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  1. Hi Have been in a little accident an need some new parts for my 97 mod. But i dont know what the names are in english. Can anybody help me with the names? And if anybody knows where i can buy them and they ship international that would be great The parts i need is: -That steel beam. -That plastic that is around the front lights(where the nissan logo is) -the plastic where the blinkers/fog lights are in. I also need a new washer fluid tank, but they are hard to come by(at least on ebay) so i need help where i can find that too
  2. Hi I have blown one of the front speakers, so i need to remove the door panel, so i'm wondering if someone can explaine how to do it?(im thinking of how to get off the clips) im serious affraied to rip appart the door panel, so if anybody have som good trix how to do it, that would be much appreciated!
  3. Is it common for the 97 pathys to have light in the heater? if it is, what/where do i have to do to get light if i have to just change the bulb, what socket is it? Or do i have to fix that myself?
  4. thank you very much this was very good information! now i only need to get the oils and start changing it
  5. What is the best oil to use on a 97 pathy? i don't care if it cost a little more if it is good for the car i want to know what to use on the whole car (engine, 4x4, brake and more) if you can post a link to a site with pictures so i can see how it looks that would be fine i want to give the car the best it can get

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