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  1. Has anyone noticed a difference by putting an electric fan in place of the original?
  2. So I've been tracking my Pathy's gas mileage religiously for the last few months, and have come to the conclusion it sucks. No matter how I drive it, 13mpg is the very best I've gotten. Is this the average for these trucks? I've seen a few other posts on here where people are claiming 15+, but I sure as hell can't get it. Any ideas? Let me give a rundown of what I've done, and maybe someone can help me pinpoint something to help me out. In the past few months I've done plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel fitler, air filter, rear O2 sensors, intake gaskets, cleaned the MAF and throttle body. I am running 31in. tires and had exhaust put on, but niether has made the mpg change much. She runs good for a 18year old vehicle, just wish she didn't pinch my wallet so bad at the gas pump. Thanks in advance for any insight!
  3. Thanks guys for the advice! I'd love to just go diesel, cause I'd much rather have the torque. But, as of right now just dreaming. I have to finish my SFD lift first and then start thinking about power.
  4. Looking to get a bit of a hp boost out of my VG33E. Has anyone tried to retro fit a factory supercharger from a Xterra or Frontier onto a Pathy? If so, what kind of pain was it? And the most important question, was it worth it? Money and time wise?
  5. I put a Pioneer Double Din Nav unit in my 96 pathy. It's touch screen and works well. Probable wouldn't have gone that route if I didn't get a killer deal on it but hey, why not? If you go with a single din radio, you'll get a cool extra pocket to put stuff in with the install kit.
  6. Skimming through the owners manual. It does say it only flashes the turn signal lights. Bummer, but as least I know.
  7. Thanks a bunch for the link. But, unfortunatly there is no horn chirp upon locking the doors. Oh well, peace of mind at least.
  8. Yep, I have a high, low, and alarm horn factory. I wish I had a manual, I would def. use it.
  9. Did you happen to get yours to work?
  10. I've tried it every which way and still can't get it to chirp. I even checked all three horns. Crazy.
  11. Is there any way to make the horn chirp when locking the doors with the remote on a 96 Pathfinder?
  12. When you made your strut spacers, did you make them flat or cut them at a specific degree?(Talking about the spacer between the two strud plates.)
  13. Found this on another website looking at different ideas on lifting the ol' R50. Anyone on here seen or used these before? http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/suspension/1033319-ori-struts-pathfinder.html
  14. I did on mine, haven't noticed any issues, but did get a little better acceleration I feel. Gas mileage is about the same, which is kind of a bummer.
  15. So I've been pondering the thought of building my own roof basket, and came up with an idea at my work. Our warehouse sends us our stock order in these cages, that just so happens to be the perfect width and length. So, with a little negotiation, and a little modification, I think it's gonna come out pretty well. The pictures below are just my mock up (i.e. sweet ziptie mounts), still needs paint, lights, and accessories. Anyone have any ideas?

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