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  1. The other day I tried to open my rear gate door on my 97' Pathy which hasn't been opened for some time. The window would open but the gate no go, key would not turn left. I gave it the Boeshield T-9 treatment which worked on the passenger door lock in the past, this time it didn't work. Then I tried lock lube with graphite, did not work either. I decided to try to force it and took out a copy of my Nissan key which is all metal as I was afraid the OEM Nissan key's plastic would break and voila it opened without any force whatsoever. Funny thing is the original key works on any other lock but the rear gate door, probably because it is rarely used. Got couple of new keys made and they work as well.
  2. If it is a manual, the clutch switch could be wearing out.
  3. If you have a bad knock sensor then I've been told that the ignition is then retarded due to faulty sensor, if true then it should not be the sensor.
  4. Good video and good point about holding the extension straight. My extension is a tad longer so I don't need to use a swiveling ratchet.
  5. When I bought my Pathy the toolkit was missing, the seller told me that it disappeared after a service at Nissan. I was unable to find one at the dealer or a junkyard. After experimenting with several extensions I found one that is a perfect fit and changing the plug is no longer the nightmare it was the first time I changed the plug without a proper tool.
  6. That makes three. CA won't let a car stay on the road if it throws any codes and it has to be checked every other year. Fortunately, they don't look under the hood, so they don't know the knock sensor is elsewhere. If I remember correctly from the past readings, it is not a good idea to drive with a bad sensor because the ECU allegedly retards the timing.
  7. Exactly. It could be done but not sure it is worth the hassle. +1 on the Scan Gauge I've had one for a long time, although I wish it were easier to see in sunlight.
  8. There is an OBD hook up, bu no oil pressure or oil temperature (no sensor, for it, only for no oil pressure light) , but the other items you listed are there, plus a whole bunch more like maf airflow, etc. most of which I don't recall right now.
  9. I had one of those, now I have a rectangular version with a trunk button as well (of course that one is not functional). It works, but sometimes you have to go through the recognition procedure couple times or so and the instructions were not the best.
  10. Then it would not make sense to have a knock sensor, but I could be wrong.
  11. I wouldn't ignore it, I've read in the past that with the code the ignition will be retarded because the ecu thinks it is bad gas. I did the mod on top in the back of the engine in the, and got the 0325 code once after changing the plugs, must have jiggled the wire enough not to make contact. Anyway, in an emergency when I got the first 0325 I did the resistor trick in order to pass smog, then when I had time I did the top of the engine mod. If all else fails you could do the resistor trick like I did, if you search you should be able to find the value of the resistor - I don't remember it now it was a while back.
  12. Same here, I get 20-21 mpg on highway (best was 22 once) on my 97 manual 4wd, 16-17 mixed, but only after I put free wheeling hubs on. Prior to free wheeling hubs best I got was 19 mpg highway.
  13. My gauge shows a little less temperature than yours, but on OBD it always runs 190-196F when warm.
  14. You can either splice in a resistor (I forgot the value for the resistor, I am sure you could google it) that will make the central unit think the knock sensor is OK, but it is not recommended. You can also do what I did which is to change the location of the sensor with a lot easier access: http://x.nissanhelp.com/forums/pathfinder/7890-3-3l-knock-sensor-relocation.html http://www.clubfrontier.org/forums/f46/knock-sensor-relocation-how-41704/

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