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  1. I got it re-registered & it passed Mass inspection today. Link to Craigslist add: http://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/cto/3836795910.html
  2. Fair condition-KBB lists trade in value at 2000$, private party sale at 3000$. (That KBB list is for a 2000, mine is a 1999.5.) 2800$ is a fair and reasonable price IMO.
  3. Adding: It also has WARN manual locking hubs.
  4. Yeah-good idea. Also has bolt on rocksliders 2/3 years old on it. Cross posted to NICO. ?Price- not sure, hence the feeler. Haven't done any research on that- and am kinda busy with job/apartment/movers quotes etc.
  5. Howdy just a feeler: am thinking about selling my 1999.5 Pathfider SE. Moving back to Oregon, and maybe not have the time to deal with tire kickers etc...I have a '13 Titan as my DD, and the Pathy is not used at all now. Original owner, have 2 sets of Nissan Wheels. Winter set is mounted with studded snows (plenty of life left ?3 seasons use) still on it. Summer set has Toyo Open Country TA upsized, maybe good for a couple more seasons. Has 112K miles, due for timing belt. No CEL. Has OEM swing out spare tire carrier (rare option), I've never personaly seen one with it in this body style- just pictures of others. Has OEM brush guard with Hella "black" driving lights. Has HID yellow fogs. Has rust starting to creep up on the usual Pathy places-fender guards/window trim. Had strut mount recall done 2/3 years ago. Level 2 on one side (?drivers side) and less level on the other side. Had gas filler tube done at same time. Replaced rear springs & shocks last year. Have new lower rear sway bars with bushings not installed, will include. Car is located in Dedham MA, registration expired, inspection is good thru end of month. Pictures are in my previous posts (I think?). Ideas, anyone local want another one? Thanks!
  6. I agree, looks nice! Mind that if you remove the fender flares, you might find find a bunch-o-rust. Esp if it was allways in New England.
  7. Thanks for sharing. Folks spend time helping others, and some would like to know if that time was wasted or not.
  8. I'm currently debating installing a brush guard on my new (to me) Titan. I have a one on my 1999.5 Pathfinder & think it looks pretty good. Dealer installed option, so ?maybe a teensy bit better than current knock offs. The one I have has the hoop around the headlights, but not the 3 bars directly acrossed the headlight. Mine is powder coated grey & the drivers side headlight used to bother me. Caused me a little bit of distraction while driving because the headlight would light up the brush guard hoop a little bit. Taped a piece of black rubber there (bike innertube), and no more reflecting distraction. As good as a real bumper? No way. Damage multiplyer? I had allways thought so myself, but a recent thread on another board makes me think otherwise. Obviously depends on the type & speed of a crash/impact.
  9. From what I understand: You are correct, folks who use the WJ coils use an adapter for the bottom seat.
  10. I think mine we're the sway bars- the little suspension bars in the rear. One wasn't even bolted anymore, so was clunking when I came to a stop, then clunked again when I started again. It was really bizarre because I could feel the "clunk" in the brake pedal. I was thinking all kinds of things- brake pads, rotors, front suspension slop. I couldn't figure it out...local tire shop found the problem and changed out all the sway bars (again the little bars, not the big control arms which cause the death wobble). My terminology might be off, hence the description... I bought a pair of the lower control arms w/the bushings allready installed. That's a project for springtime.
  11. Check on the rear suspension also. I had a bad clunk I thought was coming from the front, turned out to be the rear.
  12. I could be wrong, but i don't think you can conveniently insert them in the front. You would likely have to remove the strut assembly, and if you are doing that you might as well put a new spring in (either OEM or lift).
  13. The foglight relay modification lets you use the foglights with the headlights off. They will turn off with the key out like the headlights do, depending how you do the modification. I thought we had sticky here on how to do it, but I didn't see one.

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