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  1. Its not worth the xtra time,just get new arms,besides,when I did this I found both my rear lower arms were bent....wonder how that happened??
  2. When I got the AC lift I bought two kits,the second one went in after ther spacers,it helped,but not enough!
  3. I've had the AC lift,added the 3/4 inch spacers last summer.Ever since the spacers were put on,I havent been able to get the alignment to spec,the tops of the tires stick out,even with the camber adjusting bolts in.The third alignment shop I went to offered to grind out the holes in the struts,allowing the tops of the tires to be brought in enough to stop my tires from wearing funny.I said I'd think about it..but what I really need to know is if anyone else has done this,and if so,any side effects??? It seems like a simple fix,but simple things seem to get complicated when lifting a truck. Thanks for any info!!!
  4. Never thougt I'd be a black market bumper whole seller.But sorry dudes,my tubes stay with me!!
  5. $600,and he can put in a hitch or whatever you need on it.He's really good at listening to what you want,and then planning out how he can do it.
  6. If you havent already,google "Hunter Offroad",he's done some pretty cool projects.Only thing is,he needs the truck left there,he works each piece as a one off...but anyone is welcome to ride shotgun w/me while you're waiting!!
  7. Bumper was custom done by local tube bender Hunter Offroad.So,if you live close to Tempe AZ,he's the man!!!
  8. Here is a better pic of the Buggy,he uses it to help search&rescue,and to patrol some of the heavely abused off road play areas.
  9. After the TJM bumper fiasco last spring,I decided to have a local shop do a custom job for me.However,the Pathfinder got "promoted" to daily driver status for most of the summer,so I wasnt able to leave it at a shop for a week or two.Or three.But I got a good deal on a new car [ '04 G35 sedan!!!]and called Hunter Offroad,my "bumper guy" to let him know I was ready whenever he was.After a month or so of waiting,he was free,so we made an appointment to drop off the Pathy.I took off the plastic bumper cover the day before,and went to the shop to plan what I wanted vs what he thought he could do.Turns out he had way more ideas than I had,we came up with a tube design,incorporating a Warn M8000 winch,original turn signals,and some huge Pro Comp lights.He started planning,I ordered a winch,and after a couple days of waithing, I dropped off a 90lb Warn box at his shop,and the fun began!Several trips to the shop to check progress and brainstorm,and Presto!! Its done! All thats left is wiring the lights,and mounting the control box for the winch.Looks like the only choice I have for the box is between and behind the new lights,one more mounting bracket and it should be good to go.
  10. Ok,we get it.You have TJM bumper,and we cant have one.Ever.Maybe we like our lightweight,fuel efficient plastic radiator covers.... :sniff:
  11. Maybe we bumperless dudes are just a little sensitive today....
  12. Hey thanks for showing off your cool bumper.Its bad enough we cant get one,now you go and rub our noses in it. :sniff:

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