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  1. .72 vs .80 would most likely be within the accuracy range of your meter unless it's very nice (fluke?). If you've taken care of spark I'd move to fuel and then look for a vacuum leak.
  2. You need a new starter. I got mine from napa. Fairly cheap and it's been problem free for the last 3 years.
  3. MrT

    MT rebuild?

    Key-rist. My thoughts exactly. At that price it might be worth getting a transmission jack, doing the clutch myself and taking the trans to be rebuilt
  4. Well, if you've got a harbor freight near by pick em up. They're all kinds of useful and it's the best way to tell if your rotor is actually warped. Although if it was literally smoking it was either ungodly hot and probably warped now or you're dripping break fluid somewhere.
  5. MrT

    MT rebuild?

    You'd have lost money then. It's had MT90 in it since I got it 80k miles ago. And I have serious doubts it was ever changed before that. It also has been a little more quiet since I "topped it off" but still a little noisy.
  6. MrT

    MT rebuild?

    So I crawled under today and checked the fluid. Unfortunately it wasn't that low. Topped it off and it didn't really make that much of a difference.
  7. MrT

    MT rebuild?

    So I have 178k on my 96 with an MT and lately it's been sounding a little like rough, not grinding but kind of like Chewbacca in all gears but 4th. Time for a rebuild? How much should I expect to pay if this is the case?
  8. The radio chassis is almost always grounded. So it will ground through the chassis. Wouldn't bother running a separate ground. Easy way to get a ground loop which will give you a nasty hummmmmmmmmm
  9. I have the Bose system and skipped the whole converter thing. Not really a big deal. Just keep the volume a little lower.
  10. If you want to take the time you might be able to file it back into shape. It's a little more precise than a grinder.
  11. I'm guessing you don't have access to a good bearing puller? But I'd second a lot of PB blaster let it soak and then a little heat.
  12. It's worth about $2k IMO. But if you put the work into it it's about worth it.
  13. Well... changing my oil turned in to a hunt for an oil leak turned in to needing a new camshaft seal turned in to finding a water pump leak. Looks like antother fun day tomorrow...
  14. MrT

    Wireless question

    Come on... I love XP. But 7 is way better than vista. And if you're upgrading ram make sure you go 64 bit for your OS if you plan on putting in more than 4gb.<br /><br />Also. Your encryption method might have to do with your "issue." If you're using a pass phrase it might just be converting it to the hex key. If it was still connecting as usual you really don't have a problem.
  15. In my experience an 07 will be more than up to the task and UHaul gives less than two @!*%s about anything as long as you pay them and don't damage their trailors.
  16. I'd drill it out and chase the thread with a tap or drill the whole thing out and retap it for a larger size if you can't get the current hardware out without damaging the hole.
  17. Run it till the boot rips. I mean, the rest of your pathy is that old too right?
  18. It's not you, just Clear Channel... They own everything. And having Bowie stalk you couldn't be the worst thing ever.
  19. Concentrated Sulfuric acid should strip that chrome right off... But that wouldn't be very safe. Scratch it up with scotch bright then use a metal primer and paint away.
  20. I replace mine when they look like they need it. Never really kept track of how many miles.
  21. There's a little metal clip that connects the selector cable to the plastic body of the switch assembly. It had broken the plastic or fallen off. Pull the assembly out and zip tie the cable in to position.
  22. You don't even know how much I curse whatever tiny handed engineer decided that was a good idea!

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