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  1. Yours brings back memories. My 2002 R50 CAN do 80, 81 , 82, 83, even 85 mph with a roof top tent into a 15mph wind. VQ is sooo nice as long as you don't have to mess with the lower alternator bolt.
  2. I just realized this may be a 2wd R50, I forgot they even made those, in which case there are other options....but why would you lift it? When I lifted above about 4" I had to drill/tap the output shaft of my transfer case, order a special driveshaft (from Tom Woods) with a double cardian joint at the transfer case and a single U-joint at the pinion, they took my slip splines from my old driveshaft and built me a slip yoke eliminator, then I had to angle the pinion (I had adjustable links) so that it was pointing at the transfer case output. All in I spent about $500, but it was worth every penny. A complete night and day difference. With the 2" lift that I have now the stock driveshaft u-joints are at <5 degrees angle, which is fine and much less expensive.
  3. I cut the factory step rail off and left its mounts bolted to the vehicle. then I put a piece of 2x2 3/16" thick piece of square tube up against the cut off mounts and welded it up. once i had that, I reinforced it further and did the weld on braces. The driver's side has two weld location points and the passenger side has three because the gas tank isn't in the way. No pictures, just imagine placing some angle on the "frame" and running square tube from it to the inner slider rail.
  4. tymbits: the catch can helps to remove oil vapor from the pcv blow-by gasses before they get sucked back into the intake and burned. I am not sure how much oil I am burning, I don't think much at all. If you have excessive blow by this will help to keep the intake clean and help with burning that oil. This will not help with oil consumption caused by bad rings. Just to make sure there is no confusion about what I did, my front diff drop is only 3/4" . I just needed a little bit to ease the CV angles but not so much as to reduce ground clearance. Finally I finished my sliders. I purchased a new welder over the weekend and a tubing bender and decided to give tube bending a try. I thought about purchasing the sliders made for our vehicles, but I didn't want to attach to the pinch seam...yes I know it works, it is how my friends WJ sliders attach, but my experience with sliders has proven that weld-on is very skookum. The sliders are welded to the "frame" section of the unibody with 3/16" 3" by 4" angle iron. And now the big WIN. I had driveline vibration from the rear driveshaft that was driving me mad. Above 67 mph (indicated) the vibration was annoying, and driveshaft u-joint angles are less than 5 degrees so there is no need for a high angle driveshaft. I suspected the rear driveshaft was the problem even though i had it balanced and rebuilt. The other day I decided to remove the rear driveshaft from the equation so I picked up an Xterra rear shaft. Before installing the Xterra shaft I cleaned the rear diff pinion flange thoroughly , there may have been some binding here. All of my driveline vibrations are now gone, problem solved. Before I take the rear driveshaft back to the shop that balanced it I am going to reinstall it just to be sure there wasn't a problem with the pinion flange.
  5. I purchased two brand new half shafts from Napa after I installed my lift. They vibrated so badly the vehicle was undriveable with the front hubs locked. With the wheel at full droop on jack stands it was almost impossible to turn the half shafts, you could see the binding on the inner CV joint. I reinstalled the factory half shafts...smooth as butter, even with the lift. I have found most NAPA parts to be pretty good, but was amazed at how crappy these half shafts were. From now on I grab some from the yard and re-boot em.
  6. http://www.offroadexpress.kiwi/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=36606 I would take the advice from the post above and go with the FS5R30a which is behind all v-6s in the US. The good news is if you have the bell housing (front section on a FS5R30a) of the manual transmission of your engine you can take place that onto the center section of the transmission. This requires disassembling the transmission case and is not hard at all, but get the factory service manual.
  7. Yup, I did it....posting on a thread over 10 years old. But I HATE it when I search for something and the answer is not clearly there (this came up in a google search): 24 spline - 4 cyclinder transfer case 30 spline - v6 transfer case including the VQ35DE 2001-2004 pathfinders that do not have AWD TX14A. How these apply to the diesels, I do not know but count your splines for TX10 cases.
  8. Raincoat:. Nope I have been pulling the battery, that's the problem... thanks. Jjonz, it was the front passenger door switch. Dome lights, auto headlights function normally. Now if I could just adjust the auto headlights off delay.
  9. I did not add spacers to the top of my struts. I have a spring lift but I like to keep my hubs locked. I like being able to engage 4x4 without getting out of the vehicle and in high speed situations like the flood we had last weekend. I only dropped it 3/4", did not interfere with anything. That spacer kit without lowering the subframe (can't drop the diff alone that low) is going to leave some poor fool stranded. That being said, if you know how to build the subframe drops that spacer kit can save you a lot of money. It is a great deal but needs a huge disclaimer.
  10. 4.56 and 4.63 will work fine, I had that setup but 4.88 and 4.9 works much better. Get a rear chunk from an 03-04 Xterra for your 4.9 gears on the cheap.
  11. Run a leak down test you can actually see what is causing the problem. I would do headwork to these engines, but step 2ß after you remove the negative battery cable should be to pull the engine. This is an excellent example of a leak down test with a smoke machine. Before the smoke he couldn't determine the cause of the leak.
  12. You can drop the diff easily by dropping the subframe and keeping the engine at normal height it just requires a steering shaft. No matter what I am doing with this vehicle the start/alternator/power steering pump and associated hoses and wires were not designed with easy service in mind and the engine compartment is packed like a disorganized orgy of wires and hoses. But the power...oh the power of the VQ. Knowing what I know now about how the VQ drives....VG what?
  13. I am going to take back a little of what I said about the R50. One thing I have noticed is that R50s look really good. They have great lines similar too and better than a 3rd gen 4 runner. The 4th gen 4 runner is one ugly pig as is the jeep Grand Cherokee of similar vintage (2002) Even my best friend who owns a Grand Cherokee loves the way my R50 looks.
  14. [Rant on] Nissan didn't make it easy on us. Long ago I was a huge hater of Toyotas until I owned my 2017 Taco 6spd. That thing had TONS of room in the engine bag, superior front suspension to all but the latest Nissan trucks and diffs that wouldn't blow up if you looked at them wrong (they were also steel housings). This VQ motor is superior to what a 2002 4 Runner had, but that's it. We are very limited with our front suspensions and there is no aftermarket. I will take my VQ and its disastrous engine bay, my 17 taco had room for 3 batteries under the STOCK engine bay and better aftermarket than Jeep. I can live without the aftermarket but damn Nissan....[/Rant on] In order to do a diff drop I had to cut the mounting points on the diff brackets and weld some steel in place to drop the mounting points by 3/4". The bottom of my diff still sits just above the front subframe lower rail, but the CV angle is much better. This worked so well I would like to get some junkyard brackets and drop it down more like 1.25" Of course, this hasn't been tested. They could fail causing the world to stop and life as we know it to end, but I will take my chances.
  15. Next up: -Winch mount that integrates with factory front bumper, looks like I have the room and until I can fab something that is a near perfect ARB clone this is what I am doing. -I purchased the steel to start the camping trailer. I also had the Pathfinder weighed: Front Axle: 2450 - my weight was entirely on the front axle pad (180lbs) Rear Axle: 2250 - 1/2 tank gas, had the slides and my storage system in the back including recovery gear. Total was 4700, not too bad, but a bit heavier than expected without armor.

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