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  1. And, this is exactly why I posted here! I was afraid something like this would be said, but rather to be told then to waste money on something that would sound stupid/ve worthless! Thanks guys!
  2. Hey Guys! My birthday is coming up in a little over 2 weeks, and I was wanting to get a dual exhaust system running on my pathy as a present to myself! Now, before posting this I did read a little into dual exhaust and just exhaust in general on this website! I'm not going to lie though.. I did get a bit confused! Haha.. But my dad is running dual flowmaster exhaust on his 05 Ram 1500 and he said it shouldn't be to hard to hook the actual dual exhaust up, but he didn't know if it was something I would want sense my pathfinder is a v6.. So, with that being said I am coming here to you guys to show you a set of dual exhaust (I haven't showed my dad yet cause he is in Tennessee right now but I'm about to send him a picture of it!) that I found on jcwhitney and I was just wondering if you guys could tell me how hard it would be to set this kind of exhaust up! It is a intersting kind of exhaust, to say the least. Link: http://www.jcwhitney.com/chrome-plated-dual-side-pipes/p2006246.jcwx?filterid=c10826u0j1 I saw this on one of the threads I was reading but just happened to come across it when I put '97 pathfinder in jcwhitney as my vehicle.. Can't wait to hear your guy's responces!!
  3. Thanks for the replies! (And, sorry for my late reply!) My mom and dad went back to Tennessee for the week (and will be back this Thursday)and my dad took the MAF with him so he could go talk to our old local mechic to get his opinion and to see if he another one we could get.. So, after he gets back I'll mkae sure to post and tell you guys if that fixed our problem.. Which I hope it does cause I really want to start driving my Pathy again! Have a great day everyone!!
  4. Hey guys my dad and I have replaced every part that was leading to the misfires! (And, fixed a spark plug wire leading to cylinder 5) Which means we did get that problem done! But, I have ran into another problem and I thought I would just ask it here instead of asking another question! We got the code P0100 which is a MAF (mass airflow sensor) circuit malfunction. Which, after doing some research, could be a malfunctioned MAF or a circuit error (a circuit or something being screwey). Basically I just wanted to ask you guys how we could go about checking the circuit running to the MAF cause the MAF is $200 at our local AutoZone and if it turned out to be something as simple as that apposed to replacing the MAF that wold be great! So, a little extra info is that we cleaned the MAF with commercial MAF cleaner from AutoZone (and we let it soak over night). And it has a rough idle and dies if you don't keep revving it (from the MAF/MAF circuit) and even when we can get it to idle correctly when you put it in drive (or reverse but not neutral) it shakes and the such like it isn't getting enough gas and just dies.. Even if it idles 'ok' or 'good'. And just to add this this all started when my dad took it to the bank and it ran out of gas. At first we thought it might have sucked up tomuch air cause that is what the truck did one time.. But, thanks in advance for any/all help!
  5. First off I just want to say please don't take my reply to be a "smart elic" one or anything of that sort. Now, on to my response/question! (haha ) Why is it a bad idea to send signal to an output? And, I have borrowed my friends fm transmitter, and it was 'ok' I just wanted to at least try the aux port idea to see if it would be any better. And, it was just going to be for a few months anyways probably till summer or so!
  6. Oh yea hey guys I have a question I've been meaning to ask. And it is when is the gas light supposed to come on? I mean is it supposed to come on when the gauge is on the white bar or after that when the actual gauge reads empty? Thanks in advance.
  7. First off thanks for all the replies! @devonianwalk I found a really nice aftermarket head unit that has a harness etc etc for $65 (shipping included) buy there are 2 main reasons I want to go about doing this. One is I am a HUGE DIYer and this is a project that I think is interesting! And, secondly I am more concerned about spending money to fix the probems I have now like my misfiring problem and this is/was like a 5 dollar job! So I was like "what the hay; why not?" haha. @clkindred I totally agree! People who like there head unit, or just don't want to buy a aftermarket one could benefit from this.. Or, if your like me and want to play your custom CD's and you can't haha! And that is a good thing to know about the aftermarket one.. I don't go mudding a lot but still I'm going to keep that in mind cause I have a few friends who do. @Towncivilian thanks for the link! @amfq120 Would that work the same way with the stock one? (And, it sounds like you know what your doing so if you could answer my question below that would be great!) Thanks for all the replies guys! Now on to another question! If I go about about buying that $3 aux port will I need to buy additional wires or will the ones running through/for the CD player will work? If so can you tell me (or better yet link me) to the wires I would need and like a simple diagram on the first link (that is if it needs to be different?). Now this will be the first time I really do anything with audio but I am technology inclined and I am willing to learn! Big thanks in advance!!
  8. @clkindred That is a sneaky leak! And, my dad found the leak and fixed it and put some blue putty like stuff on it haha. Not, really sure when it started leaking cause all we were doing that night was driving through a little sand pit to get to the woods and as soon as we got out of the sand and into the woods their was just nothing but steam pouring out from under the hood. I almost made it home but it died but when I did get home my dad took a water hose the the coll ant CAP for almost 10 min, and it was so bad that you could not see lol. I ended up busting my passenger front bumper in on the way home and breaking the backup coolant thing.. @Fukinitupagain Haha ok! Is the Topsail beach a drive on? (or do they have a drive on part?
  9. Hey Guys, I was, at one time (about 3 days ago), looking at getting a new head unit, mostly so I could get a AUX input and be able to play my custom CD's. Well, after getting my check I decided that I needed to worry more about getting my misfiring problem fixed (caused it is leading to me barely getting 10 MPG!). So, I took to Google to see if it was possible to add a AUX port to a stock head unit.. Well, I found some interesting results and was just wondering if I could get your guys' opinion on if it is possible with my pathfinder and if so how much different it would be from the links! And, if you guys could give me any advice that would be great.. Thanks in advance! Link 1 Link 2
  10. Also thanks for the lead to the manual btw!
  11. Thanks for the replies! First off I asked my dad and what I was trying to explain was the fuel filter.. The old one you could just very blow through it lol.. So you were right! haha. The distributor cap and rotor ignition will probably be what we try next. And my dad has one of those code readers which is how I knew the code s said multiple random misfires (sorry if I didn't say that!) Thanks for the replies!
  12. Hey Guys, I have had this problem sense buying my pathfinder and I was wondering if I could get some help from you guys! First off let me say that my dad knows a lot about cars and we have replaced a lot of things that might have led to this problem! And the funny thing is while we have changed many of the things associated with this problem that might have fixed it, but while they didn't fix it they obviously needed to be changed anyways! First off my pathfinder is a 1997 pathfinder and has about 187k miles. Secondly, we have done many things so far and that includes putting a new starter in it(doesn't have to do with this particular problem, but just wanted to mention it anyways!), replaced the fuel pump (i'm pretty sure on this one..) , air filter, and some little part that has to do with the fuel this is located in the back and is about 7 centimeters big with two opening that does something with the fuel.. (Sorry for not knowing the name on that one but I will check with my dad later) So, basically from what we have read the only real things left are the fuel pressure regulator ($62), spark plugs (my dad checked these and said they don't look bad), distributor cap and ignition rotor. Now we read it could also have something to do with the cats (catalytic converter) but my dad said it would be misfiring all the time. Cause it is almost random on when it missfires.. I hope someone can help me cause right now my truck is eating my wallet inside out for gas.. Cause it is getting 10 mpg and probably less than that! Not to mention accelerating is kind of scary.. It will be a while before I can get anything but any ideas so I don' have to kill myself even more money wise would be great.. C Thanks in advance!
  13. I live in Wilmington! Lol.. Been going to the beach lately to see how it will handle the sand with my 'road touring' wheels lol.. Where do you guys go? There is no real mudding spots here?
  14. Thanks for the reply! And to answer your question.. Kinda.. I went ' sanding' with my friend one night and mudding at the same time but one of my hoses leaked or something cause I ran out of coolant and overheated.and that same night I hit a bad rut and bent in my front bumper.. Lol But I haven't went back sense.. But that is mostly cause I haven't had time! I'm thinking about getting a beach pass (my dad has one for his jeep) but I'm kinda afraid that my tires will play a bad part in it lol. So my friend and u are, eventually, going to go to this soft sand pit and see how it goes. And what does going R50 mean?
  15. First thanks for the replies regarding my gas tank! Secondly, @Uncc i think mine is like that to.. Cause I have went almost 50 and it is rearing toward the empty mark at almost 40 from after putting $15 in it! :O @devonianwalk That is good to know! (No sarcasm) cause I didn't know if it had a gas marker on it or not for it never came on! That would definitely explain why!! I am really happy right now cause that means my pathy has a lot of gas left!! Yay!! Lol Thanks for clearing that up devoniawalk.. It seems I may be investing about $20 dollars into a new sensor thing! Lol.

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