http://www.ebay.com/itm/Toyota-4Runner-1990-1995-2-5-Coil-Spring-Spacer-Rear-Lift-Kit-/281148652049?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item4175c3fa11
  16. get a lsd from a z31 then its better than open but way less stress on the drivetrain i welded the diff on a frontier and it had great traction but had massive understeer and was difficult to maneuver on narrow trails
  17. do u have any autostores there at all im just saying u can usually rent them for free i just don't like a guy in your current situation spending un needed money u know. I mean if u really need it done and dont need to drive u can always send me the springs ill take it to my shop ill do it for free if u send a return label just tryin to help
  18. if u need compressors for the rear your doing it wrong solid axle setups dont need this. for the front though if your are contemplating doing this yourself and are worried about price just go to a pep boys and have them do it i mean they usually run about 16 a pop for A crap one and if u get the usual hd ome/ac springs there not gonna like those lil compressors and your gonna need a lot of them like more than two. I say pay the 70 bucks and have it done right at a shop with a wall compressor.
  19. i use mobil 1 HM in both my trucks for a while and i had great results with both one even helped with leaks in my 96 i dont use it anymore however i use extended performance in th 96 because its my gfs and i dont like to change oil that much on hers vg33 oil filter location sucks. on my 01 i use 0w-30 mobil 1 to try and squeeze as much mpg as i can from it.
  20. ^this my sc400 with turndowns droned like hell until i put tips on it my mustang with lx slant tips was super quiet the first time out and that was with a 3in exhaust
  21. jesus christ they are not doing well right now are they
  22. i know this is dumb but i gotta ask first do u already have the middle mounted cause i remember a nother member had them and it looked like it bolted purely to the middle one
  23. i just did the diff on my 96 a month ago and it had sealeant on the plug it was just black rtv i just pulled it all off and reinstalled it without sealant and it worked fine
  24. i doubt u will find the ironmans to hard i replaced them with ome because i thought they were way to soft. to me they felt softer than stock.
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