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  1. 4x4parts springs. Never should have sold that, hind sight is 20/20
  2. 95 % was the front CVS, manual hubs fixed it. I still have vibs above 70 that are minor. They feel like they are coming from the front end, but I am not sure. I just ordered front and rear arbs lockers with the bigger arb compressor as a backup air source for tires. When I do the front locker I will do CVS, if I don't find anything up front causing the vibs I will focus on the rear ( or mount some go pros and do some drive tests to see what I see). If it ends up being rear driveshaft I will order a Tom woods shaft with a double cardiam up front, have them build me a slip yoke eliminator and out adjustable upper links in to aim the pinion at the tcase. I did this on the caR50 and the rear end vibs completely disappeared.
  3. Should be same tranny if it is a vg33e engine and tx10 tcase, wouldn't do it though. Usually only the solenoids fail on these transmissions. Drop the pan and replace them..not too hard. It seems the xterras and frontiers had more solenoid problems than r50. Simple rule I go by with these trannies or most electronic shifted autos if it shifts but slips, internal spinny part issue, if it won't shift, look to electronics (or won't shift when cold/hot). We had a girl with an 03 X have her solenoids fail in the trail in 14,. Replace them and problem solved. Hers wouldn't shift into 2nd, sometimes third. YMMV
  4. system_f

    Will 33’s fit on a 2.5inch lifted r50?

    275 75 16s fit on stock wheels with high-quality hub centered 1" wheel spacers with little issue. These tires are a tad bigger than 32" tires and only required a small inside front bumper trim and removing front mudflaps
  5. Vibration problem fixed, Installed manual hubs and see that I have a CV that may be bad.
  6. system_f

    R50 A/C compressor bearing Question

    Time to add more useless information to cyber space. This is an interesting question and worth mentioning. Based on personal observation, which could be completely wrong, I think they did change the compressors for the later models. I know for a fact that the earlier models use a variable displacement compressor, which is cool as all get-out but very complicated. This compressor bases the displacement of the compressor on the heat load put on the system. Replacement rebuilt compressors could be had for about $180 at a local (to me) re-builder shop. The front seal on my 98 blew after 220k miles. My 2002 does not seem to have the variable displacement compressor. I have noticed the compressor cycles on and off like Xterras and Frontiers of the same vintage. More observation will be needed here.
  7. And...she passed inspection, all of I monitors checked. I only had to put in a bank 1 sensor 2 o2 sensor. The only other major bug to work out is rear driveshaft vibration above 50mph. Once I figure that out I am calling the recovery portion done and will move on to building it for overland.
  8. system_f

    2003 Nissan Pathfinder R50 Snorkel

    I was pleasantly surprised with the transmission, transfer case and front diff breathers. All three go to a metal hose assembly that is up behind the head, so not too low. The rear diff needs some help, though.
  9. Can someone with a VQ engine please take a picture of the vacuum routing from the swirl valve (green vacuum valve in the front of the engine) and the swirl vacuum cut valve (drivers strut tower)?
  10. She moved under her own power. Still more work to do, but a couple of quarts of tranny fluid, replace the diff fluid, and I may drive her to work.
  11. IT RUNS ON all 6!!!! I installed the new injectors and it runs like it is supposed to....except for an exhaust leak on the "secondary cat" on the passenger side. I say that in quotes because they are not cats, but just baffles on my pathfinder. When I get back from a fun weekend on the lake it will be rear suspension and brakes time. My only hold up is the front wheel spacers which shipped yesterday.
  12. system_f

    2003 Nissan Pathfinder R50 Snorkel

    Post plenty of pics. I am probably a year away from this.
  13. And the wheel adapters do not fit on the front The flange won't clear the 4x4 hub. Maybe this is the excuse I finally need to buy a small lathe.
  14. jjonez, it was probably oil starvation, the cam bearings are shot and eventually the right bank's exhaust cam snapped above #3. My engine came from a local yard. I wasn't worried about finding one from a manual so I got one from an automatic. The only difference on the engine is the upper intake and the lack of a power valve solenoid. The crankshaft is the same, you just have to remove the torque converter bushing and install a pilot bearing (same parts as the VG33e). car-parts.com is your friend. Well, she runs....kind of. She runs on 5 cylinders. #6 is not firing. At first I thought it was a bad coil so I swapped the coil with #2 and still had the missfire on #6. I pulled the#6 plug and it was dry as a bone, no combustion smell. This leads me to believe it is a fueling issue ie. the injector. This also leads me to question all of the injectors and the fuel system, so I ordered 6 injectors and plan on purging the fuel rail. I am getting a CEL for the swirl valve solenoid P1130. Based on information from the FSM this looks like a fairly easy problem to diagnosis. No CEL from the misfire because there is not any unburnt fuel in the exhaust stream for the O2 sensors to pickup. This further supports my theory that I have an injection issue with #6. I forgot how back-breaking suspension work can be. The lower a-arm bushings, ball joint, lift springs and strut are installed on the driver's side. I got to the lower a-arm bushings and ball joint on the passenger's side, but am too beat to continue. The rear suspension is going to be an absolute beast.

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