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  1. JDM projectors are on the high end of the options but are an OEM Nissan part, so they fit perfectly and are OEM quality. Can be a little tricky to get a hold of but are so nice once you have them. -Kyle
  2. I ship stuff from japan fairly frequently, im used to the shipping charges, ive wanted a set of those ever since i laid eyes on them in my JDM catalogs, SO please, if you find a set, PLEASE send me a PM Many thanks -Kyle
  3. If you ever come across another set of those wide wind deflectors, let me know, i want a set SO bad! -Kyle
  4. I hate to link another forum but Towncivilian over on NICOclub made an excellent index of all the Lamps in the R50's. Even the bulb sizes in the auto shifter lights https://forums.nicoclub.com/topic563777.html -Kyle
  5. Yeah! Another JDM headlight brother! Question, how are you going to get the fender lights to work without the fenders? -Kyle
  6. i vaguely remember this happening after i messed with the throttle body, i cant remember what exactly i did but it was something to do with the throttle position sensor. Have you messed around with anything recently? Is it throwing any codes to speak of? -Kyle
  7. Hello All! My 03 keeps trowing error codes like its at a ball toss game at the carnival. The latest one is code P2123 "Throttle/ Pedal Position sensor/ switch D circuit high. I cant seem to find much info on this one for the pathfinder specifically. That being said, i did have some success with the maxima forums. From what i can gather, its almost the same symptoms (slip, VDC off lights come on) with the exception being that on the pathy the 4WD light come on. I have maybe 1% power and the engine does not response to throttle input in the slightest. My fix so far has been to just pull the negative terminal off and reset the computer, then the car goes back to the way it was. It seems to cause the issue when i floor it. I think i know the root cause of the problem, which is a simple fix, i just want to see if replacing the pedal (which is what the maxima guys recommend) will actually fix the issue. Thanks guys. -Kyle
  8. Dont you ever &^%*ing think about taking jake away from me!
  9. Oh i like this, Im gonna try this on my way to work tomorrow. -Kyle
  10. Maybe the connection is bad. The sensor is super easy to access, its the single pin sensor that sits on top of the thermostat housing, give that connection a clean with a wire brush. If that doesn't produce a change, try pulling the cluster, inspecting for any bad or dirty solder joints on the coolant gauge. I've heard just brushing the joints can fix problems, but a fresh solder job is most likely the best long term solution. -Kyle
  11. Not gonna lie. This new forum is DOPE!! Love the new look! Well done guys! -Kyle
  12. You'd have to pull the entire kit to get everything to match. the bumpers and flares are molded together. -Kyle

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