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  1. In my case it turned out to be a worn out key that worked on all other locks but that one. I first tried some lubricant, which normally solved the other locks locking up, but it did not work in this case. I then tried my spare key, which I never use and the rear window opened up no problem. Had a new key made up and that one works without a hitch as well.
  2. At $3,900 at this time. One thing that would concern me as a prospective buyer is that it was in an accident.
  3. Can't help you since mine are working fine, but just wanted to welcome you to the forum. I got a green SE just like you, only a year younger.
  4. Last one I got was either from Napa or less likely, Pep Boys, direct replacement. I don't recall the wiring being a hassle so I can't help you there, but yours is a 99.5 and may be different.
  5. In a similar situation, it did turn out to be the starter in my case. The old one initially would not start intermittently, then died altogether. Fortunately, I anticipated and already had a replacement starter in the car expecting to change it on the weekend but had to change it in a parking lot instead. It sure is a tight fit to get the old one out and new one in.
  6. Since it is a universal, not a direct bolt on unit, it sounds like you will have to modify it to mount it, whether screws, velcro or an adhesive as best as you can.
  7. I don't know think there is a fuse, but if it were a fuse it would not work at all. BTW, programming new ones is a pain, even if you follow the instructions perfectly. Last time it took at least 4 tries before I got it going.
  8. Sounds like the heater core is plugged or less likely a kinked hose. To add: the diverter valve may not be opening all the way or partially obstructed.
  9. The reason I haven't replaced my fog lights with LEDs is because I did replace my headlights with LEDs and although they are great, they do reflect in the fog, so I wasn't about to chance it with the fog lights. Perhaps you are right though, the fog lights are much smaller and might not reflect so much, especially if the LED is a warm white.
  10. It has been a while but same thing happened to me a while back and had a blown out speaker as well. Ended up installing speakers with integral tweeters.
  11. I am not sure what you mean by pop? Did the pop just start? If it is an SE you should have a limited slip differential which behaves differently.
  12. I would check to see if you are getting the knock sensor code or if the previous owner installed a resistor in lieu of a knock sensor (you would not get any codes but then the ignition would not be retarded either) to get it to pass the smog test.
  13. When it happened to me a different key that has not been used ended up working flawlessly. I had two more keys cut, both work, the old worn key doesn't.
  14. I got the square version with the trunk open (which of course won't work) the last time; it did not last as long as the KOBUTA.
  15. Another thought, some members have relocated the oil filter, do a search it has been discussed in the past.

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