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  1. ferrariowner123

    How loud is your Pathfinder

    Oh i like this, Im gonna try this on my way to work tomorrow. -Kyle
  2. ferrariowner123

    97 QX4 Fixer Upper

    Is that clock factory? -Kyle
  3. ferrariowner123

    Pathfinder 97 Temperature

    Maybe the connection is bad. The sensor is super easy to access, its the single pin sensor that sits on top of the thermostat housing, give that connection a clean with a wire brush. If that doesn't produce a change, try pulling the cluster, inspecting for any bad or dirty solder joints on the coolant gauge. I've heard just brushing the joints can fix problems, but a fresh solder job is most likely the best long term solution. -Kyle
  4. ferrariowner123

    New Thread Test

    Not gonna lie. This new forum is DOPE!! Love the new look! Well done guys! -Kyle
  5. ferrariowner123

    Fender flares for 1998 pathfinder

    You'd have to pull the entire kit to get everything to match. the bumpers and flares are molded together. -Kyle
  6. ferrariowner123

    Coolant Leak

    I think its rubber on the 3.3's, they tie the heads together, and run into the upper intake finally ending at the heater core. Total pain in the ass to get at without taking the upper intake off. My only experience with them is having to futs with them is to get into the V of the engine to change the Knock sensor. -Kyle
  7. ferrariowner123

    Fender flares for 1998 pathfinder

    I've heard XJ flares fit, but have seen them actually installed before. Maybe you can pick up a stock and just if the concept is even possible? -Kyle
  8. ferrariowner123

    Oil light on warm starts

    Have you ever changed your sending you unit? I cant remember if the sending unit attached to the oil filter housing is related to that light, but i figured its worth mentioning. Our cars are getting pretty old, maybe that sending unit is showing signs of its age (Again, assuming that the oil light and the unit im mentioning even talk to each other). I changed mine because it was leaking pretty bad. How regular does the light stay on? You mentioned only when its warm? is every-time you start it warm, like clockwork or does it vary? -Kyle
  9. ferrariowner123

    Oil light on warm starts

    Yeah, id say thats about right. Not an expert here, but that's similar to my 96 -Kyle
  10. ferrariowner123

    DIY winch bumper 'builder' brackets

    Imgur has always been good to me, if you want to switch images hosting sites.. But definitely wanna see the rest of the pics, gonna keep my eye on this thread. -Kyle
  11. ferrariowner123

    DIY winch bumper 'builder' brackets

    How did i miss this thread? Such amazing work as per usual -Kyle
  12. ferrariowner123

    Chamshaft sensor on 02 Pathy quantity?

    Totally unrelated, but i have to do this.... Just let it happen... -Kyle
  13. ferrariowner123

    bad tach

    Unfortunately i don't know much of anything about the digital ones. My 96 was the analog type. That being said, i would still pop the cluster out and investigate Just be gentle, you don't have to be like art dealer gentle, just be mindful that there are some delicate piece in there. Take the tachometer and odometer assembly out from the cluster housing and look around for some messed up solder points, should be crusty, black or not there at all. Other than that, i cant offer much specific knowledge about the digital clusters. sorry -Kyle
  14. ferrariowner123

    bad tach

    Just re-solder the connections on the back of the tacho assembly itself. There is four main and obvious connections that you resolder after you remove the assembly from the main cluster. -Kyle
  15. ferrariowner123

    Coolant temp gauge jumping around

    I had issues similar to this on my 96, however, it was my tacho that was jumping around like crazy. all i did to fix it was re-solder the connections on the back of the tachometer assembly (you need to disassemble the cluster to get access to the solder connections). Not sure if this can be done on the fuel or coolant gauge, but i can confirm and faulty connection has caused similar issues on mine. -Kyle

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