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    Fly-fishing, hunting, general outdoors, woodworking, metalworking, electronics

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  1. I'm (gratefully) semi-retired now and so I get to indulge in my various hobbies.. well, you know, when the wife allows it LOL.  Seriously though, many of you are WAY more into off-road as a *thing in and of itself* and while I'd definitely be into that, I already have too many hobbies. So for me, off-road means being able to get to a high country lake or steam that's off the beaten path to take in some fly-fishing or hunting without having to watch out for 10 other guys I don't know. Oh sure, sometimes I go up a long logging road just for the hell of it and I've been on some pretty hairy roads and had a great time. But really for me, while I have deep respect for you guys with the snorkels and huge lifts (and I'll ride with ya anytime!) - it's not something I'm kitted out for.


    Also, I'm never sure how to answer profile questions that relate to things like proficiency. When/where possible I've been doing much of the maintenance on my cars and trucks since I was a kid. Still, I'm not equipped to do, for example, a clutch job on my Pathy and I respect those that have invested the money and time to acquire the skills and equipment to do those things and I'll pay anyone fair to do them for me.  If it doesn't require an engine hoist or a walk-under lift, I'm probably gonna be ok doing it BUT I recently tried to change all the plugs on my rig and holy WTH that turned into a nightmare. Even changing the plugs on my 1984 BMW 325i back in the day was a cakewalk in comparison to the '98 Pathy. I wound up being unable to do it because the amount of force I was applying to the plugs was insane and I was worried about actually shearing them.  I eventually had to pay a ton to a mechanic to come up and do it for me.  Lesson learned.


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